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  • veqasfletch2001 by veqasfletch2001 Nov 16, 2015 1:42 PM Flag

    HZNP has planned and put out its 5 years plan and goals so big and small investors can see it clearly.
    There is no doubt that some institutions go thru it carefully and take position since they know what they will get at minimum in future. Honestly, this is what HZNP will do very conservatively in 5 years but I think it will get in 2 years. $40 average target will be accomplished early and we should be looking for $50 target by next 12 months.

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    HZNP Shaking Free from VRX Sigma

    by geringerart Nov 16, 2015 12:28 PM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 16, 2015 1:04 PM Flag

    That is right. VRX, MNK, ENDP and others are down today but HZNP.
    Pricing is not a problem for HZNP. The PBMs are the problem which want lower prices so most companies have to put a sticker price high enough that can give PBMs a large discount. Some pay higher prices in expense of others who pay lower. The system has to be fixed since PBMs are forcing higher prices.
    After all, HZNP drugs are not unique and there are alternatives while some of cancer drugs do not have alternative and that is why they are on highlight.
    I think HZNP is feeling all these sensitivities and it can adjust to it to avoid any future problems.

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    No more votes necessary for HZNP.

    by samiam3939 Nov 13, 2015 9:05 PM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 13, 2015 9:45 PM Flag

    That is the whole point. HZNP is growing EBITDA 500% in 4 to 5 years but DEPO will not get close to 50% and it will peak by next year. Then why HZNP is insisting on this deal?

    When DEPO resisted the deal, HZNP price started to drop. One main reason for the action was that many large investors did not like the deal and instead of staying and seeing all these painful process, they sold out and left HZNP. I say over 30% of shareholders did it.

    TW should of get the point. The shareholder who stayed with HZNP must like the company a lot but still a large number said NO to deal as today. Only 56% voted for the deal. This is not unanimous. After all, the main hurdle will be DEPO shareholders. I think only a single digit percentage of DEPO shareholders may tender but not more. Ask statistician and you get this answer. Unless a miracle happens by next 2 weeks.
    This has been a wasteful and painful process for shareholders of both companies and TW should stop it with first chance he gets instead of dragging more and more.

  • veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 13, 2015 8:38 PM Flag

    ****Because only a few loud mouths here are against the deal****

    At least read the 8-k and try to understand it.
    Only 56% voted for the deal. This is marginal. Of course if you add people who did not care to vote like myself, then the approval rate could be lower. So, we got plenty of shareholders who do not like this nonsense deal.

  • veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 13, 2015 4:11 PM Flag

    Better call 911, there are people in the house who are chocking to death.
    You can buy your dumb furniture later.

  • This voting has negative impact on DEPO unless HZNP rises above DEPO more than $1.

  • Anytime DEPO is mentioned, it brings back a lot of bad feeling and taste.
    Here a news is released with DEPO name in it and we lost 5% immediately.
    Is HZNP becomes stubborn in this regard? I think so.
    Forget DEPO, do more research on the company and you see most of DEPO numbers are exaggerated. It does not worth it.

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  • Ok Mr. TW and the team, we believe in you but still think that pursing DEPO is waste of time and energy.
    As of today (11/13/15) only 10k of DEPO shareholders tendered. Now you need 49.99999% more.
    Please stop this nonsense and put time and energy in other problems.

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    Voting Completed - HZNP Wins!

    by jcbrowns Nov 13, 2015 2:18 PM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 13, 2015 2:24 PM Flag

    HZNP did not win anything.
    If only 10k DEPO shares are tendered up today which is 0.015% of DEPO shares then why HZNP is still pursing it?
    HZNP should stop acquisition immediately and put time in other problems.

  • They started to dump DEPO shares. Who blames them.
    However, management must be happy for cancelling the deal.
    In that case, please stop negativity about HZNP and put your mind in growing your company

  • ES, LC and all the courts ruling will end soon. HZNP is a strong pro patients, pro doctors company and it is willing to reduce its income to help patients. The judge will consider all these facts and one way or another the ruling will be in favor of LC and HZNP.

    Now lets pay attention to HZNP income and growth that are improving significantly.
    HZNP has a very bright and clear plan for its future which has been announced clearly.
    You may not find a small company in the sector that predicts its future in this manner.
    DEPO barely talks about next quarter outlook and it does not dare to go further.
    HZNP is a company that will rise above many others. Now small issues with ESRX will be solved sooner and later and they are just a bump in the way but they will be history eventually.
    The most great thing about HZNP is that the company finds a way to deal with all these problems and learns from them to execute better. On the other hand, when it finds a lemon, it makes lemon juice out of it. The history of V and D drugs has shown us this fact.

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  • veqasfletch2001 by veqasfletch2001 Nov 13, 2015 12:28 PM Flag

    Mid BB is at $17.58 and it is rising. The stock stayed above Mid BB in past 3 trading days. This is making it a strong support and the stock usually tries to go to Upper BB which is sitting at $22.05 now.
    50 DMA is at $21.18 but it is heading down and probably will be flat around $20. It was broken a few times and it is not a strong resistance anymore. So, $20 will be a new floor for the stock next week.

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    Is DEPOMED take over still active?

    by thewanderer50 Nov 13, 2015 11:34 AM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 13, 2015 12:13 PM Flag

    I hope HZNP dumps DEPO since all these troubles and problems have started by DEPO.
    After all, HZNP will pay too much for DEPO and if you look at DEPO and its numbers, they are not that great but there are a lot of exaggeration in them. I mean, HZNP can get much better deals than DEPO. It is not 6 months ago anymore and environment is different now. It is hard to raised prices when DEPO already did it and most of DEPO drugs are not going anywhere and they have anemic growth.

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    Amazingly Gilead is trading at 7X 2016 eps

    by cordari30 Nov 12, 2015 12:25 PM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 13, 2015 11:25 AM Flag

    GILD becomes ultra conservative. No growth. It is wasting its money for share buyback. No acquisition.
    Look at IBM and AAPL. No innovation. GILD is going their ways.
    Now look at HZNP a young company that is taking risk and pushing the envelop. It will double in no time.

  • veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 13, 2015 12:02 AM Flag

    There was a court day on 5th regarding PP but DEPO was able to change to 19th.

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    by bio_stox1 Nov 11, 2015 4:21 PM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 11, 2015 5:09 PM Flag

    Allegation by Express Scripts
    1. Provider (Linden Care) has mailed hundreds of prescriptions into Maryland even though provider’s license expired on 5/31/2014

    2. Provider has mailed drugs into California. Provider does not have a license in California.

    3. Provider is operating primarily as a mail order facility as opposed to a retail pharmacy. This contradicts representations made to Express Scripts during credentialing process.

    Answer By Linden care:
    1. Linden Care renewed its Maryland license on 5/22/2014 and it expires on 5/31/2016. A copy of the license was included in Linden Care’s lawsuit against Express Scripts.

    2. Linden Care’s California facility is licensed in California and services patients in California. Linden Care’s New York facility has not mailed any prescriptions to patients residing in California other than incidental accommodations for patients on vacation or traveling to California.

    3. Linden Care is licensed as a retail pharmacy in New York and has adapted to provide a modern means of home delivery to serve patients nationally. Linden Care has been recredentialed by Express Scripts several times with the understanding that a significant portion of its business is delivering prescriptions to patients’ homes.

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  • veqasfletch2001 by veqasfletch2001 Nov 11, 2015 3:01 PM Flag

    Harvoni is GILD hep c drug with superior results, much less side effects and one pill daily. No drug has done better than Harvoni to cure hep c patients in a shorter time.
    ES denied Harvoni and signed with ABBV VP hep c drug that is less effective, 5 pills daily, a lot of side effect but a little bit cheaper.

    Now, some patients who were taking ABBV drug got heart failure.
    Again, ES acted like doctors and FDA and decided that patients should take a bad drugs and ignore the good one so it can profit more.
    No official stepped in to argue in favor of patients. This is the system we have.

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    False billing, here you go

    by johnny_the_investor Nov 11, 2015 1:22 PM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 11, 2015 2:15 PM Flag

    (V)RX and (ES)RX have same last name.
    Too big to fail or too big to cheat. It was obvious that big banks did all the cheating. When you are too big then probability of wrong doing is more.
    ES is out of control and it is time for authorities look into the company practices.

  • veqasfletch2001 by veqasfletch2001 Nov 11, 2015 2:01 PM Flag

    This was less than 5% of HZNP revenue and HZNP will do the same it did for other drugs, V and D.
    Are V and D performing worse than before? Of course not, they are doing better than before.
    Linden also will win the court since it is logical when it has only 17% of its business comes from HZNP.
    ES did not do any research before going to war and it will be a loser and something that other specialties will use against ES.

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    Next Week

    by veqasfletch2001 Nov 8, 2015 2:33 AM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Nov 8, 2015 8:54 PM Flag

    "The Horizon Pharma of today looks quite different than it looked just a few short months ago, not to mention a year ago. Our current phase of rapid market leading growth is exciting, dynamic and has been rewarding for all of us. It represents greater financial flexibility for us to consider additional reinvestments in the business for external growth opportunities that further strengthen and diversify our Company."

    Indeed, HZNP is different from a few months ago when the stock was trading above $30 and close to $39.
    HZNP is much stronger in every area and its outlook points to a strong and dynamic growth.
    Well, HZNP will be under smart money radar and stock price is going to mark high record in a short time, may be before year end. Grab your best XMAS gift from HZNP.