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vermaatul1 25 posts  |  Last Activity: Feb 8, 2016 7:14 PM Member since: Apr 20, 2012
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  • All we know FEYE stock is control of MM since 2 years. Its such a shame to those who hurt others for their own benefits. I am hoping one day buyout offers comes and slap PIG manipulators face. Nothing wrong with this Inc.

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  • What a investment?
    its looks like Shorts are winning everyday while cyber security demand keep increasing. All we knows that whole word is computer addicted and we need cyber security. I am buying more if FEYE further goes down. I am keep adding. Idiots are shorting and selling at this level.

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  • How much more it can go down I think may by another 20 cent but think about how much it can go up maybe $40 from this point. I wish if I have more money to add this discounted stock. Wall street already beaten FEYE big. I think that's it no more. You will appreciate me in next 2 weeks.

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  • vermaatul1 by vermaatul1 Jan 20, 2016 12:25 PM Flag

    By Stern Agee. Ameritrade web site. I am adding more.

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    FEYE-Manipulators Will Punish This Again

    by vermarita92 Jan 13, 2016 8:06 AM
    vermaatul1 vermaatul1 Jan 13, 2016 1:05 PM Flag

    I told you that manipulators will take it down red by EOD. This CEO need to resign now.

  • Those who try to manipulate market for their own benefits. All we know no one have better technology then MBLY.

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  • By Suzanne Barlyn and Ankit Ajmera

    (Reuters) - Wall Street's industry-funded watchdog is ramping up its scrutiny of high-frequency trading firms as efforts to manipulate U.S. markets through the technology grow more sophisticated, the regulator's chief said on Tuesday.

    The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority will examine how well high-frequency trading firms are protecting their systems from unscrupulous traders who are trying to manipulate markets, according to a list of its 2016 examination priorities for Wall Street firms, published on Tuesday.

    FINRA's heightened focus on controls in place at high-frequency trading firms coincides with the growing prevalence of a new and more complex form of spoofing, a type of manipulation that involves faking orders for a security to deceive the market by creating the illusion of demand, said Richard Ketchum, FINRA's chairman and chief executive, in an interview.

    The regulator is observing more instances in which traders are using multiple firms to place those orders, Ketchum said. The strategy can make the conduct trickier to track.

    Spoofing occurs when traders place orders in markets without intending to execute them. The traders immediately cancel the orders, but other market participants mistakenly believe the price of the security has moved.

    In the newer, more sophisticated type of spoofing, the traders then use yet another firm to buy or sell the security at issue after they have successfully tricked the market, Ketchum said, which allows the traders to attain their target price.

    The watchdog said it would also examine the "firm culture" at Wall Street brokerages.

    FINRA is concerned about how brokerages take actions to promote fair and ethical treatment of customers and help mitigate conflicts of interest, the watchdog said in its "2016 examination of U.S. brokerages."

    The regulator said it would mainly assess five indicators of a firm's culture and the role they play in the way brokerages conduct b

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  • Short seller already damaged long. This stock have been punished and manipulated since 2 years. its time to protect long term investors. I would like to see something similar to GMCR and SCTY.

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  • Short have been keep manipulating low volume stocks very easily. I wish one day big fish come and eat all bad bugs like GMCR. idiots don't understand future demand of cyber security. they short more and I add more. I will not sell below $70. PANW is over priced but CYBER undervalued.

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  • Citi have done the same thing with GPRO (target price $ 97 that time it was trading at $57 ) and compare today price not even $18. Citi upgrade means someone will dump tomorrow at $20.80.
    I hate FEYE CEO who hurt me badly.

  • like GMCR. I am a BUYER due to Cyber security demand keep increasing and future is bright for CYBR

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  • vermaatul1 by vermaatul1 Dec 4, 2015 4:26 PM Flag

    Goes down day by day and Idiot CEO bought only 22,500 shares. Something is serious about this Inc. I guess everyone hates this big mouth CEO. This guy killed so many retail investors portfolio.

  • I sold all my long position with 42K loss. Its common sense market up 350 point and FEYE trading down. buy something different than this hated FEYE.

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    I bet GPRO goes to $33 tomorrow morning!!

    by mi80ke3 Oct 22, 2015 9:12 PM
    vermaatul1 vermaatul1 Oct 23, 2015 10:54 AM Flag

    It looks like it will close red. Big boy doesn't want GPRO to go up. Stay away.

  • Stifel analyst Thomas Shrader weighed in on Esperion Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ESPR) following what he called "confusion in the world of LDL lowering drugs" after the ACCELERATE trial for the CETP inhibitor evacetrapib has been stopped for futility by its sponsor Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY). Shrader said what seems less understood is that "based on this trial’s inclusion and exclusion criteria, this trial involved patients with controlled LDL-C."

    He reminds investors that evacetrapib’s promise was predicated on the idea that raising HDL cholesterol was good, so the trial included patients without confounding uncontrolled levels LDL-C. In other words, today's news supports – modestly, via the process of elimination – the LDL hypothesis.

    On what the news means for ESPR, Shrader said:

    "On one hand, a competitor has failed – possibly due to a flawed trial design and incorrect therapeutic hypothesis (that HDL is the big gun in HRVD). This result also suggests that Merck’s CTEP trial may be more likely to fail (although their trial population may be different).

    With respect to the LDL hypothesis – we see this result as modestly positive. HRVD patients as a group are generally considered at risk for more CV trouble (as suggested by the name). If the ACCELERATE population (controlled LDL-C) is not at risk – doesn’t that suggest the risk of the group is carried by the patients with uncontrolled LDL-C? We think that is essentially the LDL-hypothesis. Both the Regeneron and Amgen mini-outcomes trials suggest HRVD patients with high LDL-C are helped by LDL lowering (2,000-4,000 patient trials published in the NEJM last month). We see nothing in today’s news to suggest that these patients will not be helped by ETC-1002 as well."

    The firm maintained a Buy rating and $105 price target on ESPR.

  • vermaatul1 by vermaatul1 Oct 9, 2015 4:26 PM Flag

    and Iditos are still shorting. Google it..

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    FEYE-Buy Out Offer Coming This Weekend

    by vermaatul1 Oct 9, 2015 3:41 PM
    vermaatul1 vermaatul1 Oct 9, 2015 4:10 PM Flag

    FEYE-Hold good today from 10am-close, in spite off downgrade. Something is cooking behind the curtain?

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  • Short be careful . Someone accumulating big. I am a buyer of this beaten stock.

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  • Cyber Liability Insurance – ACE Introduces $100 Million Global Cyber Facility to Meet Growing Demand

    PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As the number of highly publicized cyber attacks has increased in recent years, the demand for cyber security insurance has escalated rapidly, with industry analysts forecasting a growth of 150 percent in the next five years.1 However, large corporations are finding it increasingly difficult to secure the cyber security insurance protection they need. To address this growing need, ACE Group today announced the launch of ACE’s Global Cyber Facility, which goes beyond standard risk transfer by incorporating a comprehensive risk management solution into a single policy purchase.

    ACE’s Global Cyber Facility provides up to $100 million of primary capacity. This innovative solution incorporates integrated loss control services provided by industry-leading cyber security experts, a proprietary application process designed to assess an organization’s current risk profile, a specialized policy form, comprehensive claims management, and ongoing, detailed analysis to help organizations detect potential weaknesses that could give rise to future cyber attacks — all within a single policy purchase and backed by the financial strength of ACE’s A++ balance sheet. ACE’s Global Cyber Facility is available to eligible companies worldwide. This solution is the first of its kind in the industry and is exclusive to ACE.

    “Boards recognize that cyber insurance is a priority, but they also know that risk transfer isn’t enough. Risk managers are asking for a comprehensive strategy that helps them assess their cyber and data privacy risk, incorporates appropriate loss control services to mitigate losses before they happen, provides access to post breach services to assist them in the event of a breach, and offers higher limits to meet their coverage needs,” said Toby Merrill, Division Senior Vice President, Global Cyber Risk Practice, ACE Group. “ACE i

  • Sell everything's. In my opinion nothing have changed.

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