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  • vernnimble vernnimble 16 hours ago Flag

    Sandy owns the lemonade stand in the lobby at the corporate head quarters...

  • Sandy, the Jiimies, the MMan, and Samson Oil & Gas for Memorial Day weekend.

    I put the fruit in first, then the batter, then popped it in the oven

    and 45 minutes later, out it came...

    a pineapple upside down cake...

    I thought it was fitting...

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend !!

  • enter a room with a gathering of people, suddenly there are whispers, uncontrolled laughter, and some finger pointing....there's the Jiimies, Sandy, and the MMan, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a stock that had a 10:1 reverse spilt and no

  • vernnimble vernnimble May 18, 2015 11:06 AM Flag

    Because the Jiimies, Sandy, and the MMan play smoke and mirrors with guests hoping a few will bite the hook as they did and get hooked. Nothing like shared misery...lmao...Sandy, the Jiimies, and the MMan, get your box tops and pick a busy intersection.

  • how much money Sandy, the Jiimies, and the MMan have left on the table the last 3 years with a no dividend paying investment and only 500,000 shares....a paltry sum considering the pps over the last 3 years.

    I was really flabbergasted at the amount of compounded interest a divy would have purchased had it been usede to purchase additional shares for three different scenarios, 1 year with two years into cash, 2 years with 1 year into cash, 3 years with zero into cash, and 3 years all into cash.

    The amounts were staggering, I was totally amazed.

    Even with the 10:1 reverse split, the dividend purchases and cash into a money market account would have doubled the shares and added over $13k in cash to their account in just the first scenario.

    That would have made the reverse split a lot more palatable and the Jiimies, Sandy, and the MMan would still be hundreds of thousands of shares ahead and had cash in the bank to boot.

    lmao Sandy, the Jiimies, and the MMan
    Get Your Box Tops and Pick a Busy Intersection !!

  • LMAO....Sandy, the Jiimies, and the MMan
    Get Your Box Tops and Pick a Busy Intersection !!

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    $16,000 Per Month with Only a....

    by vernnimble May 13, 2015 3:49 PM
    vernnimble vernnimble May 14, 2015 8:45 AM Flag

    "adding 2k shares at $1.41, alost to my 20k i promised I would buy at these levels."
    May 8, 2015 8:29 AM by jiimyrateiscrap

    lmao...isn't this the funniest financial move ever ??

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    $16,000 Per Month with Only a....

    by vernnimble May 13, 2015 3:49 PM
    vernnimble vernnimble May 13, 2015 4:06 PM Flag

    Now taking this one step further, imagine having 10 different divy paying stocks with different percentages and different payout times, such as monthly and quarterly, and 80,000 shares in each for a total of 800,000 shares. How much would it total in guaranteed monthly income no matter the stock pps fluctuations?

    1. $0.02
    2. $0.25 quarterly
    3. $0.12
    4. $0.06
    5. $0.11
    6. $0.15
    7. $1.23 quarterly
    8. $0.69
    9. $0.42
    10. $1.86 quarterly

  • $0.02 dividend per month payer and 800,000 shares....That's how much the Jiimies, Sandy, and the MMan could count on every month now matter how much the stock went up or down, as long as it continued to pay $0.02 per month, Sandy, the Jiimies, and the MMan could count on that income coming in.

    Sadly though, the Jiimies, Sandy, and the MMan bought a company that doesn't pay a dividend and did a 10:1 reverse split, which gave them 80,000 shares instead of 800,000. But, even with 80,000 shares, a monthly dividend payer of just $0.02 for each share would pay the Jiimies, Sandy, and the MMan $1,600 per month, not as much as the $16,000 per month for the 800k - but a nice guaranteed paycheck for sure.

    Were there any divy paying stocks in the $1.50 range that the Jiimies, Sandy, and the MMan could have bet there were. But, the Jiimies, Sandy, and the MMan took fuzzy math courses at the Shelter and can only use their fingers to figure out math problems, so they missed the boat.

    And the winners of the Dufus Doh! Award goes to....

    Sandy, the Jiimies, and the MMan.

  • vernnimble vernnimble May 13, 2015 1:18 PM Flag

    Sandy is having an epiphany...What VernndaMan, you mean I can buy stock in companies that actually pay me instead of the other way around....?....Wow - the Jiimies, the MMan, and I could actually buy another Good Time Van and pay for our own Internet access instead of relying on free Wi-Fi, $0.25 showers with mini-soaps, and free fuzzy math courses from the shelter !!"

  • vernnimble vernnimble May 13, 2015 12:47 PM Flag

    VernndaMan bought companies that pay divies instead of playing with hypothetical pps guesses. VernndaMan will sit back and enjoy the next 25 years with a whopping 100% dividend yield on his investments, with the natural rises in pps, positive stock splits, and tax free earnings that go along with them, while Sandy, the Jiimies, and the MMan, get even cozier with their free Wi-Fi at the shelter.

  • Yahoo Daily Riser....then kaplop, back to the basement.

    lmao, 9493 volume - 8:42 am...

  • andymaxwell • 2 hours 32 minutes ago

    samson oil and gas inc. fort peck/roosevelt prospect 30,000 net acres.......hawk springs prospect 19,000 net acres.......north stockyard creek prospect 530 net acres.......rainbow prospect 950 net acres........south prairie prospect 6600 net acres......state GC prospect 130 net acres.

    To stay in compliance...lmao

  • The bank has also agreed to waive the breach in the March quarter EBITDA covenant recognizing that this is largely due to the prevailing oil prices and the shut in of several wells in the North Stockyard field. With these wells expected to come on line during May and the recent uptick in oil price Samson expects to be in compliance with this covenant in the June quarter and thereafter.

    Out of Compliance again...lmao

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    Ruination for many Small Oilers....and

    by vernnimble May 11, 2015 11:33 AM
    vernnimble vernnimble May 11, 2015 11:45 AM Flag

    Noble Energy to buy Rosetta Resources in $3.7bn shale deal
    Financial Times - ‎37 minutes ago‎

    Noble Energy, the US oil and gas group, is to buy Rosetta Resources for about $3.7bn including debt, in the first acquisition of a significant US shale oil producer since the fall in crude prices in the second half of last year....
    Div & Yield: $0.72 (1.40%)

  • OPEC: Oil prices to stay below $100 for next decade.
    CNBC - 2 Hours Ago

    Oil prices will remain below the psychologically important $100-a-barrel mark until at least 2025, according to a draft report by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), seen by The Wall Street Journal.

    Stuck under $2 for the next decade..should have invested in companies that paid dividends...get paid for the next 10 years to wait it out with a handsome dividend...oh well, sad to see the ruination of so many greenhorns as many small oilers will be forced to sell their acreage and production to larger outfits with a better bottom line...

    Oh well, no worries here....

    Vern has dividends !!

  • damage will be this time???

    Haven't heard from arichbit, must have fallen off a cliff in Margarita-ville trying to walk backwards up the down slope, if you know what I mean the Jiimies....lmao

    Oh well, when you sober up, come and chat with us...

    Sandy must be off hot tubbing at the resorts again and needed to get a few days extra in....lmao

    The Jiimies, well what's to say about the Jiimies? Still pouring dry powder into a wet barrel.....Doh !!

    Yippee....It's Fryday...

  • vernnimble vernnimble May 7, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    Where is a link to that news? I just checked Google, searched in the news box for Lumber Liquidators and found nothing about free replacement floors, the above was the only article about a coupon off on replacements, and it is very regional. Where is this news you are speaking of?

  • to Replace flooring with Formaldehyde with Environmentally Safe Flooring Made in the U.S.A. Ace’s Troy Hewes looks to offer an affordable solution for customers who want to replace their laminate flooring with Formaldehyde.

    Stepping up and helping...the American way.

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    Better Hurry the Jiimies, another...

    by vernnimble May 7, 2015 10:00 AM
    vernnimble vernnimble May 7, 2015 11:52 AM Flag

    Down, down, down they go....into the bottomless pit...

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