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  • vitadox vitadox Aug 13, 2015 8:53 PM Flag

    Edi- ...
    I "loaned" the $75 this afternoon ... its worth it to me that treatment is not interrupted. From the perspective of a long time Arenatic Its a pathetic situation when people spend hundreds monthly on health insurance, but Belviq must be paid privately. The insured are ripped off ... Arena gets peanuts and s/h's get shafted. The $75 per bottle is a bargain for the uninsured who might even qualify for free Belviq from Eisai, but why should we be covering the expense?
    As for the appeal process, it takes time. It was tough enough to get the Rx ... convincing an alreadyphysician to jump through the hoops of obstruction could take six months plus as BLue Cross BS of Texas wants 6 months of diet and exercise documentation and prior Rx's like phen didrex etc before allowing obese and suffering people the benefits of Belviq. Obstructions and delays every step of the way.

  • Family member with elevated glucose & Hba1c, in excess of the 30 BMI req'ment ... unable to tolerate "phen" ... 260+ lbs and gaining.
    Physician Rx'd 15-day supply w/ a free coupon.
    physician waited until the 15th day to call in Rx for 30day w/2 refills.
    BCBSTX $700/month PPO individual policy refuses to cover Belviq.
    Is it no wonder Belviq sales are massively anemic?
    Another friend's physician refused to Rx Belviq, even though patient has Type 2 diabetes and is so overweight that they are now suffering from an horrific neurological disease caused by excessive fat. (D.W-M. ... an horrific disease resulting in rapid cognitive decline It is so awful that I cannot bring myself to spell it out.
    These evil elements are deliberately sabotaging Belviq IMO. After all, the fat cash cow is a massive source of revenue.
    So now my friend is losing it and will soon be cast adrift by their employer. A substantial income will be lost, house foreclosed. I anticipate there will be need of institutional care on the government's dime within 12 months.

    How can Belviq stand a chance? Eisai is a lame marketer, wasting millions on an ad that is more suited to SCARECROW action. Eisai's failure to gain additional approvals is negligence at best ... the failure speaks for itself, "res ipsa loquitor." No Belviq approval in Mexico? Outrageous! In a country that had long banned physicians from Rx'g Percodan/Perocet(R) with like 5mg of oxycodone w/ ASA/APAP, Purdue was able to get 80mg oxy' approved, without the "snipe" aspirin or acetaminophen. Pure oxy' at 16 times the level of the banned product. Yet Eiasai cant get Belviq approved anywhere?

    The DEA C-IV was another contrived obstruction. Face it, our Nation has been captured by evil and greedy entities that are now able to pervert by purchase ... they have purchased Congress and just about every political office. Usurpation of natural human rights endowed by our Creator, yet immune to being imprisoned.
    A forfeit of legacy!

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