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  • AstraZeneca rumored to be mulling Relypsa takeover, Daily Mail says. This was back in 12/29/2015. I missed this news as was in vacation.

    AZN might realize that ZS-9 is bad investment and considering to take over total market to increase success chances.

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    Not sure why no one buying LNKD

    by vs1234gs 10 hours ago
    vs1234gs vs1234gs 10 hours ago Flag

    They clearly invested in wrong strategy. I think at current revenue level, they should have 4-5K employee max. But recent call, they seems correcting them. I think price reaction has lot to do with their strategy change than forecast. Anyway price action trap me for while. Good part is company has no competitor & has huge scope in future.

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    Reduce some at 110

    by vs1234gs 11 hours ago
    vs1234gs vs1234gs 10 hours ago Flag

    I tend to agree that this is very undervalue platform. They sure behind monetizing platform but there is premium for future possibility and this is platform where they can easily generate $50/ subscriber average if they implement few innovative idea.

    In-fact I have few ideas on how to make this platform more engaging & how to monetize and I am going to try ping their founder and CEO see if they find interesting. considering it as my career opportunity if that happen ( Not much hopeful, It's 1 in million odd lotto ticket ) Hopefully they at least look into. I have to find best way to reach them.

    Anyone has any suggestion- how to reach them ( I specially interested to reach out to founder as it has most riding with LinkedIn success) While I lost thousands of dollar, he lost 1 billion.

    If I am not able to reach them, I am also considering to develop those ideas using LinkedIn API (Yet to look into).

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  • Facebook is no doubt king of Social network and no one near to challenge. But TWTR & LNKD around due to their unique aspect of social networking. LNKD specially has lot of high value due to having professional user. Every visit should valuable and company need to find way to make it more interesting and monetize signficantly more. Subscription model priced such way that no one but who looking for job afford. They need to improve monetizing user. Although They doing decent job keep User engaging I think.

    Unique platform like LNKD has lot of value and if they successfully implement, they can generate signficant more revenue. Hopefully Google, Microsoft who left behind on social network looking to get that value so we can get quick return. (Microsoft specially can improve Office offering by integrating LNKD)

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  • Another bit disapointing day although up in down market is not bad.
    I only need to reduce few more before get in comfortable to hold atleast 12 week ( Next earning)
    I will start selling cover call in small amount as well.
    I will sell more if it go above 142 (Which is my new Average after reducing stocks)

  • I will hold remaining after reducing to comfortable level. This stock has one of best product you would like to have (With no competitor near). There are lot of way to generate significant more revenue, Company not doing great on Monetizing but I think they learning quickly. BIZO dump might indicate that.

    I think people will realize over reaction and and price will gradually go back to 140-150 level at least.

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  • My average after all trade yesterday and today + my before earning out of money Puts (165) is 135. I am hoping 10% rally & i will out with 10% loss. Will keep 10% stock in case it go higher. Going forward I might exit market until it go even more crazy (Current state in-between killing everything).

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  • This is first time I am seeing something like that. normally such action happen with clear reason (clear disappointment) Result were not bad yet they punished by this company is dead.

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  • vs1234gs by vs1234gs Feb 5, 2016 2:09 PM Flag

    I am going to put limit sell at 129 for half of remain stock and going to stay away from market. If sold, I will take remain as loss and move on. I will still have short put which I will keep for sure.

    Else will worry about this stock on Monday.

    have a nice week end to everyone.
    Good part for today:- reduce holding by 10% + Short put where premium will help keep my average down. End of day I am out of Margin Mostly (stupid decision & greedy to load using margin yesterday, Part of reason I always like this stock for last 2 year but never find at attractive price and I sure got trap by market) Since I decide to exit from this trap, I will sure exit in week or two and I will sure follow my principle going forward.

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  • This big companies sell off and yes small companies not getting hammered indicate that bottom is near. Job market strong is another indicator, Short squeeze rally in Oil is yet another indicator.
    Big player want to buy free hand when they think bottom is here so they selling this companies. We might see reversal very soon. Hopefully rally last.

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  • My target is 20% before end of day. I am reducing position instead keeping same so this week I will only have 30% position at end of day and other 50% i change to short PUT instead expiring in couple week with good premium to cover that loss. I might consider buying call once I am out of all my stock position to keep profit potential.

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  • vs1234gs by vs1234gs Feb 5, 2016 12:40 PM Flag

    This is great buy. Company still growing at 28% and I don't think growth going to stop anytime soon.

    Google might consider buying this soon as well or CEO might consider take private again.

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  • vs1234gs vs1234gs Feb 5, 2016 12:27 PM Flag

    Problem is for market right now, everything is garbage. This is solid company and I think this buy will go long way. If you want example, look at Google. solid result yet almost 15% down on After hour high.

    Fear is way high. Look at gold prices.

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  • Stock is lifeless so reduce half stock and instead short in Money Put.

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    Shorted 700 put Feb 5

    by vs1234gs Feb 4, 2016 9:49 AM
    vs1234gs vs1234gs Feb 5, 2016 10:36 AM Flag

    Well I am losing big time but in Google. I already profit from this. LNKD is where I got stuck. I am quite sure find how to come out from that as well.

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  • I can't explain such price drop on not even material news.

    Market think everything overvalue and I understand 10-15 point price drop and this case upto 20 point but 40 point for such is seem ridiculous.

    Forecast is bit disapointing but nothing like sky falling.

    Only thing possible is big player playing game and if so price will go up again up-to 140 at least.

    I will hold until today. From monday if there is no bouce, I will start selling Call to reduce loses. I am quite confident I will able to turn into profit and only thing coming on way is fear to miss rally but I have to take risk. I have good investment in other places that should help me recoup losses.

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  • I am totally wrong and regret premarket action. I hope something that we don't know come out later. I will try exit my position for safety but it will take time.

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  • We will see where this go.

  • vs1234gs vs1234gs Feb 5, 2016 8:23 AM Flag

    Sure they have 300 target and then reduce to 156 (RBC capital) 300????????

    This is how good analyst are.

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  • TWTR drop significantly from high but there is important difference.
    TWTR report there is no Subscriber growth, on other hand LNKD continue subscriber growth.
    TWTR report hardly any revenue growth Q /Q. LNKD continue growth ( Total forcast is more than 4 time higher than this q which was record breaking)

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