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vs1234gs 14 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 24, 2014 2:09 PM Member since: Apr 12, 2001
  • I think this recent medical analysis is very good. AMRN is no longer just play based on Triglyceride and Given FDA stand, AMRN can reap more benefit from other benefit in short term. I also think Reduce-IT going to successful. If it happen, sky is limit for AMRN. Given lot of patent and more patent as they study various benefit, it unlikely that someone ablue to successful chanllanging those. All you need is one patent consider valid.

    If it go above my average, I will sell about 10% just so I can buy even more if it ever go down. I am quite heavy with AMRN nearly 18% of portfollio now. But I hardly have any doubt for company's success in year or two.

    Please note script is at around 10K now and I think by end of March it should be somewhere 13K.

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    11/14/14 SCRIPTS

    by Nov 21, 2014 10:57 AM
    vs1234gs vs1234gs Nov 24, 2014 2:00 PM Flag

    Recent medical analysis going to help increase script count more quickly I think. AMRN should try to get those finding in label as well.

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  • See below. This likely mean, big pharma soon look to buy AMRN. Current Company Operation is very efficient and so they likely see little to no risk (Specially they can easily increase sale on current indication) I think AMRN is undervalue by at least 6-7 dollar.
    Confirmed continued commitment to completing the ongoing REDUCE-IT cardiovascular outcomes study after a substantial scientific and business focused review, based on which Amarin believes that REDUCE-IT is well positioned to succeed and that continuation is in the best interest of improved patient care and Amarin's shareholders

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  • My average price below $1.8 now. I think we will get above it in 2-3 month assuming we have continue slow steady growth with scripts.

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    10/17/14 SCRIPTS

    by Oct 24, 2014 8:28 AM
    vs1234gs vs1234gs Oct 24, 2014 4:09 PM Flag

    This is very good news. Specially since this was holiday week in many state. I am very hopeful that we will see good upward swing next week.

    Hope management hold on for Share dilution for better time as once it reach 14-15K price, Share price will raise to $3 (Burn rate also drop significantly)

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    Symphony 10/17

    by gravelroad78 Oct 24, 2014 10:57 AM
    vs1234gs vs1234gs Oct 24, 2014 12:52 PM Flag

    This mean, Next week we will close to 16K. I think Columbus Day cut script by 5-6% at least specially for illness where there is no urgency. I won't surprise if it get over 16K+. Also people discussing about profit/loss based on number of Reps, ARNA take % of net revenue and not Net Profit So it's Eisai's problem to solve as long as there is decent growth on scripts.

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  • I believe, Script Growth will accelate with more Ad & More rep & Additional data/indication.
    But let's assume growth is only 1.5% week or week which i think very easy for next 2 year.
    After 52:- Running Rate 340M+
    After 2 year Running Rate More than 745M+.

    Even with 1% this number goes to near 450M in 2 year.
    In other word ARNA getting 150M - 250M in 2 year even if we have very small growth. And Making very good profit and PE is less than 10 at this price.

    Think before you short and Long should also consider to buy more if you can.

  • vs1234gs vs1234gs Oct 8, 2014 1:15 PM Flag

    You miss how our digestion system works. Medicine normally designs to digest easily. Not always true for any food you take. This is very important difference.

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  • obesity drugs market mostly destroyed with some previous drug side effect. Doc does not trust new class of drug from OREX, ARNA, VVUS. But FDA already collected lot of data on safety before approval. They still enroll on safety monitoring and so with time they getting more safety data.

    This will result into additional data available very near future and more than likely positive side given precausion before approval.

    What that mean ? Doctors eventually start prescribe as they understand risk benefit profile is quite favorable. This might take another year or two but eventually this drugs will sale in billions.

    If you are risk taker like me who ready to wait to get benefit, at least one of this stock will sale for 20's in 2-3 year. Invest on all and wait for two year. Average down when it go down and sale some when it go above your average so you can buy again if go down & increase. if go up you still make some money on sale. ( don't sale everything, I would sale only 5-10% of holding each time it raise $1 after go above average and stop when your investment is near 0 for remaining holding)

    I have trackrecord to benefit from AVNR, AMLN, CADX,HGSI,HZNP,ITMN,TELK and many more.

    Another stock I like is AMRN it likely goes to 5+ based on current indication for tg only very soon.

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    Hoping for good script numbers today

    by fsulevine Sep 19, 2014 8:54 AM
    vs1234gs vs1234gs Sep 22, 2014 11:26 AM Flag

    At this rate we selling at close to 70+M. Current Yearly expenses including Reduce IT is about 120M. At this rate, they will get profitable in 2015 end for sure. This is another turn around story in my stock holding. Last such are AVNR, CADX, HGSI,AMLN, ITMN, TELK,HZNP So I am 99% certain that this stock going back to $8 atleast by end of 2015. Mark my word. Buy as many as you can. Biotech is best place to profit simply because all this Big Pharma keep playing with Fire hoping to buy very cheap.

  • vs1234gs vs1234gs Sep 17, 2014 2:04 PM Flag

    Well Big Pharma slowly become expert on how to grab companies for cheap. They know Current AMRN CEO did not sell for $15+ on NCE hope (One point AstraZeneca has job opening for cardio reps for 100's which pull out next day after Vesepa approval.) In order to keep Amrn on check they buy Omthera. Now since Anchor rejected (AstraZeneca and other big pharma likely have significant hand in that decision) It's few years before AMRN price raise. Their hope is AMRN stuggle for money and agree to sale even cheaper.

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  • Amarin which already closing to $100M sale and will be in range of $200M (Breakeven point), Amarn stock price should be near 4 based on that fact.
    Now if Reduce-IT successful, Every person with condition going to get prescription, it going to sale in billions. If that happen ( Japan trial already have some data support Reduce-IT claim.) that can make this company 200+. Reduce-IT has mid trial result in sometime 2015-2016. Which is bit longer wait but worth it. Meantime, current sale growth will support price to bit higher everyweek very soon.(Assuming last few weeks growth continue)

    I will keep holding my possition and adding slowly to average down.

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  • Today there is very good news that Amarin still see value to finish Reduce-IT trial. I am suprise it didn't move back to 1.6+ (Normal range before people buy in hope of reversal of decision)

    So here is my Conspiracy Theory:- Big Pharma who clearly control FDA most part as well as hedge funds making sure no upward movent sustain. This way If Amarin really has very good data behind decision, they can buy up company (This happen to many company in past.) Otherwise they will wait until Trial result or how Amarin perform in drug sale and then again get it cheaper.

  • recent report indicate script growing after partnership deal. About 15% in 7 week. This is very good news as if such growth continue, Company can stay alive without Anchor and very soon only Current indicator profitable.

    Price at 1.88 is bargain. You really need to compare this growth with CADX, AVNR and I see another shining stock in my portfollio. I make big on CADX / AVNR. I am keep averaging down on AMRN, now it stand below $3.5 as Scirpt number are reaching certain thresold (Like 12-13K= $100M Yearly) which should support stock price higher. Also at that point company can take some risk and start raising per script cost/ Cut certain non-productive promotion price/cost which bring immediate growth/ margin.

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