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    Hang in their baby, more rain is on the way.

    by vzcotec May 22, 2016 10:02 PM
    vzcotec vzcotec May 23, 2016 1:06 PM Flag

    Ya, the company will work on their package after the strike. We have seen it before. The real problem is that the guys that know are being pushed to do more. This is bad for them because it gives them the chance of screwing up and being put into the same class as the know nothings. Upper management doesn't really know how to evaluate their lower tec level management. They used to be able to call in people from other places but they have to rely on vendor support.

  • Sure it bites not having that pay check, but some put money aside just for this strike we knew it was coming. The company never gives the employees anything unless the Union fought for it.
    The fun should start to be fading for those managers how many donuts can you eat. By now upper management is really starting to know which managers know and which don't know. You ever wonder why you see management offers after a strike? The public is getting tired of waiting for repair and installs. Now the managers are going to have to start making decisions on trying to fix equipment or see if they can hope for an end to the strike. The pressure of trying to fix it gets more intense. All those red lights. I would think the troubles are backing up and they will have to try and fix things in the offices. This is when they are the most dangerous. Those troubles they try and fix that cause greater problems. Like when they blow power supplies trying to change cards. The big failures should start happening soon. I remember of all the past strikes when the place was such a mess that it took us a long time to straighten things out. It only gets worse the longer it goes, the pressure builds on the company from their subscribers. Then those subscribers get tired of hearing well we have a strike. The company still wants those subs to pay those bills.
    Then you have to remember how many strikes has McAdam seen. He must still think its wireless.

  • vzcotec vzcotec May 19, 2016 3:40 PM Flag

    Verizon does not have the benefit of shale technology needing VZ, like they needed heavy equipment. PS, how's CAT doing today?

  • He said he didn't understand why they were out there on strike.
    The interesting thing though was when McAdam was talking his body language showed openness. Arms down and to the side. When people talked to him he showed closure to ideas, arms up and crossed. It must have been the PR department that got him out of the suit..
    I wonder if he knows yet why the people are on strike?

  • vzcotec by vzcotec May 18, 2016 1:11 PM Flag

    United and fought for the workers of the past, present and future.
    CEO's are how much can they can get today for them selves. Hey buddy can you put me on your BOD's I'll get you on my company's compensation committee, don't worry the shareholders will pay. Ever wonder why Mcadam serves on other BOD's? I guess he isn't getting paid enough from VZ. I thought a CEO was a 24 hour job to command such a high benefit package. I wonder if he would allow a union member to get paid by VZ and say work for ATT or a CLEC part time, seems fair, right?
    McAdam, for example, saw his total compensation, including salary, bonuses, stock awards and other compensation, leap from $7.2 million in 2010 to $23.1 million in 2011, in part because of his promotion from COO of Verizon Wireless to CEO of Verizon Communications.Apr 25, 2012
    And they wonder why union members want a piece of the action.

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    Proud to be Union!

    by vzcotec May 16, 2016 11:14 PM
    vzcotec vzcotec May 17, 2016 12:44 PM Flag

    So you think that a union employee should get all he can right now, like the CEO does, interesting. All those talks about the future are worthless you say. You remember when they asked the employees and their friends to write letters for this and that, like the approval for Verizon long distance? Well may be your right and we should get all we can, NOW.

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    Proud to be Union!

    by vzcotec May 16, 2016 11:14 PM
    vzcotec vzcotec May 17, 2016 12:11 PM Flag

    Thanks for worrying about the strike fund, would you like to donate? We stick together as a Union, did Ivan come back to work? No he has his millions. You do know that wireless got is start from wireline, right? Should not the wireline people get a share of the profits, because wireless used the profits from wireline for licenses ect. What about LD, and when we got MCI, wireless liked that for transport, who paid for that? Sure wireless is coming 5g can make it,but don't you think they will need installers to set it up? Time has come to merger the two Technologies and one workforce. Why do you need managers in both companies doing the same things. All this is about is to lower the wages and benefits of the workers. I suppose you would like to give up some of your retirement, right. Support the Union!

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    Proud to be Union!

    by vzcotec May 16, 2016 11:14 PM
    vzcotec vzcotec May 17, 2016 11:50 AM Flag

    VZ 173,000 employees mostly all in USA due to Judge Green still over 100 years inservice
    AAPL 110,000 high percentage over seas 1977 Thanks to Bell Labs.
    GOOG 64,115 mostly in USA 1998
    FB 13,598 mostly in USA

    Which company paid more into Social Security, Taxes ect. Which company contributes the most to the USA. How many of the other companies have generations of retirees. Which of those companies can go overseas in a heartbeat. Ya.those Non-Union ones.

  • vzcotec by vzcotec May 16, 2016 11:14 PM Flag

    Sure its tough some times, but look at every thing that Unions did for labor. Companies just don't give their benefits to employees. Employees united together to get benefits. United we stand divided we fall. Most union people are on the job longer than the CEO's. We even had co-CEOs. The CEOs we have had only last a couple of years and walk away with millions, and they wonder why the employees want a piece of the action. Just think how many CEOs their have been in an average 30 year employees time on the job. Nope it is time for the company to level the benefit package between employees and the CEO. The eastern corridor is not a third world country. It's time for VZ to pay and update the packages for yesterday's and today's employees!

  • Companies do not give anything to labors, from over time to vacations, to days off to any benefits. The workers fought for them through negation, and strikes. Just look at the series on the robber barons. Nothing was GIVEN to the labor forces, they earned it, they demanded their share. Look at how the CEO's have their compensation and benefits figured vs the labor market. The ones on strike are fight for themselves, and the ones that have fought before for them and have retired, they too have paid their dues with stikes. This company gives nothing that isn't earned. They trash labor as they did when they sold WV to Frontier. WV was part of the core Bell Atlantic. Ivan got his for that deal when he sold FTR-13. No the company only wants to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Look at all those CEO's that made those big fat compensation deals. The employees deserve a share of the profits also. Stay tough!

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    Guess what, More rain coming!

    by vzcotec May 10, 2016 10:31 AM
    vzcotec vzcotec May 11, 2016 10:56 AM Flag

    @eddy Really? I see you don't know how it works. skills must be kept up. True if these managers are working on the job they will be come productive, maybe, in five years. Do you think the strike will last that long? This is a job where you don't just walk in off the street and do. VZ even tried to higher ex-military and that did not work very well. Yes most can be trained. Most in management were useless and were promoted to raise the production level of the crew from where they came. That is a fact and that is the reason jobs and troubles are not getting done today. Their competence shows during strikes. Most know what and how to kiss.

  • Less troubles getting fixed, more troubles being created, because the one that have not been fixed are starting to cascade. Many 4th levels are finding out that their lower levels of management are overpaid. It seems that many do not know their job. They cannot fix a simple 2 line wire problem. And these are the people that I was taking information from to make declensions. Now more people higher up are starting to ask questions. It seems that none of these people know what they are doing. They sure know how to spin the talk though. Changes have to be made after this is over.

  • vzcotec by vzcotec May 9, 2016 10:29 AM Flag

    More rain is on the way. More troubles, more failures. Pressure starts to build. The managers who know something are getting tired of carrying the do nothings. Office politics is beginning to show. Those that talked the talk cannot walk the walk. This is how we know which ones to Rif.
    Can you now see how your management has cost the business more. You are seeing how these managers kill productivity? Yes some second levels and first must go after this is over with. Too many excuses coming from your fist lines. Now do you see what the employees say the first leve lies the second level swears too it.
    Yep 3rds and 4ths are seeing how Bs'ed they are. Why can't you fix a simple problem.

  • vzcotec by vzcotec May 7, 2016 1:03 PM Flag

    What do you mean you want off on Mothers Day? We've have troubles here, if you would fix something you wouldn't have to work, or should I say put in time. Tell your wife your luck you have a job.Troubles are backing up and we are pushing back installs, don't break anything else. Ya, I know it's raining out there but they want that circuit up, we're getting calls from higher ups. All this and more rain is coming. Keep that air pressure up, do you know how to put on a couple of tanks? Where did you hear vacations were cancelled for June and July?

  • Now those troubles are backing up. Better get them cleared. You don't want questions at the shareholders meetings. Those circuits troubles are starting to back up, You can only busy out so much equipment before you have to chance fixing the problems. Now did you busy out the working one on the one that was broke?

  • Rain rain go away come back when the union will stay?

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    Since VZ want Yahoo

    by vzcotec Apr 30, 2016 11:26 AM
    vzcotec vzcotec Apr 30, 2016 12:30 PM Flag

    @mr . True, wireless should be funding wireline. Wireline subsidized wireless since wireless started, and even before.Bell Atlantic Mobile when landlines were doing the testing. Why do you fund an ira, to watch it fund someone else's retirement? The legacy of landline is wireless, Should landline charge the full cost of transport for wireless? In 20 years you will still have landlines. It may not be as large as it is today but we don't have as many operators as we did 20 years ago. Ray and Ivan failed when Vodafone came along, Talk about CEO's that should have had claw backs on their compensation. How much did it cost landline when Ray failed and got beat by John C. Malone for TCI. Then you have to look at Ivans deal for MCI. Did that give a larger route for trunklng for wireless? Yes even employees were ask to help support LD so wireless could get a start. Many deals have been made by landline for wireless and wireless. Most people talk about land line being just the phone, You know better. If the strike goes on you know you will see a ripple effect in service.

  • Lets put in the contract a 55 millon severence package for each employee, like Myers would get. Seems fair if a CEO gets that much to leave a company VZ wants to buy.
    Besides, since VZ wants Yahoo, and they sold off the old GTE areas, shouldn't landlines share the profits since the old landlines funded the GTE deal that fund the money for the last Frontier deal? That GTE deal was just made to get the wireless side of GTE, because we see what VZ is keeping today with those spin offs. All that money that was in the pension funds and the healthcare funds that held Bell Atlantic stock for employee benefits. Then Look at all the profits from those deals. The three CEO's from that deal got their money, why not the employees that were working for the company then and the retirees that watched their stock go down from the 60's after the deal. Oh yea VZ gave them worthless Founders grants yet the CEO's walked with millions.

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    I wonder how many

    by vzcotec Apr 28, 2016 1:52 PM
    vzcotec vzcotec Apr 28, 2016 2:48 PM Flag

    Oh, I see your clearing out the ticket and not doing the work. Are you a former Frontier employee?

  • Professional posters VZ has hired? You know, the PR types, the ones that post to push messages down on the message board so they cannot be seen with out searching Then their are the ones that are paid to post trash talk.
    I would think that many managers are sitting in the office is looking at the talk like the union members. Looks like the weather is changing in Verizon landline areas, don't get wet. Just remember all those cable openings that you didn't have time to fix before the strike. You'll be visiting them soon. Maybe you'll have flash back of when one of your employees, had told you we have to fix this or that, but you had to control the overtime. Well now you'll get your overtime.

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