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  • Shares of Micron Technology Inc. MU, +1.38% ran up 2.5% in premarket trade Tuesday, after Robert W. Baird & Co. turned bullish on the memory chip maker, citing an improving outlook for PCs and the Chinese smartphone market and a positive outlook for NAND flash memory. Analyst Tristan Gerra raised his rating to outperform, after being at neutral for the last nine months. He raised his stock price target to $18, which is 46% above Friday's closing price of $12.31, from $12. "Samsung may shift meaningful capacity from DRAM to NAND this second half," Gerra wrote in a note to clients. "Near term, PC units are rebounding above expectation--off a dismal 1Q--while the China smartphone market is also rebounding." Gerra said he believes Micron's gross margin will begin to stabilize, then rebound somewhat in the second half of the year.

    From MarketWatch

  • As one of the world's most renowned scientists, Stephen Hawking is regularly called on to help explain the universe's more mysterious phenomena.

    But asked to account for Donald Trump's political rise Tuesday, the British theoretical physicist was stumped.
    "I can't," Hawking told CNN affiliate ITV's "Good Morning Britain" program.

    "He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator."

    From CNN

  • Last week, the National Association of Realtors said the number of homes that in April went under contract to be sold climbed to the highest level in over a decade.

    From nasdaq

  • Consumer spending advanced at the fastest pace in nearly seven years in April, the latest sign the economy is improving after a sluggish start to the year.

    Personal spending, which measures how much Americans paid for everything from raincoats to restaurants, increased 1.0% in April from a month earlier, the Commerce Department said on Tuesday. That was the strongest growth since August 2009.

    [The doom and gloom crowd is sad.]

  • Futures well into the green.

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 30, 2016 11:44 PM Flag

    "This is okay? Let's not talk about it and do nothing about it."

    [Who is going to talk the American consumer into not buying cheap Chinese products? Do you boycott products made in China? No, you don't. So, let's not pretend that this is a problem we can actually solve. Corporations outsourced manufacturing to China. The solution isn't a trade war or just talking tough to China. The solution is bringing manufacturing home. Does Trump have ANY plans to do this and would it matter if he did? Is Trump going to trump all the corporations manufacturing in China? No, he's not.

    But this won't stop Trump from blaming the Chinese for the problem. I can't believe that you have fallen for his empty rhetoric on this issue. The only thing Trump can do is irritate a China already very irritated with its own economic problems and degrade the relationships that we have with China that are working. If you think the Chinese are going to roll over because of anything Trump says then you don't know the Chinese very well. Trump isn't going to intimidate or coerce the Chinese. They are hard and tough negotiators who have no reason to give in to Trump.

    Bottom line: It's silly to blame the Chinese for us having outsourced our manufacturing to them. You want to blame someone then blame the corporations and their customers.]

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 30, 2016 1:43 PM Flag

    Trump is more likely to get us into a real war than he is to win a trade war. He has no experience with any of these matters .

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 30, 2016 1:39 PM Flag

    The problem is about 95% of American consumers wanting cheap products and about 5% of the Chinese not playing fair . And if you think that the Chinese are not willing to participate in a trade war if attacked then you must not be aware of what they're currently doing in the South China seas .
    We are now going to sell military hardware to the Vietnamese because of the belligerence of the Chinese in the South China Sea area. Trump wants to blame on hundred percent of the problem on the Chinese and then to start a trade war that we can't win . It's an extremely dangerous approach .

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 30, 2016 1:56 AM Flag

    On the trade deficit, Trump offers his normal "someone to hate" and acts as if we are getting screwed. But the truth is something radically different.

    Why do we have a large trade deficit with China? Well, because we buy more from them than they buy from us. Why? Because it's cheaper. So, if you want to hate someone for the deficit then you should hate the American consumer. Does Trump have a solution to this. Absolutely not. Just like he's not going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

    If Trump really had any solutions he might be worth listening to. But almost all of his positions have been pointed out as unworkable or even dangerous by experts.

    He lies with impunity. Just a few:

    He says Mexicans love him and will vote for him in great numbers. They don't and they won#$%$ going to take more than a taco salad commercial.

    He says he is a uniter and will bring everyone together. He can't even bring Republicans together much less the whole country.

    And now he is pandering to an extent that would be laugh out loud funny if it weren't for normally sane and intelligent people (like you) being convinced by these words not backed up by any conviction or prior record.

    Trump will say that he is whatever you want him to be. But all you have to do is look at his record. Does he have any record whatsoever of doing anything about trade deficits? Getting in a trade war with China will accomplish nothing and probably send us into another recession.

    Why you believe anything this guy says is beyond me. There is no objective reason to do so.

  • wallisweaver by wallisweaver May 29, 2016 5:29 PM Flag


  • Itseez was founded in San Francisco in 2005, and is one of the leading experts in Computer Vision (CV) algorithms and software, along with the implementations for specialized and embedded hardware. While speaking about the acquisition Intel senior vice president and general manager of its Internet of Things Group (IOTG) Doug Davis said: “Itseez will become a key ingredient for Intel’s Internet of Things Group roadmap, and will help Intel’s customers create innovative deep-learning-based [computer vision] applications like autonomous driving, digital security and surveillance, and industrial application.”

    One of Itseez’s products includes the “advanced driver assistance systems,” a collection of algorithms for vehicles, which give the hardware the ability to identify traffic signs and pedestrians, and can warn about a collision. It also develops algorithms for sports analytic, smartphones, robotics, and surveillance.

    Itseez’s acquisition is a part of Intel’s “Restructuring Initiative to Accelerate Transformation”. Last month, following the earnings release for first- quarter fiscal year 2016 (1QFY16), Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that Intel wants to make a transition from a computer maker, to become one that powers the cloud, and billions of smart, connected devices. According to the company, it will intensify its focus in high-growth areas, where it is positioned for long-term leadership, customer value and growth, while making the company more efficient and profitable.

    From BidnessEtc

  • 1.) Says there is no drought in California.
    2.) Bogus Trump University facing new scrutiny.
    3.) Failed to give promised contribution to veterans until it was publicly disclosed.
    4.) Only candidate in 40 years to refuse to release his tax returns.
    5.) Trump demands $10 million to debate Bernie.
    6.) Goes on Grudge Tour after promising to be a uniter.
    7.) Trump has to ask what LNG is.
    8.) Trump’s huge energy speech was hugely wrong.
    9.) Trump tells Jimmy Kimmel he used aliases
    10.) Donald Trump Took $150,000 In Federal Relief Aid.

  • TSMC is thinking about dropping contract prices for its handset-IC clients to help ease the pressure of their declining ASPs and gross margins.

    From Fudzilla

    [Because as everybody but a couple of nutjobs on this board knows - mobility is in the crapper. ]

  • Reply to

    Trump says there is no drought in California

    by wallisweaver May 28, 2016 3:28 PM
    wallisweaver wallisweaver May 29, 2016 2:16 AM Flag

    "In Trump's words...he would be opening up the water,
    "so you can have your farmers survive, so that your job market will get better."
    ‘We’re going to get it done and we’re going to get it done quick, don’t even think about it, that’s an easy one.’”
    Trump's plan is in contrast to environmentalists who insist on fighting to preserve an endangered species of fish."

    [Your response indicates that you are as clueless about the California drought as Trump is. This isn't some stupid issue between farmers and environmentalists. There's a drought for god's sake. You and Trump don't know the first thing about it. ]

  • Yet another shoe drops. They seem to be coming faster and faster. A good chance Trump will be done before the convention.

  • Summary

    Intel is progressing well in HPC with leading institutions adopting Intel’s omni-path architecture.

    Mellanox is also making headway in HPC, but unlikely to defeat Intel.

    Intel has designed a shareholder-friendly exascale computing strategy.

    Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has big plans for high-performance computing, popularly known as HPC. The company's goal is re-architecting HPC via its scalable system framework (SSF). SSF is an innovative HPC design philosophy based on Intel's omni-path architecture (OPA). The company has already started shipping OPA. Barry Davis, general manager, HPC Compute and Networks at Intel, said that OPA is progressing steadily.

    From Alpha Max at Seeking Alpha

  • Campaigning here just a few miles from the Mexican border, Trump repeatedly said he would win the support of Latinos in the general election, even though polls show Latino voters overwhelmingly opposed to his candidacy.

    Pointing to a supporter’s sign, Trump said, “I really like when they put up ‘Latinos for Trump.’ ‘Latinos for Trump.’ I love it. We’re going to do great with Latinos.”

    From WashingtonPost

  • After Mr. Wiley clashed with campaign officials in three states. So much for the uniter-in-chief.

    The Grudge Tour continues...

  • Intel shorts get the 2 by 4 upside the head.

    Micron moved up by 14 percent while Nvidia only managed 3.5 percent.

  • Sarah Palin level stupidity. Or maybe worse.

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