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    And the TA Bottom-Feeding Crowd Goes Quiet

    by wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 10:13 AM
    wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 10:04 PM Flag

    "The issue of manipulation is real. Micron is a perfect example of it. When Micron can drop to almost exactly at the maximum option pain point on a Friday while it's technicals scream buy is nothing more than hedge funds and those with deep pockets that have a need to guide the stock for their maximum profit. Yes, it is true they have the legal right to do all this, but it stinks when investors try and focus on a great stock doing mostly all the right things, then you invest only to see games being played. Just saying, it is very frustrating to watch, but it unfortunately is the game that is played and if one invests in Micron, better plan for that or else you will drive yourself crazy. Until the SEC decides to investigate if MM's have an unfair and biased advantage along the lines of insider trading rules, this game will continue to be played."

    [Fortunately the hedge funds are so inept that even with their money and leverage they usually end up shooting themselves in the foot. That has been clearly evident with IDTI and GTAT lately. They know little about technology or trends in technology so they have no idea what kinds of forces that they are lining up against. As such they end up trying to swim up the waterfall as often as they do in the real momentum direction.

    They have been trying for months to get the correction party going and during all of that time have been mindlessly attacking tech while sending their pinheads to fill the message boards with garbage. Amongst many other things they need a much more qualified set of paid shills.]

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    Good old Alexander.Dumbutt

    by pumper_kryptonite Aug 11, 2014 5:17 PM
    wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 9:53 PM Flag

    One can't help but feel that Twinkletoes is swirling towards a psychotic break as his rants, attacks, and separation from reality become more and more extreme.

    I enjoyed watching you dissect him with his own words.

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    And the TA Bottom-Feeding Crowd Goes Quiet

    by wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 10:13 AM
    wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 6:30 PM Flag

    "Those guys you accuse of manipulating actually can't do much unless those listening are pretty weak minded."

    [Yeah, the big boys and hedge funds are powerless. You really believe that? Because if you do I have to wonder who dresses and feeds you.]

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    And the TA Bottom-Feeding Crowd Goes Quiet

    by wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 10:13 AM
    wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 4:08 PM Flag

    "Wallis...Both sides need to cut this ridiculous BS out."

    [Dude, don't you ever equate me with the bottom-feeding manipulators or the paid shills who infect the Yahoo message boards. Nor do I need your parental lecturing.

    Nobody died and made you god's gift to the investing world or the board moderator. And anyone who has to resort to allcaps should be slapped.

    This isn't just about shorts and longs and who is right. This is about blatant manipulation of the markets in a manner that undermines the integrity of the entire system. ]

  • Found out this morning they had been holding their charts upside down.

  • wallisweaver by wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    Headed back to $33.50? LOL

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 10:07 AM Flag

    "We were talking about how Applied can be working on 14nm FinFet designs. Perhaps you can explain it to me then?"

    [No, we weren't talking about who was working on FinFET. We were talking about who was shipping FinFET which is only Intel.]

    "While you are at it, explain why many fabless firms are 'skipping' the 20nm node and going straight to 14nm?"

    [Because 20nm is a worthless node. It's planar, offers little performance improvement and costs more per transistor than 28nm. They are hoping that the 14/16nm half step to FinFET will bail them out. But it's no winner either and who knows when it will arrive in volume. 2016? 2017? ]

  • Giving their gains back.

  • wallisweaver by wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 9:57 AM Flag

    Intel up and ARM down as Humpty gives up recent gains. No real surprise as ARM recently moved up on no news and with no apparent reason.

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 11, 2014 2:47 AM Flag

    Excellent! This should be very interesting.

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    Futures green- risk on

    by mike.putzman Aug 10, 2014 8:40 PM
    wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 10, 2014 9:24 PM Flag

    Can't wait to see what doom and gloom scenario Wall Street comes up with next.

  • [Oops, sorry about the normal news, non-doom and gloom post.]

    Asian stocks rebounded on Monday after Wall Street reclaimed lost ground last week as geopolitical jitters eased.

    U.S. stocks jumped on Friday on signals of reduced tensions in the Russian-Ukraine crisis and as Wall Street viewed American military moves in Iraq as limited. Friday proved the best session in five months for both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500, which rose 1.1 and 1.2 percent respectively. The Nasdaq climbed 0.8 percent.

    From CNBC

  • wallisweaver by wallisweaver Aug 10, 2014 8:28 PM Flag

    False Representations
    Only someone who has met the state requirements and who has been licensed as a certified public accountant can advertise his or her services as a CPA or auditor. Anyone who hasn’t met the requirements cannot claim to be, or hold themselves out to the public as, a certified public accountant or CPA. For example, you cannot solicit businesses in your area and tell them that you are certified public accountant if you do not have a license. However, if you’ve obtained your CPA certificate in one state, you can hold yourself out as a CPA in a different state, though you may not be able to perform CPA duties the other state.

    The crime of practicing accounting without a license is typically a misdemeanor offense. Penalties will differ depending on the state and circumstances of the crime, but they typically include one or more of the following possible punishments.
    Jail. You may have to serve a jail sentence if you are convicted of practicing accounting without a license. A maximum penalty of up to a year in jail is possible in some states, but some states have lower maximum penalties, such as no more than six months.
    Fine. Fines are also a common penalty when someone engages in the practice of accounting without a valid license. Maximum penalties can exceed $1,000, but smaller fines are also possible.
    Probation. You can also be sentenced to probation if you are convicted of an accounting without a license crime. Probation will usually last a year or more, during which time you must follow the orders of the court. These will require you to pay all fines and restitution, perhaps perform community service, report to a probation officer, maintain employment, and not commit other crimes.
    Restitution. If your actions as an unlicensed accountant resulted in someone else losing money or property, the amount of restitution will differ depending on the circumstances of the case, & you must pay it in addition to any fines.

    From CriminalDefenseLawyer

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 10, 2014 8:17 PM Flag

    "But the correction will burn itself out soon enough. No need to chronicle it.."

    [I disagree. I think it's important to chronicle the ways that Wall Street and the hedge funds attempt to screw the average investor. The integrity of the markets is at stake here. Average investors are fleeing the markets in ever increasing numbers. I don't want to be left with a market that is substantially all card sharks, manipulators and swindlers. And that's where we are headed.

    If we need a correction then we need a correction. But we really don't. The reasons given are contrived BS. Wall Street shouldn't get to make things up just to earn easy money. Let them work for it for a change.]

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 10, 2014 8:12 PM Flag

    "There are many *designs* under way targeting FinFET (which was what the question was about). In terms of shipping product today, it would be zero."

    [Yeah, there had better be since the development cycle for ARM FinFET is over three years in length.

    But so many these days want to equate "working on" with shipping to conclude that ARM has drawn even with Intel in fabrication. It's absurd. So, this is the third time that I have asked you to list ARM FinFET shipments to customers and the first time you have responded. Better late than never I guess.

    The question was not about who was targeting FinFET. The question was about who is actually able to make them and ship them to customers. Only Intel.]

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    All About the Fabrication

    by wallisweaver Aug 9, 2014 5:44 PM
    wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 10, 2014 8:02 PM Flag

    "TSMC could be on for shipping 100 million 20nm SoC's by the year end. You must be one of a handful of people on the plant to think that is not volume."

    [You must be one of the few people on the planet unable to distinguish between volume and inadequate volume due to the inability to ramp the node quickly enough. Just being able to meet Apple's needs indicates a serious production problem. ARM continues to have capacity issues that leave a significant portion of the ARM shops out in the cold.

    Also I have said repeatedly: let me know when a product is shipping to customers. It's not. As you state "could be on".

    And even when 20nm production ships, it's no winner. It's planar with marginal performance improvements at a greater cost per transistor than the 28nm node.

    My point was that ARM fabrication is in trouble. Nothing you have stated changes that conclusion.]

  • The Ukraine situation is calming down as reflected by the move up in the RSX.


    Israel, Palestinians accept 72-hour cease-fire in Gaza

    Israeli and Palestinian factions accepted an Egyptian proposal Sunday for a new 72-hour cease-fire to resume negotiations on a longer-term truce.

    From USA Today

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    All About the Fabrication

    by wallisweaver Aug 9, 2014 5:44 PM
    wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 10, 2014 1:26 PM Flag

    "And by the time ARM gets its 20nm volumes cranked up" Question Wallis. What is your definition of 'volume'?

    [It means enough to supply Apple, enough to supply Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm. And enough to supply at least some of the smaller vendors. Obviously we are looking at the second half of 2015 or maybe 2016.

    Or maybe not. The economics are not good and it's possible a lot of ARM shops will just pass on 20nm and stick with 28nm and its more favorable pricing. In other words they are stuck between a rock and a hard spot. Go with the lower priced 28nm and lesser performance or go with slightly better performance at a premium price that negatively impacts margins that are already under a lot of stress. ]

  • I use the Google news test.

    I go to Google news. If Ukraine isn't on the "Top Stories" list then I assume that it's ramping down. If it is I assume it's ramping up.

    Currently it's ramping down.

    I also check the RSX to see what's happening on the Russian stock exchange. It it's up then Ukraine stress is ramping down. It was up 2.8 percent on Friday which indicates Ukraine stress is ramping down.

    Obviously late breaking news may affect the situation but in the absence of any significant breaking news these two indicators work pretty well. Both indicate that Ukraine stress on the markets is currently declining.

  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 10, 2014 1:09 PM Flag

    "Is AMCC one of TSMC top 20 customers? Probably not - perhaps barely they are working on FinFet -
    stupid is as stupid does Do you understand how this all works? Low level IP for the various FinFet (foundry) processes have been available for a while."

    [I ask you to list all the ARM FinFET products that are shipping to customers in volume and you respond with this flimflam.

    Just list the products.]

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