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    What a great weekend

    by deepharbor Oct 19, 2014 5:23 PM
    walterbyrdman11 walterbyrdman11 3 hours ago Flag

    Deep, one last question…after 50,000 generations of E. coli, any of those turn into a frog?
    or maybe a multicelled organism?
    Isn't it amazing how this very careful study, 50,000 generations has proven the DNA stability of life on this earth.
    Amazingly resistant to the sort of change that Darwin predicted, eh?
    Maybe Darwin was unable to see the species as constant. Hard to tell at this distance.
    But I guess you are blown away at the very resistance of DNA to radical change, eh?
    Radical change means death to the organism, I see.
    Well, got to be going. Worlds to conquer you know. Go ahead and finish that crossword puzzle, Deep, while we take over a 10 billion corporation…ta ta.

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    What a great weekend

    by deepharbor Oct 19, 2014 5:23 PM
    walterbyrdman11 walterbyrdman11 4 hours ago Flag

    DEEP, you know that 'evolution' has been discarded as the 'origin of life'…everyone knows that. Now the theory of the origin of life has to do with 'seeds' scatted by solar wind and comets.
    Everyone knows Darwin was a very astute observer, but lived two hundred years ago and did not benefit from present insight. The very fact you even still use the word 'evolution' is rather odd, and so parochial.
    I guess you don't actually read very much.
    Does the Exeter school believe in 'algebra'?

  • It is time to get rid of all Democrats if you want to be alive in six months….Democrats have proven they want all of the world to move to America
    nancy pelosi, the disgusting hag, is at the border, handing out passports. She will not give you a passport unless:
    1. you have a fever of 100.4 or higher
    2. you are coughing up blood
    3. you look like you are a skeleton and nearly dead from an infectious disease
    if you have any of the above, you hit the jackpot and nancy will welcome you to America…...

  • yes
    humiliating, perverse, degenerate and so out of touch with America right now.
    It is time for all Democrats to withdraw from public exposure and practice their nefarious bits and pieces in the closet..out of sight….in the dark, away from the light of day.
    It should be, and must be, humiliating to be a 'Democrat' at this time in history.
    Women do not feel safe in a room with a Democrat…he might have ebola…..the Democratic war on women has been won, and now women fear and despise Democrats….

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    What should Cisco do with their cash?

    by topline1 7 hours ago
    walterbyrdman11 walterbyrdman11 6 hours ago Flag

    sad it back to shareholders would be brilliant, but buying back your own stock just seems insane…totally insane

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    by walterbyrdman11 7 hours ago
    walterbyrdman11 walterbyrdman11 6 hours ago Flag

    Bush is irrelevant.
    He did get us into a TRILLION dollar war in Iraq…horrid…
    this will never be repaired. The damage done by Democrats is too monstrous to contemplate..we must get rid of every Democrat

  • the chaos and misery spreading across the world would be the result of 8 years of President Obama stirring the pot….the evil miasma drifting out of his midnight madness and infecting the whole world makes the bizarre HalfRican laugh his evil gurgle……Are you happy with this halting, lurching man of mystery?

  • walterbyrdman11 by walterbyrdman11 Oct 15, 2014 6:33 PM Flag

    yup….all coming undone, America suffering and angry…..Dems are now objects of wrath and scorn…..
    Failure, failure, failure, failure, failure….ebola ebola ebola……..

  • yes
    it all belongs to the President now….it's his….he owns it………all of it………….
    Now, will you stop golfing, after 8 years of golf
    Will you stop fund raising, after 8 years
    Will you stop campaigning and govern after 8 years…


    ebola Obama ebola Obama ebola Obama………..

  • walterbyrdman11 walterbyrdman11 Oct 15, 2014 6:24 PM Flag

    deep, your desperate blaming is very tiresome. all Americans have heard it's 'Bush' for 8 years….8 years…when did Obimbo become press?
    Was he ever in charge?
    Hmmmmm, when did Obama OFFICIALLY become president and in charge?
    Never? yup, you got that right!!!! That dude is checked out, on the golf course, fund raising…now with ebola about to eat the American lunch, he's stopped fundraising, stopped advertising, stopped campaigning…he's afraid to be tarred and feathered…the man is RESPONSIBLE!!!! RESPONSIBLE….RESPONSIBLE….its all him now…
    yup, its all his fault…..everything belongs to the President…..EVERYTHING

  • he anointed her as 'ebola czar', the one in charge of natural disasters of the biologic kind…exactly like ebola….heard anything from her/him/them…no just fear, worry and blame….best the Dems can do…WOW!!!
    going down in flames in November

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    ANGEL CORPS….mercy

    by walterbyrdman11 Oct 15, 2014 4:56 PM
    walterbyrdman11 walterbyrdman11 Oct 15, 2014 6:18 PM Flag

    hard to do….vaccine's were in progress decades ago, but the researchers kept dying!! Really.
    Check it out….the danger was so great and the need so small that vaccine development was abandoned…the other issue is that we still don't have effective vaccines for HIV, even with hundreds of millions spent…….some of these viruses are just tough!!!!!!

  • the surgeon general baloney is just that, pure baloney.
    The buck stops….you guys are done! Stick a fork in it…it's over for Democrats…MASSIVE INCOMPETENCE WILL NO LONGER BE REWARDED!!!
    even dimwitted low info voters woke up when ebola started knocking..
    What about your vaunted 'EBOLA CZAR'…remember her????
    No, the surgeon general #$%$ is just pure #$%$…..blaming, dodging, whining, pointing fingers used to work when your dimwitted minions were fat and happy…but NO MORE…
    the ebola virus is the LAST STRAW….
    even the 62 IQ morons who voted for Obama the SECOND TIME have turned and are screaming for blood!!!!

    Yup, competence matters and incompetence shines like a bright light in the dark ebola diarrhea that Obama now has#$%$ all over America won't work anymore…..

  • walterbyrdman11 by walterbyrdman11 Oct 15, 2014 4:56 PM Flag

    is the only way to deal with this virus. No need for uninfected people to deliver care when 1,000's of survivors can be equipped and trained for routine care and support.
    Only Democrats will be permitted to help the infected. Half the Democrats in America will be shipped to Liberia to 'help out'...

  • the 6 degree lower than normal water temps on the Great Lakes portend an earlier, colder winter for North America and a prolonged freeze, which will usher in the next Ice Age.
    Confusion across America related to VA scandals, Lois Lerner weaponization of IRS, poor border security and widespread crime waves related to illegal invasion, not to mention massive job losses and extremely poor economic news has triggered the perfect ICE AGE storm for Democrats.
    The viral spread of ebola, counter to CDC comments, meant to stupefy and pacify angry low info voters, only served to further enrage minimum IQ voters who put Obama in office and are now intent on destroying anyone with a (D) behind their name.
    The coming frigid winter may be the last bastion for Democrats who will be eaten in the event of supply chain disruption.

  • walterbyrdman11 by walterbyrdman11 Oct 14, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    will not be able to carry the entire nation on it's back as it has for 4 years…Since Obimbo got elected…750,000 jobs have been created across the nation…Texas created 1,000,000 new jobs in that time…which shows that 250,000 jobs were lost in places like Calipornia, Detroit and Chicago….#$%$ places.
    With oil prices dropping, gasoline is cheaper but Texas may not be able to carry the rest of the nation…if that is true…..the Great Recession will be back again!!!! and look out for Blue States, they will be in a DEPRESSION and will have to move to the Middle East to become sex slaves for ISiS……why?
    Because drooling Democrats have no skills, none…..just drugging and drinking. They are great at that, just great.

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    by walterbyrdman11 Oct 13, 2014 4:31 PM
    walterbyrdman11 walterbyrdman11 Oct 14, 2014 1:09 PM Flag


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    ANGEL CORPS….mercy

    by walterbyrdman11 Oct 14, 2014 10:53 AM
    walterbyrdman11 walterbyrdman11 Oct 14, 2014 1:08 PM Flag

    It is possible to stop this epidemic but it will be by using those who survived to help stop the spread, makes sense…..

  • she has offered to inform the committee and Issa, which members of the White House directed the IRS campaign to use the IRS as a weapon against political opponents…thereby reducing the White House operatives to the level of Chicago thugs. Obama is a prime suspect. Lerner was not stupid. She has recordings…….

  • walterbyrdman11 by walterbyrdman11 Oct 14, 2014 10:53 AM Flag

    for everyone
    Recruit, organize, train and fund survivors of ebola in both Liberia and Sierra Leone. The US would have to be front and center on this. I think this would slow and then halt the spread of the disease.
    You'd still need experienced medical personnel to assist and supervise.
    Most advanced level of medical technology in those nations would be IV fluid replacement.
    Easy to train folks to start an IV…….
    Cost, negligible, benefit ENORMOUS…
    but do not allow a Democrat to TOUCH this program. They screw up everything they touch

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