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  • want2bik by want2bik 14 hours ago Flag

    When these central banker speak we do get a bounce but don't be fooled. This is a bear and we will go lower. Their ability to effect the market may be coming to an end. The real problem is the top 1% have most of the money. When the fed gives money to the banks (top 1%) that does nothing to increase consumption. KID will tell you that giving all the money to successful people like Shkreli is a good thing. Back in the days when the market was taking down AIG Kid had money at risk. Kid was very supportive of the socialistic policies of bailing out AIG. KID is only a capitalist when it is to his benefit. True capitalism allows the financials institutions to go under and start over with new banks. These boyz have friends in Congress which will not let them go under. Why didn't these boys go to jail? Think about this when you vote. If we keep putting the same old politicians in office nothing is going to change. In the past when the top 1%get all the wealth we would see a revolution. Hope we never see that. Might want to read Dr. Zhivago to see what happens when the top 1% get all the money.

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    by want2bik Feb 8, 2016 11:03 AM
    want2bik want2bik Feb 8, 2016 4:52 PM Flag

    UTX may come back but as I have said before, "some stocks never come back". Just because they always have doesn't mean they always will. GE was in the 50's the last time the market took it down and it may never see the 50's again. Citibank is lower than it was in the great recession. These are blue chip companies that haven't come back. UTx use to make it's money buying up companies and selling off the pieces after robbing the pension funds. Management is different now and them days are over. Have you ever heard the term time is money. Remember the days when you rode UTX down to the 40's. The banks are having problems again. Wouldn't it have been better to sell at $120 and wait for UTX to find a bottom? I have recommended selling UTX since it hit $120. Some stocks are losing 3.2% in one day. Dividends mean nothing in this type of market. Maybe if I were young things would be different but at this point in my life I do not like losing my money. I am at a point in my life where I like spending my money. I would rather spend my money than give it to the criminals on wall street. KID is the only one I know who can make money all the time and he will not tell us how he does it. My bet is UTX is going a lot lower with the rest of the market. Management told you the problem was a strong dollar and weak China. Those problems are still there so why own the stock?

  • want2bik by want2bik Feb 8, 2016 11:03 AM Flag

    If I had the need to invest in something it would be Gold. In the past my believe was you need inflation to have Gold go up. We are in a different world where everyone is looking to protect their money. With much of the world in negative interest rates what is a person to do. Pay the banks for holding their money? We are seeing problems now with the banks in Europe unable to make money. Negative interests may not be the answer. Not sure Draghi will be able to deliver what the market wants in March. These problems with the bank may be coming here. The financial sector here is not behaving very well. I am sure KID will trash the Gold idea because he is making so much money in the stock market. He always buys low and sells high making 500 trades a year. The rest of us are not investing in KID's world of fantasy. We are very lucky to have the stable value fund in our 401k. Haven't lost any money yet but keep in mind it is not insured by the FDIC. Insurance companies have and could go under. That is why we are getting 3.4% well above the normal rate. Let us hope it will stay there but even if it goes lower it is better than losing money.

  • want2bik by want2bik Feb 5, 2016 11:28 AM Flag

    Finished watching the movie last night. The important thing we should get from the movie is the SEC had an opportunity to stop this fraud years before it ended. They ignored information given to them and allowed it to go on. These are the people who are suppose to keep us safe from fraud. They sit in their office watching porno films and collect their paycheck. As far as I know non of the bankers responsible for the melt down never went to jail. Jon Corzine and ex senator took MF Global down but haven't heard of him going to jail. During the last melt down I was scared indeed. I realized the importance of diversification. I removed one third of my assets from my 401k and put them in Roth IRA and on line banking. Keep your money in different places. That makes it harder to steal. There are criminals out there that will steal your money and our agencies which are suppose to protect us are useless. When I hear of the banks in Europe in trouble it brings back memories of the past. Do you really think if their banks go broke it will not effect us? Don't listen to KID stay in cash. There will come a time to invest but now is not the time.

  • want2bik by want2bik Feb 4, 2016 12:12 PM Flag

    I watch the testimony today on Bloomberg. Can't understand why are Congress is against capitalism. Shouldn't people who own the drugs be able to charge what they want. If I owned a drug and you had a disease shouldn't I have the right to find out how much money you have and then charge you that amount. I am sure KID would agree with me since he is a good capitalist. The blame does not all go to Shkreli but to the system we have. That is why 1% of the population have most of the money. We have to get someone in there that is not part of the system. The same old politicians will not change anything. Scared to death that Hilary is going to win.

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    Interest rates

    by want2bik Feb 1, 2016 11:05 AM
    want2bik want2bik Feb 3, 2016 11:36 AM Flag

    It appears the banks in Europe are having a hard time making money with negative rates. Some of these banks could go under like in the financial crisis we had here. Do you think this is going to be contained to Europe are do our banks have exposure? Citibank is trading below the financial crises price. What is going to happen when the oil companies can't pay their loans? We are looking at a big bubble which has been created by the central banks. When the bubble bust there will much pain for those in stocks. It is always the financial sector that takes us down. Only KID will make money in his world of fantasy. In the real world it is best to stay in cash or the fix income fund. This is a long way from being over. UTX is for sure the wrong stock to hold. Check out the 401k funds. UTX is pulling up the bottom.

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    Good 'Fortune'

    by oldnewyork Feb 1, 2016 12:04 PM
    want2bik want2bik Feb 1, 2016 2:20 PM Flag

    You must live in fantasy land with KID. UTX will not see a PE of 18 in you life time. All the smart folk are in cash or the stable value fund.

  • want2bik by want2bik Feb 1, 2016 11:05 AM Flag

    Sad day for us that like to hang out in the stable value fund for safety. Japan went negative on it's rates and Europe is talking about going more negative. I have no idea how low into the negative they can take interest rates. With the currency wars going on can't see the Fed lifting rates. I am praying they don't decide to go negative. Not expecting any increases in our stable value fund and praying it doesn't go lower. They are trying to force people into risky assets. Only KID knows when to get in and when to get out. Only KID can make money in this crazy world. Best for the rest of us not to put our money at risk. Stay in the stable value fund and be happy you are not losing money.

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    Breaking UTX posts LOSS !!!!!

    by kored35 Jan 27, 2016 7:28 AM
    want2bik want2bik Jan 27, 2016 10:31 AM Flag

    They are not fooling anyone. When you look at the 401k plan UTX is pulling up the bottom. Do not know who is buying today but suspect it is management trying to give a boost to their shares. Why any retail investor would invest in a company which has declining revenues is a mystery. If you believe management you have to see a weaker dollar and a stronger China to invest in their stock. I do not see it. It is so sad that some listened to the people pumping up this stock when it was $120. This downturn is not over and the only thing holding it up is some hope we will get more QE from the various countries. We just had a dead cat bounce on Draghi's promise of more QE but not sure he can deliver what the market wants in March. Then we have the good old FED. They have succeed in ruining our interest rate market. They increased the rates and our stable value fund goes down. We are in the crazy world where KID lives. Only KID makes money in his world of fantasy.

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    How Low do we go?

    by craigcmc22 Jan 19, 2016 11:14 AM
    want2bik want2bik Jan 20, 2016 9:51 AM Flag

    There is no support for anything. As long as oil continues lower the whole market will continue lower including UTX. PE's mean nothing in this market. Only KID can make money. The rest of us should stay in the stable value fund or cash. If you want to put money in the market make sure oil has found a bottom and China stops going down. If management told the truth and the strong dollar and weak China hurt their earning they could be a problem next week. Even companies that make their numbers go down. Not sure if beating by a penny will be enough to pump UTX up.

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    4rth Quarter 2015

    by sean4828 Jan 14, 2016 6:47 PM
    want2bik want2bik Jan 15, 2016 12:02 PM Flag

    Management usually adjust the numbers so they beat by a penny but that means nothing. A better question is what is the Chinese market going to do. KID tell us the Chinese market means nothing for UTX stock but it is a lie. Management told you that the Chinese slow down and strong dollar means weaker earnings for the stock. Nothing has changed. UTX is a sell and has been a sell since it broke $120. Remember $120 when KID was dancing around drinking bear and tell us what a great company UTX was. People were coming to board and asking when was the stock going to split. Well before this is over we will most likely see the $60 price of the split. Of coarse KID will make money because he always does. In KID's world you always make money. In the real world it is best to move to the stable value fund or cash.

  • want2bik by want2bik Jan 14, 2016 10:00 AM Flag

    FED seems to have lost control of the interest rates. When they raise the rate and the T bills go down that means the market doesn't care what they do. I was hoping for an increase in the stable value fund but we got a decrease. We are living in crazy world where nothing makes sense anymore. Think the market is getting ready to pay for the monetary policy the world has employed. For sure the stable value fund or cash is the only place to be now unless you are KID. It is so sad that some have listen to KID when he was pumping up UTX. UTX told you their earnings are tied to the strong dollar and China. If you believe them you sell the stock. Only KID makes money on the UTX and the market.

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    Wow.what a hammering

    by myyddogal Jan 6, 2016 3:54 PM
    want2bik want2bik Jan 11, 2016 10:20 AM Flag

    If you listened to management you sold the stock. Management told you that the strong dollar and weak China was not a good thing for earnings. If you listen to KID telling you China means little for earnings and UTX is a good investment you made a mistake. Move to the stable value fund because this is not over. Looks like we are seeing the effects of what the FED has done. Market like free money but moving up interest is not a good thing for the market.

  • want2bik by want2bik Jan 4, 2016 9:47 AM Flag

    Santa didn't come to the market last year. Nothing has changed. Dollar is still strong and China is still weak. If you believe management sell UTX stock. If you listen to KID you will lose money this year just as you did last year. KID is a cartoon character and not for real. KID is only one to claim to have made money last year trading UTX. He is not telling you when to get in and when to get out. Most of the funds in our 401k were down for the year and UTX and the emerging market fund was at the bottom. The fix income fund was the winner for the year. Management is supporting the stock with the buy back. What is going to happen once they have finished with the buy back? What does the FED have left to do once we start the recession? The bull market is over and stocks are not the place to be. We are going lower and only KID and those in the fix income fund will make money.

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    New fix income rate made my jaw drop

    by want2bik Dec 22, 2015 9:08 PM
    want2bik want2bik Dec 23, 2015 3:29 PM Flag

    I sure hope you are right. Guess we will find out in March when they change the rate again. Do not see any reason they should have lowered the rate for the fix income fund. I would have felt more comfortable if they had left the rate the same rather than dropping it to 3.4%. The thing that scares me is we have never seen this before with the zero interest rate for seven years and not sure what raising them will do to the markets. In Europe you pay the government when you buy treasuries. Can't make any sense as to what is going on. We seem to be in crazy world where KID lives.

  • The new rate for the first three months next year will be 3.4%. The Fed raises interest rates and we get a decrease from 3.55%. Looks like we are in KID's world where nothing makes sense.

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    Income Fund 1st Q rate

    by uacflyer Dec 14, 2015 10:10 AM
    want2bik want2bik Dec 16, 2015 4:02 PM Flag

    Good news. The FED has finally started to raise interest rates. Hoping we can get a quarter point on our fix income fund but not sure. These interest markets are so messed up it is impossible to figure out what is going to happen.. Fed talks like it might be a couple years before we get a normal interest rate again but that is based on the fact we do not have a recession. Recession exist all over the world and thinking it will not come here is wishful thinking. The dollar will continue to get stronger and commodities will go lower. Owning UTX stock is a loser. Only KID is making money because KID knows when to buy and when to sell. In KID's world you never lose but that is not the real world. The rest of us will lose money if we invest in UTX. Stay in fix income and you will be happy.

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    Income Fund 1st Q rate

    by uacflyer Dec 14, 2015 10:10 AM
    want2bik want2bik Dec 14, 2015 11:32 AM Flag

    We usually get the rate in the last week of the month. Hoping if the FED raises rates we will get a raise in our fix income fund but still have my doubts about the FED raising rates. When I look at all the investment options in our plan the fix income leads them all. 3.55% is not that great considering what we have gotten in the past but 3.55% is better than losing money.

  • want2bik want2bik Dec 4, 2015 11:22 AM Flag

    That is the problem with Yellen. She is all talk but does nothing. It is always the next time. The street is looking for a raise but have my doubts. She always has a reason to hold the rate at zero. Think she likes financing the deficit with zero interest. Us old folk would like to be paid something on our money. If she does raise rates that means a stronger dollar which is bad for UTX.

  • want2bik want2bik Dec 3, 2015 1:13 PM Flag

    Not exactly correct. They are extending the current QE but the market was wanting more QE. Markets go up when you give it extra money. Not sure it does anything for economic growth but it sure props up markets. I am not looking for the FED to increase interest rates since they have been promising us forever that they will raise interest rates. If they do think our market will tank just as we are seeing today. The only thing holding our market up is the free money. Think the FED will keep our markets prop up until they can't. Once we go into recession we will see how the negative interest rates works. Pay the government for holding your money. Never thought I would see such stupidity. The criminals have taken over.

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