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    November 2014, continued:
    #26. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; X-ray Flashes, München, Germany, 24.11.2014
    #27. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Graphene / Landau-Level Lasers, Dresden, Germany, 24.11.2014
    #28. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Nickel-Iron Alloy / Magnetic Microvortices, Hamburg, Germany, 25.11.2014
    #29. Quantum Field Theory; Gauge Fields and Strings, Hamburg, Germany, 26.11.2014
    #30. Electricity Generation from Salinity Gradients, Afsluitdijk, die Niederlande, 26.11.2014
    #31. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Copper & Aluminum / Fermi surfaces, Jülich, Germany, 26.11.2014
    #32. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Atomic Force Microscopes, Jülich, Germany, 26.11.2014

  • The President of the Deutsche Bundesbank has made his statements and they indicate his qualified approval, subject to and constrained by the Law. offset the deflation that shows signs of picking up strength in Germany and other places in Europe. The accelerating pace of technological growth from Germany forcing (i) the computerization and automation of manufacturing, (ii) the development of Green energy technology through the union of supercomputers & quantum mechanics, and also (iii) a revolution in medical technology through Materials Science/Nano-engineering, is creating powerful deflationary forces that will take money printing to offset. The money that is printed will be collected as profit by the governments across Europe, with the Deutsche Bundesbank taking Germany's share, which will end up in the Treasury.

    (i) -- refers to Industry 4.0, a program of the German government, coordinated with the help of the Fraunhofer Society, to strengthen industrial engineering, manufacturing, and value-added in Germany, through the digitalization of plant engineering, the development and deployment of robots, and the deployment of real-time, spontaneously networkable software to manage factories with far fewer workers and technicians. Energy consumption and costs will be forced downward as productivity improves.

    (ii) -- refers to Germany's Energiewende strategy of providing 0 marginal cost power from renewable energy sources. The fixed costs for those sources are covered by taxes on households and businesses that use trivial amounts of energy in their production process. The program is supported Germany's vast array of government and private sector R&D facilities. Fuel cell electric and electric vehicles are being developed, with fuel cell tech being forced by government.

    (iii) -- builds on advantages in Materials Science and nano-technology to re-take the decisive lead in medical and health technology, an area Germany utterly dominated before World War

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    The Russians are seeing the SS everywhere these days, especially in Ukraine. They see the SS runes on the helmets of Ukrainian soldiers and paramilitary fighters, ranting about these things in their propaganda. In what passes for diplomatic speech, the Russian President has taken to reciting the story of the supposed coup in Kiev, one he is convinced was led by SS commandos, and commandos with American accents. He ranted about the coup just recently to Germany's Foreign Minister. Pictures of Ukrainian maidens decorated and displayed with SS and other fascist flags and symbols do indications that the Ukrainians are just as determined to oppose the Russians as they were. Many Ukrainians fought in the Waffen SS, and did not consider the Soviet troops, allied with Americans at the time, liberators. If anything the Ukrainians have become more resolute. It is not surprising the Russians feel cornered. It does not help their image in Germany ranting about the symbols in official communications and propaganda.

  • weald_of_bayern weald_of_bayern Nov 25, 2014 2:27 PM Flag

    Germany’s system follows the Prussian Minister of Education Wilhelm von Humboldt's vision of education, and also the vision of the Princes of Germany, including the House of Hohenzollern. Royals and nobles built Universities, military academies, and Societies of Science & Technology, institutions funded with taxes on poor people and for the purpose of strengthening industry, agriculture, military engineering, civil engineering, and to provide the nobility with better mechanical & cultural amusements in their palaces. Guilds were protected with the iron fist of the law, if need be, to create a professional class of Master metal workers, craftsmen, and other technical people, professionals who taxed the laborers and peasants with highly priced goods and services, and provided taxes to the Royalty and Nobility out of their higher profits. The modern system just uses the tools of the State to replace Guilds & Masters with Doctorate degrees. The poor, or stupid, or both, pay heavy taxes to make wealthier people wealthier, and to create more technology to strengthen the State. The House of Hohenzollern continues to guide culture through the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz. The Max Planck Society is preserving The Springer Book Archives for German Universities and libraries in digital format for all time, works that include hundreds of thousands of German and English titles from the 1840s onward. The views expressed in the cultural works would absolutely appall the Left in America, but then there is a reason why projects such as that one get funded by the Right in Germany. Right-wing big government is quite a bit different than left-wing big government. You might not like it if you tried it.

  • ...indeed the very idea of negotiations is not helpful. The negotiations prevent the war the Likudist elements should like to launch as soon as possible. If they did manage to launch the war it would greatly increase oil prices to the benefit of Big Oil, and also Islamic extremists across the Middle East. Unhappily for them Obama has been placed in maze of diplomacy with no exit.

  • weald_of_bayern weald_of_bayern Nov 23, 2014 12:42 PM Flag

    Frederick the Great confronted a similar situation during the Seven Years' War and advised de l'audace, encore de l'audace, et toujours de l'audace. Russia found itself in a prolonged conflict with Germany & Great Britain. Frederick preferred the bold, calculated move, executed with lightening speed. The final destruction of Russian sovereignty came by inserting a German Duchess (Catherine the Great) into the Russian line of succession. Her German-Polish son had not a drop of Russian blood in his veins according to Catherine, and she should certainly know best about such things. The Russians made a great deal of progress under the German Tsars, including Catherine. Now they are back to their wickedness. What should be done to punish Putin more? If too economic missiles are launched at him too fast he could misbehave more. The slow steady torture on the rack, for Russia, is ideal to punish his wickedness -- maybe some Russian will toss him out eventually.

  • Output/Income:
    German real GDP (inflation adjusted economic output moving through markets within Germany) increased 0,1% in the third quarter of 2014 and 1,2% from a year ago. GDP does not account for differences between values received and values for goods & services delivered at either no price or at regulated prices, nor does it count economic output flowing from capital invested abroad from trade surpluses, nor does it count investments in financial capital. For a country such as Germany with regulated prices for health, education, and transportation services, and large scale government ownership of the means of production of those services, and the provision of still more services by means of Foundations that are designed to hide and shield output/income from taxation, the understatement of German output & income by “GDP” is very significant. The $4 trillion in accumulated German trade surpluses, worth several times that in today’s values, produce goods, R&D services, and financial capital that is of no benefit, or indeed detrimental to the welfare of foreigners, of exclusive benefit to Germans, but which is not counted in German GDP, and not subtracted from foreign GDP.

    German employment increased 384.000 workers from a year ago, the unemployment rate declined to 4,9% and the labor force participation rate increased. Immigration from Eastern Europe allowed employment figures to increase.

    Culture & Solidarity:
    The current genetic composition of Germany currently stands at 98,0% European, 1,6% Asian, 0,4% African. Ethnic homogeneity contributes to community solidarity and allows for effective management of the society. Waste on crime and political strife is avoided.

    Finance Minster Wolfgang Schäuble has said recently that he expects balanced budgets for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Increases in spending on science, technology, railroads, and the military are planned to absorb budget surpluses.


    Meanwhile Russia implodes.

  • weald_of_bayern weald_of_bayern Nov 23, 2014 12:53 AM Flag

    Developments: August 2014 - September 2014
    #1. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Gold Nanoclusters, Berlin, Germany, 04.08.2014
    #2. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; High Temperature Superconductors, Hamburg, Germany, 05.08.2014
    #3. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Magnetic Structures / Iron, Stuttgart, Germany, 05.08.2014
    #4. Carbon Nanotube Synthesis, Stuttgart, Germany, 13.08.2014
    #5. Fuel Cells; Materials Science, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, 14.08.2014
    #6. Quantum Field Theory; Magnetic Fields; Göttingen, Germany, 20.08.2014
    #7. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Photosynthesis, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, 20.08.2014
    #8. Quantum Field Theory; Astronomy, Bonn, Germany, 20.08.2014
    #9. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Helium/Quantum Vortices, Hamburg, Germany, 22.08.2014
    #10. Quantum Communication & Encryption, Erlangen, Germany, 26.08.2014
    #11. Quantum Field Theory; Astronomy, München, Germany, 27.08.2014
    #12. High-Quality Steel Filters, Dresden, Germany, 28.08.2014
    #13. Solar Cells; Atomic Modeling of Oxide Layers, Freiburg, Germany, 01.09.2014
    #14. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Water, Hamburg, Germany, 05.09.2014
    #15. Flexible Polymer Tandem Solar Cells, Hamburg, Germany, 09.09.2014
    #16. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Microstructures, Jülich, Germany, 21.09.2014
    #17. Nanomachines & DNA; Nanophotonics, Erlangen, Germany, 22.09.2014
    #18. Jet Engine Design; Imaging Laser Measurement, Göttingen, Germany, 23.09.2014
    #19. Biological Hydrogen Production, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, 25.09.2014
    #20. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Light Elements, Berlin, Germany, 26.09.2014
    #21. Electrical Steel Manufacturing; Fiber Lasers, Dresden, Germany, 30.09.2014
    #22. Steel Manufacturing; Optical Emission Spectrometers, Duisburg, Germany, 30.09.2014
    #23. Thermodynamic Modeling; Engines, Karlsruhe, Germany, 30.09.2014
    #24. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Diamond Lenses, 30.09.2014

  • ...with Chancellor Merkel saying Putin is behaving lawlessly, that he is directly involved in and supporting the destabilization of Ukraine. Foreign Minister Steinmeier has noted recently that there is no reason to hope Russia intends any course but further escalation of the situation in Ukraine.

    The pace at which the German right-wing shapes public opinion and shifts foreign policy is glacial. Chancellor Merkel is a scientist and likes to make decisions based on facts and analysis of them, not the feelings and the moods of the foreign news media and foreign petitioners. Public opinion does not inform changes in German policy, German policy informs changes in public opinion. Manufacturing public opinion is straightforward and Germany is well practiced in the Art.

    It took Otto von Bismarck's Germany years to prepare the way for its policies. In the meantime the world's most technologically powerful country works wizardry in the energy area that would make prior generations envious. Putin's propaganda outlets do seem to be making the most of the USA's decent into ethnic conflict, and political "civil war" with faction fighting faction in Washington. He obviously gets solace from that piece of irrelevancy, and clown theater.

  • Germany has been the world's leader in Science & Engineering for centuries; State energy policy is increasing the lead.

    Recent Developments:
    #1. Solar Cells; Materials Science, Mainz, Germany, 01.10.2014
    #2. Micromagnetic Inspection, Saarbrücken, Germany 06.10.2014
    #3. Solar Cells; Thin Film Coatings, Braunschweig, Germany, 07.10.2014
    #4. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Complex Liquids and Materials, Berlin, Germany, 14.10.2014
    #5. Quantum Field Theory; Pulsed Magnetic Fields, Dresden, Germany, 16.10.2014
    #6. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Photosynthesis, Leipzig, Germany, 20.10.2014
    #7. Magnetic Vortex Structures; Materials Science, Jülich, Germany, 21.10.2014
    #8. Superconductors; High Field Magnets, Berlin, Germany, 22.10.2014
    #9. High-Speed Industrial Magnetic Line Cameras, Erlangen, Germany, 27.10.2014
    #10. Piezoelectric Materials Manufacturing, Dresden, Germany, 27.10.2014
    #11. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Nanoscale Construction, Jülich, Germany, 31.10.2014
    #12. Gas and Steam Turbines and Waste Incinerators; Heat Shields, Pfinztal, Germany, 03.11.2014
    #13. Variable Elasticity Gradient Adhesives, Darmstadt, Germany, 03.11.2014
    #14. Energy Storage; Load Balancing, München, Germany, 03.11.2014
    #15. Self Maintaining Machines; Self-Diagnostics, Chemnitz, Germany, 03.11.2014
    #16. Gas Production; Laser Monitoring, Freiburg, Germany, 03.11.2014
    #17. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Photosynthesis, Hamburg, Germany, 04.11.2014
    #18. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; C60 Growth Processes, Hamburg, Germany, 05.11.2014
    #19. Quantum Field Theory; Astronomy, München, Germany, 07.11.2014
    #20. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Metals, Jülich, Germany, 11.11.2014
    #21. Space Exploration; Landing on a Comet, Darmstadt, Germany, 12.11.2014
    #22. Nano-transistors, Stuttgart, Germany, 14.11.2014
    #23. Topological Insulators; Materials Science, Berlin, Germany, 14.11.2014
    #24. Molecular Dynamic Modeling; Photosynthesis, Hamburg, Germany, 18.11.2014
    #25. Ecological Land Management, Jena, Germany, 21.11.2014

  • China's and Japan's legal framework is directly traceable to Germany.

    The Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch was copied by Imperial Japan, and was used as a template by China in 1985 when writing the General Principles of the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China.

    Japan has been ruled by the right-wing 90% of the time since World War 2 and Germany 80% of the time. Before the Second World War, the right's grip was all-powerful in both Germany and Japan.

    China calls itself "Communist" today but that the word is anachronistic in the Chinese context, having no more to do with left-wing Bolshevism than Socialism did with left-wing Bolshevism in the context of 1930s-1940s Germany. Bolshevism is about about empowering the workers, either through the use of democratic tools, legal principles of equality, or through dictatorial methods such as those pursued by the Soviet Union. The use of government to strengthen industry, the nation's technology, and concentrate power in hands of what Hegel called the Universal Class, i.e corporate and professional managers and members of high society such as nobles, runs direct contrary to Bolshevism and left-wing ideology and goals. Karl Marx himself understood the difference and considered he Universal Class and its Kameralwissenschaft extraordinarily dangerous to his ideology. China has been Germany's pupil starting with the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II, a tutelage that continued through the Third Reich, and which was only briefly interrupted by World War 2. During the Cold War it was German policy to build up China to open up a second front for the USSR. Indeed, the Soviets were so alarmed by the rise of Chinese power they contemplated nuclear war, an idea that was quickly abandoned by them when Nixon warned them not to.

    If the right-wing manages to win the next election in the US and impeach Obama they will have a great deal of catching up to do. Right-wing principles are dominating universally, and the US is being left behind

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