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wealthmaster14 9 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 19, 2014 11:46 PM Member since: Dec 27, 2013
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  • Don't you just love Matt's contributions on SA? They also end with a question; Will this? Or Will that? Sounds like a movie serial or something. He also likes to post on various articles particularly anytime someone writes a accurate and positive article about HLF which is a complete contrast to what Matt writes

    Here are my comments to Matt which was posted on SA and deleted. Obviously I hit a sore spot with Matt. Read it and form your own conclusion as to why he would have SA delete this rather than respond to it and offer an explanation. I think it is very obvious. Here are my comments.

    Well welcome Matt. Hey, how is that rumor you created five months ago regarding the Michigan AG coming after Herbalife coming? Still waiting for t hem to jump on board. Only five months now. Will that happen this year? Next year? Ever? Where did you get this from anyway, did you just make it up?

    What say you? Do you think Matt just made this story about the Michigan AG up? (I do) And I sure everything else he writes is equally in accurate. If I am wrong Matt, all you need to do is show me why. So far you have evaded me and about 30 other people who have asked you the same question. Why is it so hard for you to come up with an answer? Is it because you did make it up and have no other answer and too embarrassed to admit it?

  • wealthmaster14 wealthmaster14 Aug 17, 2014 7:02 PM Flag

    Ackman hasn't been right yet and never will be.

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  • wealthmaster14 wealthmaster14 Aug 17, 2014 7:01 PM Flag

    I am sure the Ackmanphiles were big fans of the 70s tv show "Fantasy Island" and probably watch and believe Pro Wrestling is real. Definitely living in a fantasy world. And always lose money, if they in fact are in with a position other than a demo account.

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  • Getting ready for the open on the Monday. All HLF longs can rejoice. Why? Because everytime these guys write even one of their fantasy stories, HLF pops. They wrote two. So expect a $1 popup tomorrow.

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  • wealthmaster14 wealthmaster14 Jul 24, 2014 4:10 AM Flag

    A U.S. lawmaker will pressure the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday to consider a raft of reforms, after William Ackman's aggressive efforts to take over Allergan Inc raised concerns about loose rules governing disclosure and shareholder voting.

    It looks like Bill Ackman's problems are far from over. And the HLF CFO suggested that HLF may sue Ackman. And who knows perhaps others as well like dead bird on SA with his/her relentless attacks and misleading information.

    All in all a very bad week for Bill Ackman and his followers. But like the cultists who followed Jim Jones and Charles Manson, they will follow and support him no matter what he does and how hard he falls and how many times he is exposed as being a fraud.

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  • After the beating that Bill Ackman took on Tuesday, I thought for sure that everyone would learn. So many of us predicted exactly what did happen on Tuesday, only on Monday. The Ackman cultists were high on Monday and oh sooooooooo excited. The smelled blood. Ackman predicted a death blow and indeed he was right. There was a deathblow, a real knockout punch, however, it wasn't to Herbalife, it was to Ackman.

    The market and the media turned their shoulder to Ackman, pouncing on him by their incredible support for HLF. Result as we all now know, HLF was up an amzing 26% - the highest 1 day gain ever replacing losses not only from Monday but from the prior week of relentless attacks by Ackman and his brigade.

    The Ackman fanatics were mostly silent on Tuesday, some were present on Twitter but once they realized the impossibility of their situation, they left. Late on Tuesday and several times on Wednesday, they were back with same ole, same ole. Amazingly they were calling the win for Ackman. One of his trolls even said Ackman hit a home run. WTH? Did they see the same webcast we all did? Are they following the same stock? or are they on some powerful substances??

    Another person alluded to some nonsense that HLF stock started to rise even b4 Ackman spoke. They forgot to mention that HLF CFO appeared on CNBC pre-empting Ackman's circus and made a powerful but brief presentation. Also, when Ackman walked out, he did not look or sound like a man about to make the most important presentation of his life. He looked and sounded like a 1st grader making his first audience appearance and reciting the ABC's and scared to death.

    Then Robert Chapman weighed in raised the bar n HLFs target prices and called Ackman, "The reincarnation of P.T. Barnum"

    It is pretty apparent that is over for Ackman. And breaking news is that A U.S. lawmaker will pressure the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday to consider a raft of reforms, after Ackman.....

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  • (Reuters) - A U.S. lawmaker will pressure the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday to consider a raft of reforms, after William Ackman's aggressive efforts to take over Allergan Inc raised concerns about loose rules governing disclosure and shareholder voting.

    Republican Representative Edward Royce of California plans to grill SEC Corporation Finance Director Keith Higgins at a House Financial Services hearing.

    Among his top concerns is a rule that lets investors such as Ackman delay publicly reporting when they have amassed a large stake in a company for days.

    "I am especially interested in the SEC’s process when looking at novel or creative deals like the announced joint-bid by Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Pershing Square for Allergan,” Royce said in a statement.

    “Mr. Higgins’ appearance before the committee is an opportunity to make sure that the Commission is making robust reviews of these sorts of deals to ensure strong investor protections and market transparency.”

    Saat Alety, Royce's spokesman, said that Royce is prepared to take legislative action if the SEC fails to fix the problem on its own.


    In recent months, Royce has been writing letters to the SEC to express concerns about some unusual maneuvers that Ackman's company Pershing Square Capital Management has used in its joint effort with Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc to win a $53 billion hostile takeover of Allergan, which is headquartered near Royce's California district.

    In one May letter, Royce said he was concerned about early efforts by Ackman to call a non-binding shareholder vote outside of Allergan's typical election procedures as a way to pressure Allergan to negotiate a deal.

    Royce said he feared this "shadow" election would make it tough for shareholders to "truly understand what is going on."

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  • wealthmaster14 wealthmaster14 Jun 30, 2014 9:01 AM Flag

    Could be true. Either that or he just enjoys losing money.

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  • What to expect?

    Expect an even barrage of negative and senseless posts here on yahoo senselessly bashing Herbalife and expect a flurry of equally ridiculous negative articles on SA attacking HLF by the "bobsey twins" and company.

    What to do?

    If you want to make money trading HLF, stay long and add to your position with calls and more shares and totally ignore the senseless negativity. They did this in 2012 all though 2013 and really attacked HLF in April as well as mot of this year. What has been the result? Hlf continued to rally setting new highs.

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