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  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 9, 2014 1:16 AM Flag

    Take your "world confederation" John Lennon "imagine there's no countries" B as in B, S as in S and shove it. You have shown yourself to be an America-hating leftist, redundant as that description is. If you have no problem with the things BHO is doing to ruin America, it's because you hate America just as he does, and you wish to see it disappear into a world confederation.

    There's nothing inevitable nor logical about your prediction. Even if it is achieved, there's no reason to believe it would be sustained. The Roman Empire collapsed. The British Empire became impotent.

    What exactly would the unifying values system be in your fantasyland world confederation? What would be the government? How would vastly different and mutually exclusive cultures be unified into a single overarching outlook?

    America... Imagine the World without Her. Ring a bell? Look up Dinesh D'Souza in case your liberal bubble hasn't expanded very far into current events.

    The world would be hellish without America. And BHO and the Democrat Party are paving that road with treason, criminal unconstitutional acts, illegal immigration, bloated government, wealth confiscation, taking liberty away from individuals, redefinition of any disordered relationship into normalcy. They are doing away with and undermining and opposing anything that is true, good, moral and wise.

    It's obvious that the conservatives on this board are getting under the leftists' skin. Many, many new names are cropping up in the responses.

    Afraid? You should be. You should be. The rebellion against the government that took place in the BLM revolt in Nevada and the illegal immigration protest in Murrieta are the first bubbles in the American melting pot to reach the surface, showing that the Left has pushed and pushed and shoved and shoved so much that the water is beginning to boil as real Americans, Americans who love America and American values, push back hard against an tyrannical government.

  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 9, 2014 1:03 AM Flag

    You're right. But when there's nothing to talk about concerning CLDX, that's when politics dominates on this board. There's nothing to talk about with CLDX right now.

  • Face it, you loser leftists, BHO is poison to America. His own party is rejecting him when it matters to them personally.

    BHO will go down in history as an unqualified dilettante who was elected only because he was black. And the ruinous consequences for the republic and for the world will go down in history as a lesson to all future civilizations who would choose an inept man to lead.

    BHO's failures are twofold: he is a failure as a man and as a leader. His ego and narcissism lead to the personal failure, his foolish leftist ideology lead to his failure as a governing official.

  • This is the time to deliver: Marucci needs to announce within one week that ACT-IV has accrued all patients. The panoply of Varli trials needs to begin accruing patients. For the past eight months there has been much that has been promised or intimated, and very little that has been delivered. It is inexcusable for the share price to be ten dollars and 45% below the secondary offering price seven months later, with so much valuable potential and promise, with so much that management has created high expectations for.

  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 8, 2014 6:53 PM Flag

    If I post frequently about the president, it's because nearly every day either he or someone in his administration violate their oath of office, jeopardize the freedom and prosperity of American citizens, or commit criminal acts with impunity.

    Many of the government dollars allocated toward education are wasted.

    Race is irrelevant, but culture is significant. Do you not agree that the illegal aliens whom the president has encouraged to migrate and who will not be deported are going to substantially alter American society and culture? The president is violating the spirit of some immigration laws and the letter of other laws, and he is violating his oath of office in order to weaken America and make some red states blue.

    If you're not happy about my posts, you are free to ignore them. I couldn't care less what you think or do. You're a nobody. But when someone with power who thinks like you do, such as the president, or when many who think like you act collectively in a way that threatens my liberty, prosperity, property or other natural rights I'm going to say something about it and do what I can to oppose your misguided and evil efforts.

    By the time those liberals who have some sense realize that liberalism is deeply flawed, it will be too late for America. Humpty Dumpty won't be able to be put back together again.

  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 8, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    Your analogy fails. I'm not the president. I'm not disassembling the United States of America. I'm not shredding the Constitution. I'm not the subject of frequent exchanges on this message board as the president is.

    You got one thing right, though, you look like a moron for posting such a stupid analogy. You must be a moron to believe you made a cogent point.

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    by whippersnapper65 Jun 24, 2014 1:22 PM
    whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 8, 2014 10:26 AM Flag

    it continues

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  • Marucci has repeatedly stated that ACT-IV would accrue fully by mid-year. We're at mid-year.

    Time to deliver something for shareholders that will make a higher share price stick, Marucci.

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    CLDX will be OK

    by grey3840 Jul 7, 2014 11:39 AM
    whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 7, 2014 9:39 PM Flag

    I believe that too, but it would be reassuring to have the market value CLDX at least at the $24.50 secondary price offering from December. It would be even more reassuring for the market to value CLDX at least at $30 right now. It can be aggravating to watch games being played with CLDX every week.

  • Crisis after crisis under BHO's tenure, no solutions, no plans, just lies and dithering. America becomes worse off by the month.

    If you voted for Obama you are a moron. If you still support him even with all the mounting evidence of his ineptitude, you are doubly a moron.

    You are seeing the plain truth that liberalism is idiocy. It will be national suicide if Democrats are not stopped.

  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 7, 2014 11:30 AM Flag

    You type that whenever you've been bested by a conservative. No doubt the cognitive dissonance of truth that conflicts with your liberal worldview is too much to bear, so you retreat to your comfortable, insulated leftist bubble fantasyland where you can maintain your self-righteous and self-assured superiority without having to be bothered by such things as truth or facts or reasoned arguments based on logical inferences from evidence. You'd think you'd be interested in such things if indeed you are a lawyer, but perhaps lawyers are indeed sophists who pose as truth seekers.

  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 7, 2014 1:30 AM Flag

    Your sarcasm is obvious. However, FOX News is indeed the only reliable news outlet for the truth among the major networks. Not surprising that FOX just recently cleared 50 quarters as the #1 cable news channel. It leaves the other channels to eat its dust because America hungers for truth in news and realizes that it can only get it from FOX News. Most of the other news networks and newspapers are worse than Pravda ever was.

  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 6, 2014 11:26 PM Flag

    So, in other words, your stance is that Obama gets a pass on everything because he's black. Liberals are such bigots with their low expectations for people of color.

  • Maybe we’ve been conned. There’s a growing recognition that Barack Obama is an incompetent poser, working out of his depth, and his administration is the gang that can’t shoot straight. There’s a lot of evidence to support that belief.

    Everything he touches becomes a bloody mess, like crushed bones and bits of flesh caught in the tracks of a tank slicing through a rank of soldiers (or civilians). Iraq, Syria, Egypt — all gone, as prospects for countries with a prosperous and democratic future. The “reset” with Russia, meant to ensure that America and the replacement republic of the old Soviet Union can be friends, is a reset, sure enough. The new Russia looks more like a reset to the Cold War, more adversary than friend, transformed by a feckless American president and an ambitious Russian leader eager to take advantage of weak and incompetent American leadership.

    The “humanitarian crisis” on the southern border is the most persuasive evidence of all that America is adrift in a sea of incompetence, blown about by every ill wind that blows. The mighty ship of state is bereft of a rudder, traveling in endless circles with the captain stumbling on the bridge, trying to make sense of navigation charts he can’t read.

    However, this may be ascribing to incompetence what is better explained by conspiracy. Mr. Obama promised in 2008 that he intended to transform America, and he is well on his way. Anyone who looked closely at the man and the influences that shaped who he would become risked being called a racist, a nativist, a bigot and a #$%$ yahoo. He was the messiah everyone was waiting for.

    The ruins of American foreign policy are not likely to catch the attention of a culture drunk on the entertainment of the trivial, the trifling and the unimportant. But everybody begins to notice when the chaos comes close, when those responsible for monitoring the border begin to tremble and sag under the weight of a tsunami...

    More at the Washington Times.

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    cup and handle ?

    by myownhedgefund Jul 2, 2014 10:21 PM
    whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 2, 2014 10:47 PM Flag

    I think you might be onto something there. I see the pattern too: formed since April. Once the hurdle of resistance at $18 is cleared, it looks like it ought to rocket back up to the upper $20s.

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    by whippersnapper65 Jun 24, 2014 1:22 PM
    whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 2, 2014 2:12 PM Flag


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  • When the position was first posted several weeks ago it was for only one hire; now two hires are being sought. I suspect this has to do with 1127 (Varli) trials being expanded rapidly.

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  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jul 1, 2014 12:05 PM Flag

    You make an excellent case for repealing Obamacare, which is prima facie unconstitutional anyway.

    Let individuals have the freedom to purchase whatever health insurance policies they want, covering what they want, excluding what they want, at a competitive price in the private free market. Don't let employees rely on an employer for their health insurance choices any more than they rely on an employer for auto insurance or home insurance choices.

    Obamacare has caused so many problems because government overstepped its bounds, bringing government into conflict with the natural rights of citizens rather than securing their natural rights.

    We would not be having this problem if it weren't for that woefully misguided law Obamacare, which was enacted into law without anyone who voted for it having read it or understood it.

  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jun 30, 2014 11:14 PM Flag

    That's why people should exercise personal responsibility by purchasing adequate health insurance to cover themselves and their families. If you don't, then don't come crying to me for help to compensate for your lack of responsibility. The reason health care costs have gotten out of control is fourfold: the consumer has been taken out of the purchasing decision because employers have provided insurance coverage; the insured have been subsidizing the uninsured; illegal aliens using hospitals as their primary care facility for free; making it illegal for health insurers to provide policies across state lines. Eliminate those problems and health insurance will decline in price.

    Obamacare has made health care even more expensive than it was before, and it has increased government interference in the market and in the private lives of citizens.

    The VA scandal shows that socialized medicine doesn't work. Socialized medicine works only until you get really sick, after which you're put on a death list and denied coverage because you're too much of a bother and too expensive to treat. There is no profit motive in the VA, and the resulting bureaucracy is wasteful, inefficient, and results in death from denied treatment. You have a fantasyland impression of how health care operates in countries with socialized medicine.

  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Jun 30, 2014 11:04 PM Flag

    The Supreme Court erred in that decision. Obamacare is prima facie unconstitutional, and it requires tortuous reasoning to attempt to prop it up on constitutional grounds. It's obvious from the language and tenor of the minority opinion that Chief Justice Roberts originally had sided with them to form a majority opinion striking down Obamacare, but he switched his vote at the eleventh hour for reasons known only to him and those who intimidated him into changing his vote.

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