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  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 30, 2016 2:03 PM Flag

    Yes, I totally agree. Until then I'm waiting for moon orbit.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 30, 2016 1:43 PM Flag

    “they have all undergone at least one near-death experience.”

    Many companies experience one or more near-death experiences. The
    question for investors is, how does one determine which turnaround
    candidates will succeed? I have found two criteria that helps determine
    investment success.

    1. A new management team must replace the one that created the
    near-death experience. Lisa Su is laser focused and AMD is starting
    to hit it's marks (Zen taped out & both Polaris GPUs shown @ CES 2016).

    2. A company must have great product(s) (Zen & Polaris/HBM2) to
    achieve a turnaround.

    AMD has these criteria and will succeed. Besides these safety refinements,
    I agree with the article, especially the part about selling a turnaround
    candidate too early - been there, done that.

  • "The chip guru who built Apple’s Ax microprocessors joins Tesla
    to lead the Autopilot Hardware Engineering team"
    by Seth Weintraub

    Electrek has learned that Tesla this month quietly hired high-profile
    microprocessor engineer Jim Keller as Vice President of Autopilot
    Hardware Engineering. Tesla today confirmed the news and sent us
    the following statement:

    "Jim Keller is joining Tesla as Vice President of Autopilot Hardware
    Engineering. Jim will bring together the best internal and external
    hardware technologies to develop the safest, most advanced autopilot
    systems in the world."

    Keller left chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) late last year
    after leading the team developing the upcoming Zen processor
    architecture for the past three years.

    ...The role as Tesla describes it isn’t necessarily to focus on in-house
    microprocessors, although the company needs plenty of processing power
    for its ‘Autopilot’ program. But Keller’s hardware engineering
    experience, especially his low-power design expertise as mentioned by
    Papermaster, undoubtedly represent valuable transferable skills
    useful for many of Tesla’s programs...

    "Tesla’s center stack is currently powered by Nvidia ARM CPUs."

    "Interestingly, Keller was rumored to have joined Samsung late last year."
    Apple recently hired Nvidia's AI Director.

    Rumor: Project Titan: Apple Car Project on Hiring Freeze
    Apple Design Chief Jony Ive ‘expressed his displeasure’ at the slow
    progress of the team.

    [It's likely Tesla has kicked its car competition with Apple up a knotch by
    hiring Keller. Zen would be a much more powerful CPU/APU than any Nvidia
    ARM processor (Zen+HBM2+Greenland+FPGA). Keller designed Zen, knows
    it capabilities and where the Zen roadmap is headed. AMD could have a Tesla
    Zen design win in its future.]

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 23, 2016 6:27 AM Flag

    "That's 40% IPC. Real Benchmark Performance will more like 10%."

    You should provide factual data to back up this claim. This industry is waiting
    for the arrival of Zen, Jim Keller's lastest masterpiece. He's had a string of home
    runs and its highly improbable Zen is a minor improvement over real world
    performance. You do a disservice to Keller and your credibility to make such
    a statement without data.

  • wi11ie_mccoy by wi11ie_mccoy Jan 22, 2016 4:46 AM Flag

    Today we’re happy to announce that Fnatic League of Legends will be teaming up
    with AMD to take our performance to the next level in the EU LCS and beyond.

    At Fnatic, we’re always looking to collaborate with world-leading brands, and
    AMD is no exception. AMD has been a strong supporter of eSports and online
    gaming for years, and we believe their desire to put effective, robust and
    cost-effective components within the reach of all gamers will help make
    eSports more accessible.

    AMD will become the power behind Fnatic League of Legends as our official
    processor sponsor. Our guys need robust hardware that they can trust, so AMD
    will be kitting out our Berlin gaming house with 6 top of the line PCs with
    AMD APUs at their hearts. AMD’s powerful tech will give our players the extra
    edge they need to stream their solo queue and practice antics for you, so be
    sure to follow our players on Twitch to see when they go live!

    We’ll also be teaming up with AMD to bring you more news in the coming months,
    so stay tuned to our social media channels for more details.

    Welcome on-board AMD - after our strong start in the EU LCS Spring Split last
    week, we’re looking forward to more great League of Legends achievements
    together this year!

    Wouter Sleijffers, CEO, Fnatic:

    We're pleased to welcome AMD as our official processor provider for the Fnatic
    League of Legends team. Playing at the highest professional levels requires
    outstanding hardware performance, and AMD APUs do just that. The Fnatic League
    of Legends team are now ultra-powered, whether practising or streaming, and
    we're looking forward to another successful season with the support of AMD.

  • Reply to

    Is Mark Hibben pess???

    by inteldontplayfair Jan 21, 2016 2:40 PM
    wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 21, 2016 5:03 PM Flag

    After reading his article, "clueless" is the most charitable, euphemistic, description
    one can give to his understanding of AMD's competitive position on the cusp of
    releasing Zen and Polaris products. I noticed commenters to his article have
    gone to great lengths to graciously point out he's dumb as a clam.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 21, 2016 4:51 AM Flag

    Additionally, Stacy Rasgon would have got the same answer if he asked
    "I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more on how you plan
    to gain GPU share from Intel and Nvidia?

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 21, 2016 4:33 AM Flag

    "First, I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more on how
    you plan to gain share on PCs for the year?

    You can hear Lisa and the rest of them caught off guard if you listen
    to the audio while they stumble and figure out how to respond.

    Lisa answered with a non-answer. Devinder then stepped into it. (NOT)"

    You are one of the few people who didn't realize both Lisa and Devinder
    were purposely NOT going to reveal AMD's strategy for gaining PC
    market share. Zen already has at least one design win.

    Intel's CEO would fall out of his chair if Lisa accurately answered
    that question. Not to mention the fact that AMD BoDs and shareholders
    would be majorly po'd.

  • In October 2015, AMD released the AMD ACL 1.0 Beta 2, the second version of the AMD Compute Library
    (ACL), which provided important improvements in the clBLAS, clFFT, and clSPARSE libraries relative to the
    Beta 1 release. Since then, the team has worked hard to release even more improvements.

    The GA release continues AMD’s goal of providing a unified repository for a variety of open-source math
    libraries that allow you to accelerate computations on AMD GPUs, APUs, and CPUs. All of the source
    code, readmes, and documentation are available at the respective GitHub links listed at the end of this post.

    In the following sections, we’ll list the significant features in the GA, Beta 2, and Beta 1 releases....

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 19, 2016 11:35 PM Flag

    It's a 14% decline based on a 13 week quarter. Here's the quote from the Q4 financial statements
    at AMD's Investor Relations website.

    "For Q1 2016, based on a 13 week quarter, AMD expects revenue to decrease 14 percent,
    plus or minus 3 percent, sequentially."

    So you won't appear dumb relative to other posters, when you spread FUD:
    1. Cash and cash equivalents were $785M, up $30M (read no BK)
    2. Channels have been cleared of old inventory
    3. In Q4 gross margin was higher and operating expenses were lower.

    Remember, arndace2, money is the only trusted trading vehicle between empires.
    That's why the U.S. is better off with its world reserve currency and oil exporting
    nations are experiencing problems now.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 18, 2016 6:39 PM Flag

    2016 Polaris big and little GPUs on 14nm, Zen on 14nm, and HBM2.
    Do you really believe people are not buying every AMD dip as a gift?
    Nvidia's Pascal GPU is a no show so far in 2016, while AMD so has
    shown off both big and little Polaris GPUs.

    2016 is AMD's turnaround year. Intel doesn't have a discrete GPU
    and Nvidia doesn't have a x86 license and is behind with Pascal.

    2016 is also the year AMD seals the Nintendo console deal.

    Nvidia has no moat and Intel can't do VR graphics. AMD's stock
    is going to rise over time as its tech advantage becomes available
    this year.

  • Monster Hunter Online will be powered by AMD's TressFX technology
    By Anthony Garreffa

    Chinese gaming giant - which now happens to own League of Legends - will
    have AMD's TressFX technology powering Monster Hunter Online.

    Not only that, but AMD will be bringing over a number of performance optimizations,
    too. Tencent Games will release a patch later this month for Monster Hunter Online,
    injecting AMD's TressFX technology. According to AMD, there are a bunch of new
    features headed to Monster Hunter Online, including TressFX, Eyefinity, Radeon
    Software updates, and more. Here's the full list:

    AMD TressFX for natural hair and fur: The TressFX in MHO will bring monsters to life with
    natural-looking fur making them seem more realistic while delivering a more immersive gaming

    AMD Eyefinity technology for multi-display gaming: Allows gamers the option to create their
    dream display setup so that they could survey the landscape to find the best target, or ratchet
    up the intensity in action-packed battles.

    Radeon Software updates for Improved performance: AMD Radeon Software updates will
    improve performance as well as stability, ensuring players get the best experience in MHO.

    Forward+ rendering optimization for more realistic lighting: These optimizations render various
    light sources, and then cull and store only those visible to the user, delivering exceptional-looking
    scenes without performance degradation.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 16, 2016 11:20 PM Flag

    "Not one with High Bandwidth Memory.You are completely useless, dope."

    Yes, AMD showed journalists the BIG Polaris GPU that will use HBM2 memory.

    "Robert Hallock, the Technical Marketing Lead at AMD, explains: "We have the
    flexibility to use HBM or GDDR5 as costs require. Certain market segments
    are cost sensitive, GDDR5 can be used there. Higher-end market segments
    where more cost can be afforded, HBM is viable as well".

    This will work out perfectly for AMD, as I think we'll see cards under $350 or
    so using GDDR5/GDDR5X while the HBM2-powered cards will arrive as enthusiast
    video cards, priced at $400 and above."

    And, you'll definitely want to read,
    "AMD Unveils “Polaris 11” And “Polaris 10” GPUs – To Deliver The “most
    revolutionary jump in performance so far”
    where AMD’s Raja Koduri talks about the new Polaris GPUs.

    With AMD providing these roadmap updates, your silly posts are a complete waste
    of time.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 15, 2016 4:07 AM Flag

    You believe what you want, BUT
    AMD was first in show in 2016 and
    Barclays downgraded Nvidia (PT $23) before AMD's Q4 ER (AMD NOT downgraded).

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 15, 2016 3:47 AM Flag

    "nVidia GP104 chip is currently in its test phase, apparently
    some deliveries of goods from Taiwan has been found to India at year-end 2015"

    There's a big difference between Nvidia's GP104 being in test phase at y/e 2015
    and AMD showing journalists a completed Polaris Arctic Island GPU at the
    beginning of Jan 2016. AMD leads Nvidia - Pascal wasn't ready for a showing.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 15, 2016 3:31 AM Flag

    Loser's seat relative to what???
    Nvidia couln't even show a Pascal GPU at CES,
    while AMD showed the press the "big" Polaris GPU.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 15, 2016 3:28 AM Flag

    Make that 6 months ago.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 15, 2016 3:26 AM Flag

    The link was from an article 7 months ago showing negotiation tactics.

  • wi11ie_mccoy wi11ie_mccoy Jan 15, 2016 2:40 AM Flag

    "AMD confirms GlobalFoundries to produce entry-level Polaris GPUs"

    Although the lack of a deal with Samsung is surprising, the overall makeup of this
    next-generation manufacturing is quite typical for AMD. It’s also making the best
    of both worlds by splitting its manufacturing to exploit TSMC’s experience with
    GPU manufacturing, while keeping its eggs in many baskets to avoid any supply issues.

    However it may not be that Samsung is completely off of the table. Since GlobalFoundries
    will be making use of Samsung’s FinFET design as part of its manufacturing the Zen CPUs
    and lower-end graphics chips, it may be that production could shift over to the Korean
    company if supply problems arise (according to ExtremeTech).

    From another link
    a number of fabless semiconductor designers are believed to be using contracts
    with Samsung as a leverage in their negotiations with TSMC over pricing.

  • [Zauba]AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs - 2 x chips and 4 x GPUs

    "AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs from the foundries. Based on the information
    from Zauba, it seems to be two different Polaris chips/families, each with
    2 different SKUs/GPUs. Total of 4 new Polaris GPUs. The one with the biggest value
    is the full Polaris while the other one is the same Polaris GPU but with some
    shaders/cores disabled."

    This is a rumor from a previously reliable source. glta.

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