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wilderguide 436 posts  |  Last Activity: 3 hours ago Member since: Jan 13, 2011
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  • wilderguide wilderguide 3 hours ago Flag

    The actual Najarian quote was:
    "Hey, why not...The guy's got great hair, and looks the absolute "bomb" in heels...
    ... Almost as great as "Socialidiocies" from the EXEL YMB..."
    Social and a few of his aliases apparently disagree...
    Goshdarnitall... when those celebrity quotes get outta hand...
    Anything can happen...

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    MMM was spotted holding hands with former Olympian Bruce Jenner outside a popular gender reassignment pretreatment clinic in SF. Najarian was said to comment:
    "Hey, why not...?? The guy's got great hair and looks great in heels..."
    There is still some controversy as to whom Najarian was referring, so don't sell till Kim and Chloe are found for comment. Susan Hubbard could not be reached for confirmation, so I'll continue to hold.

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    IDEAS FOR 2015

    by saltydog711 Jan 11, 2015 5:48 PM
    wilderguide wilderguide Jan 27, 2015 12:14 PM Flag

    I have a position in NVIV. Their Neural Spinal Scaffold has been implanted in a 25 year-old dirt bike acrobat from Phx, Az following a spinal cord severing accident last October. His 90-day assessment was spectacular. Videos of the youth in PT can be found at the Gofundme site. His progress has been remarkable, and they've only just enrolled their second patient in a P1 safety study following the go-ahead from FDA to expand recruiting site numbers from 6 to 20. Quite a deal...

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    Sorry. It's my best response to a preposterous thread. Felt the need to highlight that fact.
    Keep up the good work, Mike. Dog...Yer way outta need a collar, a leash, and perhaps a cattle prod up the ol' Bazoo. A civil approach to communication is key. Beyond that, a Louisville Slugger is my first opt...Ski mask, empty parking lot, a jug of wine, and thou... Kapoww!!!
    Yeah. That's the ticket... That's definitely the ticket...

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    Titled as above: Published as a JCO early release article today 1/26/15, Morris, et al...
    Scher, Higano, Logothetis and a respectable list of co-authors...
    "Conclusion rPFS was highly consistent and highly associated with OS, providing initial prospective evidence on further developing rPFS as an intermediate end point in mCRPC trials."
    Of course, these results are from the Abiraterone COU-AA-302 trial...
    But...these results also support the argument for Cabozantinib in an appropriately administered treatment setting (not necessarily late stage) My humble interpretative consideration is that the game in mCRPC is still on...and defining the biometrically-appropriate group for Cabo is now more important than ever.

  • wilderguide wilderguide Jan 24, 2015 2:00 PM Flag

    Thanks for the great inputs, Mike. GL

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    New Data

    by jonjones325 Jan 24, 2015 12:26 PM
    wilderguide wilderguide Jan 24, 2015 12:32 PM Flag

    Just a guess, but I suspect an industry presentation is being planned. The ASIA annual meeting would be a likely venue. After an officiated presentation and publication with peer review...I would expect the new data to be shared on-line. The decorum of presentation will most certainly not be denied, and peer review is SOP.

  • wilderguide wilderguide Jan 24, 2015 12:24 PM Flag

    "Because selecting the "best patients" would be an effort to bias the outcome. It's called "cherry picking" and it violates pretty much every principle of Trial/Study Management."
    I think it's also important to differentiate between "cherry picking" and defining the patient group most likely to benefit from the technology. Optimally defining a "best" qualified patient pool enhances the likelihood of trial success, though over-defining that patient group may limit the opportunity for overall commercial success. JMO - but if the multi-trauma patient recently enrolled experiences problems in recovery, it might be best to continue the trial with a patient pool more closely aligned with Mr Fallis' injury - go for the initial approval, ramp up the commercialization based upon a smaller, injury-defined patient pool, and expand the scaffold application labeling as opportunity allows. I think the short-term imperative for any small biotech is revenue. Limited commercial success and a proven technology is better than holding out for all the beans. Sometimes it's easier to eat the elephant one bite at a time.

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    Published 1/15/15 Cell Death Dis H Liu et al....
    "Collectively, our data suggest that ganetespib, as a new potent treatment option, can be used for the molecularly targeted therapy of GC patients according to their expression profiles of EGFR."
    The abstract is also online at PMC... GLTA

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    What happened to Trendpicker ??

    by bmcgoo_03 Jan 23, 2015 4:13 PM
    wilderguide wilderguide Jan 23, 2015 5:28 PM Flag

    Probly dropped out when the trend change was apparent. He'll be back...
    JMO - but recent profit taking in biotech has created a rebalancing of portfolios, and many investors are scrambling to reconfigure - myself included. AGEN has long-term promise, but there are many provocative trades to be made before this one pops again.

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    You Know Nothing

    by alphadogbetabeater Jan 22, 2015 8:48 PM
    wilderguide wilderguide Jan 23, 2015 2:15 PM Flag

    "My credibility in my 3 posts is more credibility then you will ever have in the investment world."
    And if it this success scenario of yours never comes to fruition, we'll never know anyway.
    If yer wrong, you'll just come back as alphadogblowsdeadbrokers and claim you were spot on the whole time. Get a life, dooshwaddle...
    Yer a waste of frickin good air...

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    Hey EXEL Mgt Look at ARRY this morning

    by urabt2 Dec 4, 2014 9:44 AM
    wilderguide wilderguide Jan 23, 2015 1:00 PM Flag

    Urabt2... I first met your handle on the ARRY MB in 2010 under $2/share...
    Congrats to us both...

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    ASCO GU is Feb 26-28

    by trufflesdrive Jan 17, 2015 9:47 PM
    wilderguide wilderguide Jan 23, 2015 10:20 AM Flag

    "I think it's hilarious..."
    I think it's hilarious that you think you can grow a set of balls by incessantly posting junk on a YMB. Quit your endless sniveling. You've completely destroyed the value of this thread.
    Now move on...

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    You Know Nothing

    by alphadogbetabeater Jan 22, 2015 8:48 PM
    wilderguide wilderguide Jan 23, 2015 10:00 AM Flag

    "You know nothing..."
    2 posts | Last Activity: 12 hours ago
    Member since: Jan 22, 2015
    Another recycled, re-invented, regurgitated loser coming to terms with his losses via a new
    Golly, what a concept... Substance bred of inadequacy... Spirit without soul...
    Run free, you brave warrior...!!

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    Excerpt taken from Fierce Vaccines 1/22/15:
    "In July last year, GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) submitted its malaria vaccine RTS,S for regulatory review by the European Medicines Agency. Because there are no existing malaria vaccines, Glaxo says that a vaccine to be used "alongside other measures such as bed nets and anti-malarial medicines" would be an advance in malaria control. However, a new study published Monday might have GSK rethinking the bed nets.
    The study results, published online in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that in some cases, the combination of bed nets and a vaccine can increase the number of malaria cases."
    These findings probably don't serve to undermine the value of QS-21 as a carrier, but may compel GSK to reconsider the intrinsic value of vaccine therapy as opposed to supplementing natural immune response. To the best of my knowledge, GSK has not yet responded to this PNAS publication, though I expect a response is forthcoming. GLTA

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    ASCO GU is Feb 26-28

    by trufflesdrive Jan 17, 2015 9:47 PM
    wilderguide wilderguide Jan 22, 2015 12:52 PM Flag

    Put a sock in it. Quit whining.
    It's really time to give up this silly crusade claiming everyone is persecuting you because you are smarter than everyone. You don't know jack. The fact are just another common dooshwaddle without a pedigree.
    Nothing more. Nothing less.
    Give it up.

  • wilderguide wilderguide Jan 21, 2015 5:27 PM Flag

    "The combo seems effective for some patients based on P1 results."
    Absolutely. I see some serious potential to the combo of AR manipulation w/ Cabo...
    "What happened to the enrolled patients...?"
    EXEL will maintain their commitment to current patients, and continue to monitor progress. At some future industry venue, I would expect to see a presentation of those results, but I'd expect JNJ sees the results first as a pre-requisite to partnering consideration. If there is indeed a synergy, they'll want to consider its valuation carefully before letting those data become public domain. JMO

  • wilderguide wilderguide Jan 21, 2015 4:18 PM Flag

    I don't think the P2 combo trial enrollment has ever been disclosed, though near-full enrollment shouldn't surprise. The P1 trial reporting at ASCO 2014 included many patients treated over 10 months - and at least one that had sustained progression-free disease for 22 months - inferring a measure of trial success. As EXEL has prioritized mCRPC research, I really don't expect to see further in-house progress in that indication at least until after Meteor reports. That wouldn't prevent the NCI from carrying the trial...we'll have to wait and see.

  • wilderguide by wilderguide Jan 21, 2015 2:13 PM Flag

    ASCO GI 2015 abstracts investigating Onartuzumab and AMG 337 have shown some interesting biometrics wrt defining and targeting MET inhibitor treatment groups in GI cancer. Differentiating between MET upregulation and MET overexpression appears to be key, as well as does the methodology - whether via IHC, NGS, or nuclear imaging. A "Practice Update" interview with AMG-sponsored author Dr Manish Shah (who has also authored Cabo studies) suggests that integrating MET inhibition with one of the advanced conjugated delivery platforms may prove worthwhile. These drug delivery systems have proven somewhat effective in other indications by targeting cancer cells only - sparing normal cells from toxic exposure. Seems like a probable future trial opportunity for a drug with Cabo's profile...

  • wilderguide wilderguide Jan 21, 2015 6:38 AM Flag

    Doesn't NASA have a manned-Mars mission launching soon?
    Wouldn't that be an even more appropriate presentation venue?
    Perhaps even a shot at Uranus?... Yeranus?... Youranus?
    Never could get that spelling right... get the idea,,,a bit like a particle accelerator right up the ol' poopchute...
    A rocket ride right up the ol' browneye...a red hot poker right in yer fireplace...
    You just can't make this stuff up... Right, RW?

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