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will_trade_for_brka 31 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 22, 2014 10:54 PM Member since: Aug 2, 2001
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  • This bodes well for NDLS investors. It's a new world out there than in the 90's... Mickey D's is seeing their dominance get chewed away. Infact, McDonald's just MISSED!

    Stay LONG on Noodles! Be patient...

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  • will_trade_for_brka will_trade_for_brka Jul 21, 2014 10:28 PM Flag

    meant *IS* my mistake... it's BBQ time... enjoy the evening... trivia question of the night is.... hmmmm... ok, If you spent $1,000 a day every single day of the year... How long would it take you to spend $1-billion (NDLS Market Cap or therabouts)

    Answer; 2,740 YEARS!

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  • I'm the ONE true blue NDLS LONG here willing to admit!

    It's easy to confuse investors if your name is BRKA or Chrome or Cashback or Gilligan...

    All I am saying is do your own D.D. (research), study the facts... visit the restaurants.. talk to the vendors.... whatever it takes. *BUT* don't make us sway your judgement (including me).

    STAY LONG! & keep your eyes on the prize!


    p.s, I owned AMZN after 9-11 at $5.51 a share on Oct. 1st,2001! A good deal of shares for my budget.

    Don't listen to us!

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  • Reply to

    warp and brka are not the same person

    by cashback_7 Jul 21, 2014 9:32 PM
    will_trade_for_brka will_trade_for_brka Jul 21, 2014 10:14 PM Flag

    Now that made me chuckle! :) Say, how come you got involved in that Papa Murph's.... You actually believe in that place? There's 20-different pizza joints in my city(small urban city)...I don't see what's so unique about them... other than cooking them yourself at a discount. You'd be better investing in Pizza Stones than Papa! #$%$?

    You should know... prices that increase is a boon for shareholders.... Netflix price increases, Apple increased.. Amazon upping Prime... WTH is the love affair with FRSH! It's heading down! IPO'd at only $12 and it's now under $9.... that's a 25% haircut! All I can say is good luck hoping that will ever reach $25!

    Noodles advertises the average cost for dinner is $8 per customer. I believe that can increases 60% SOON! Without any to little change for the consumer. They will stay..

    Noodles makes a PROFIT now! An actually profit off $8!

    Think about it...

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  • It doesn't sway my commitment to Noodles & Co.

    It's amusing... you're correct. :-D

    (Decided to post this here)

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  • It's obviously the king of fast-casual for investors. Meanin, as a pure investment. I have been to their establishment & personally wasn't that impressed. Yet, numbers don't lie & they've knocked the ball out of the park.

    When it IPO'd for $45 in 2006 it had a fairly good run only to fall less than two-years later to $36 in
    November,2008... this year it topped over $620.

    Boy! What would those investors that sold 15% down from the IPO would of done to hang on to their shares 6-years later.

    As for me... I'm adding to NDLS!

    "You don't make money over night in the stock market"

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  • On a good note. New Noodles opens today & Monday! :-)

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  • I went with the lowest end prices for Chipotle. Veggie Burrito, Chips & Salsa, Small Soda... Went to Noodles, dialed in Penne Rosa added Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Ordered a Caesar Side Salad & Added a Regular Soda & the order still came out cheaper than Chipotle's.

    Consumers are privy to prices. A lot of 'wiggle' room here for Noodles to strengthen their balance sheet, yet still stay under or within the competition.

    Buy the dips & stay long-term---

    That's my honest belief.


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  • will_trade_for_brka will_trade_for_brka Jun 17, 2014 2:35 PM Flag

    Yes! Just wonderful... go for it! I'll keep buying this stock while you're AWAY! :-)!

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  • will_trade_for_brka by will_trade_for_brka Jun 17, 2014 2:12 PM Flag


    Shorts are covering UP!

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  • Great Day Today on Paper! Back over $1b market cap. :-)! Insiders sold years too early imo!

    I believe!

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  • Planning on visiting all 400+ Noodles & Company locations someday! :-)!

    Tessa’s Tips: Best. Gazpacho. Ever.

    Here’s a recipe for the best gazpacho I’ve ever had! Courtesy of a Spanish family. It’s best when using ripe tomatoes at the height of the summer season.

    Noodles Blog at their website for the recipe!


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  • will_trade_for_brka by will_trade_for_brka Jun 13, 2014 2:30 PM Flag

    NEW YORK — From gluten-free fusilli to non-G.M.O. noodles, food trends drive much of the menu strategy at Noodles & Co. The Broomfield, Colo.-based fast-casual chain said it also offers vegan and vegetarian options.

    “(When) you think about one of the newest trends out there, G.M.O.-free, all of our pastas are G.M.O.-free,” said Keith Kinsey, president and chief operating officer, during a June 10 presentation at the Piper Jaffray Consumer Conference in New York. “There are some of the sauces that might have a hint of that in them depending on the ingredient, but from a base, the biggest element of our dish is G.M.O.-free.”

    Limited-time offers allow the chain to “test the waters” with on-trend flavors and ingredients, Mr. Kinsey said.

    “If there are trends on something, whether it’s a ramen noodle or something like that, it is so easy for us to actually do it within the restaurant; it is more of a matter of is the trend truly there and are we willing to address that,” he said.

    But customization is key to staying fresh, he added. Noodles & Co. emphasizes the breadth and variety of its menu combinations, which span Asian, Mediterranean and American cuisines.

    “From the standpoint of not growing stale, when I think about it and being able to talk to a guest about how you can customize… there are so many iterations of our menu,” Mr. Kinsey said. “It is more about education than it is about change.”

    Customer engagement also figures into the chain’s plans to expand its dinner day part. Noodles & Co. recently began adding elements of table service during the evening hours.

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  • will_trade_for_brka by will_trade_for_brka Jun 11, 2014 1:18 AM Flag

    Japanese Pan Noodles
    Caramelized udon noodles in a sweet soy sauce, broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, Asian sprouts, black sesame seeds and cilantro

    310|620 cal

    Try with marinated steak

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  • will_trade_for_brka will_trade_for_brka Jun 11, 2014 12:59 AM Flag

    That's Correct KP! :-)!

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  • will_trade_for_brka by will_trade_for_brka Jun 10, 2014 12:52 AM Flag

    NDLS Longs... you gotta feel confident on these three!

    28-30% of the float is shorted!

    Man! U gotta luv it! :-D

    Stay Long,Baby!

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  • I'd like to see some future Noodles & Co. restaurants offering drive thru for the fast-fast-casual diner. As you know Noodles opened it's 400th store recently & could really benefit from expansion. More options.

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  • Lesson 1: Remember, BASHERS NEVER Bash A BAD STOCK. Check the boards for stocks with no potential. They never have any Bashers.
    Lesson 2: BASHERS ALWAYS BRING UP OLD NEWS THAT YOU HAVE HEARD MANY TIMES. New startup companies always have a few bits of bad news. The Basher will post this over and over again.
    Lesson 4: BASHERS WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE. Never trust a Basher. The truth on startup companies is that they make mistakes. What new company hasn’t? The Basher will compare your issue to a another companies, financials – deals – management, etc., trying to lure you into making an Apples to Oranges comparison. BASHERS WANT TO WHISPER IN YOUR EAR – PLANT A SEED OF DOUBT, AND HOPE THAT YOU ARE NOT SAVVY ENOUGH TO RESEARCH THE TRUTH ON YOUR OWN. This is how they achieve their greatest success. Why Message Board Bashers Bash Stocks

    They have motives $$$$$$$$$$$$.
    Lesson 5: Bashers know YOU CAN’T VERIFY THEIR STATEMENTS. That’s why they make the vague statements they do.
    Lesson 6: The Bashers PLAY ON YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. They can lie about information and you won’t know the difference (unless you have done your own DD on the company and know the truth and facts).
    Lesson 7: Bashers play on your lack of patience. You have held a stock for a while. You knew it will be a big stock someday, but the BASHER CAN GET TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOUR GAIN. That’s when the Basher is best. The Basher is bothersome, so you dump it on a bad day. Some others also dump. Then you get mad for your loss and return to let everyone know how mad you are. Then you turn into a semi-Basher as well. THE BASHER HAS WON, AND GAINED A NEW ALLY – YOU!
    Lesson 8: BRING THE PRICE DOWN. That is the Basher’s job. The truth is not important. Lies are the norm. They are trying to scare the newbies that are just investigating a stock.

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  • will_trade_for_brka by will_trade_for_brka Jun 5, 2014 3:14 PM Flag

    Bashers rely on fear and the badgering of human psychology! Consider the elderly that are investing for retirement, they find their way to the message boards for validation only to see false posts about “SEC Violations” and “Class action suits”… posting continuous disinformation… what do you think these new investors will do?
    The Internet has lured a whole new class of investor into the market. A new investor is just that – New! This new investor, while learning the basics, is particularly vulnerable to the tactics of professional Bashers.

    Why Message Board Bashers Bash Stocks

    You must always remember that their is a lot of money to be made in just the motion of a stock UP or DOWN it doesn’t matter! And Bashers have money at risk just as you do. But they have the edge of fear, lies, and falsehoods to post while preying on the un-initiated. The average investor dose not have the edge of organized deception.
    Recent revelations have indicated that even Market Makers (those charged with keeping the playing field level) have been involved in stock manipulation by Bashing on a stock message board. HAVE NO DOUBT

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  • Honest article with the CEO! It's by Steve Raabe with The Denver Post.

    Are you in? :-)!

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