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willie7 6 posts  |  Last Activity: Feb 3, 2016 8:20 PM Member since: May 11, 2011
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    Prediction for tomorrow

    by jpeebrasier Feb 3, 2016 6:13 PM
    willie7 willie7 Feb 3, 2016 8:20 PM Flag

    you need a new calculator . Valuation math from John Ford and without interest calculated
    "Let's take a more optimistic view and say that VirnetX gets what it's asking for; $1.20 per unit in damages. With 238 million infringing units, VirnetX would receive a damages award of $285 million. If 433 million units are found to have infringed, the damages number would go up to $532 million, exactly what VirnetX is asking for.

    For ongoing royalties, VirnetX would receive $120 million annually, of which about $84 million would go to the bottom line. That would give VirnetX $1.58 in earnings, and a shareprice of $24, assuming a PE of 15. Given the dependability and predictability of the revenue, a PE of 15 appears conservative."....They received a @100 million more so looks to be over $1.40 per unit. !! What ya think peebra

  • willie7 by willie7 Feb 3, 2016 7:46 PM Flag

    The shorts are going to need all the shares they can get their fat hands on. It looks like they are still going to continue their moronic posts even after the jury verdict had 100% of the yes boxes checked to show Apple infringes ALL the claims in the trial. Yep 100% for VHC. So they saw through the deceit and awarded $626 million. And thats before pre and post judgement interest, the possibility of up to treble damages and a few other items. Do we head to $1 billion. Maybe so ,some will depend on the judge since he is the one to award the treble damages. As it stands $625 million is big. anything more is icing. Congrats to both new and us old time longs for hanging in there. Been a long road that is closer to the end or guess I should say the beginning on the next road trip. . I gave up dealing with the nut cases on this board a long time ago but never gave up on VHC...Crack open that nice bottle of wine or as JSB used to say have about 3 fingers of your best scotch.The trading may be crazy the next few days and the shorts will try and keep the lid on the PPS with any means they can, legal or not legal as we have seen for many years. Remember that much of the shorting is no doubt being done with Apples consent and probably guidance aka know as Brauburn hedge fund. Whats a few $bilion to Apple.Hang tough and have a plan, watch your stops. Thanks..Willie

  • willie7 willie7 Jan 22, 2016 3:27 PM Flag

    There was a time long ago when this board was also good. It has since been invaded and many of the original Yahoo posters moved to IV. Even Years back we were nick Named the Yahooligans ( From somone on IV ) for having a different style of a message board.( to say the least ) I dare guess what the Nick Name would be now. Its been a looong road. Good luck to those who have endured.... Willie

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    Hate to say it

    by golfguy2154 Sep 20, 2015 8:18 PM
    willie7 willie7 Sep 28, 2015 10:44 PM Flag

    Terp I am not happy with Kendall taking bonuses or buying season boxes or jets or putting his family on the payroll or some of the other items you mention which by the way are true.Thing is I still believe Virnetx has the technology and patents needed for 4G advanced going forward. Apple will have to pay up,they have been found guilty and that should change the landscape going forward. Virnetx patents are still valid and being added to. That is enough to keep me in. Its been a dog of an investment when we consider the time frame and the pps drop. but to give up now would be saying that I dont believe that Virnetx has strong and needed patents, and I believe they do. At $3.50 its a minimal risk. So for me its still worth staying in. Over the years I have paid more for options then $3.50 . So we wait and the shorts hang in and the longs hang in . And you are still here as well.

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    Hate to say it

    by golfguy2154 Sep 20, 2015 8:18 PM
    willie7 willie7 Sep 24, 2015 8:30 PM Flag

    I am still here Golf. I pop in every once in awhile just to see who may pop up.. Board is finished ,The idiots won . I still have my position and add every now and then and keep up with my options.Its just a waiting game now to see if Virnetx can beat the odds.Maybe a license before the trial then the trial. Apple has done its job as well. Slimy company that they are.
    I stay in some contact with some on IV but not as much there either.So we wait..

  • willie7 willie7 Jul 2, 2015 9:38 PM Flag

    timing the thought of Apple owning Virnetx makes me ill. It would be a case of being rewarded for being low life,crooked, manipulating dirt bags. I know,I know this is Wall Street,quite common. Virnetx deserves better so I am hoping someone else steps in before Apple makes any move.Apple will wait till the bitter end and that may be just what a Msft or Google needs.

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