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wingnut2tight 5 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 10, 2014 4:48 PM Member since: Feb 10, 2011
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  • You can't make this stuff up...
    Purdon and Makmann screwed their partner, Amato. Big surprise.
    Little Amato (Steven Jr) quit - apparently being the CEO of a non-company was too stressful.
    Emerald Med Farms promised October Harvest must not have been going too well, so Amato decides to go out on the town and have a few.
    And play some pool.
    Which he doesn't do all that well, rumor has it.
    And he's a sore loser. That's not a rumor, it's in the arrest report.
    He was playing pool and losing. Drinking beer too. Clocked the other guy in the head with his beer mug and took off.
    Left his credit card at the bar though.
    And went to another bar, don't know if the second bar had a pool table or not.
    Where the law, in the form of the Ukiah Po-leese caught up with him.
    So Amato Sr., the savior of QEDN wholly owned subsidiary Emerald Med Farms, is in the hoosegow, bail set at $65,000 (that my friends is a whole lotta shares of QEDN), charged with assault with a deadly weapon (beer mug), violation of parole (looks like he spent some time in the big house on a tax and insurance fraud conviction) and assault likely to produce great bodily injury.

    YIKES! This is better than TV!

    Wonder how the harvest is turning out.... gotta be hard to yank pot plants from jail.

    Meanwhile, Purdon and Makmann are off at GEGI, engaged in some kind o' deal that will definitely close in the 4th quarter this time, please just don't pay attention to those 9,999 other deals that were 'sposed to close in the 4th quarter and didn't, this time it's different. Honest.

    Turdmann rides again.

  • wingnut2tight by wingnut2tight Nov 3, 2014 9:57 AM Flag

    There's a crowd who got burned in the latest Purdon scam, they have pitchforks and they are #$%$. The weed farm deal included a promise by Purdon to finance the MJ bidness. Turns out Purdon won't provide enough financing for a pack o' blunts or even a single rolling paper.

    Now that' s a surprise. Grandview welches on a deal. The Grand View turns out to be the one you get when you're bent over looking backwards and upside down.

    Turdmann might have screwed one or two people too many this time, rumor has it the complaints are rolling in to the SEC.

    Oh, and he lied on the latest filing, about whether he'd ever been suspended for any reason.

    This could get interesting.

  • Mary Ann Canyon (not the deep throat one, the dirt one in Nevada) claims used to be owned by Pat Pizzoferrato, Las Vegas NV. His facebook page says he used to live in Steubenville OH.

    For some interesting reading, google Pat Pizzoferrato, Steubenville.

    Pat Pizzoferrato, as Pizz Inc, sold the claim to GEGI for stock. In the filings, he's mentioned as D&S and Pizz. Trace D&S to Kapacke and Pizzoferrato, it's easy. How much stock? Who knows, but any amount of GEGI stock is near worthless.

    Why would someone sell a claim guaranteed to be worth billions for shares of a POS like GEGI?

    Google some more. Pizzaferrato sold interests in the claim to some investors, who then got screwed. So, the mine wasn't good for mining, just screwing. If there was gold there, he woulda been spending less time screwing and more time mining.

    Especially when you think about gold being worth about $2000.00 an ounce at the time he owned the mine. His company at that time was called Kapacke Mining, as part of Kapacke Mining in South Dakota, but that was news to them.

    So, Genesis Mining Corp. is just an extension of the screwing started by Pizzoferrato. You can participate in this screwing and get your Mary Ann Canyon all filled up with GEGI shares, just bend over.

  • wingnut2tight wingnut2tight Mar 1, 2014 11:13 AM Flag

    AND OL' Wingnut told everyone "them holes are in Ukraine! Ukraine be about as stable as Jeffrey Dahmer on steroids, watch out!" "HUSH WINGNUT" they said, "You're wound way too tight, everything be fine over there in Ukraine, Makmann is a splendid gentleman who would never, ever steer us wrong", but like I said, ol' M. Thomas doesn't seem to be real good at geography or geopolitical currency, cause just like ol' Wingnut perdicted, Ukraine is ... well, just see the news.

    So here we are back at GEGI, where M. Thomas and R. Purdon d/b/a Turdmann enterprises might be looking for more drilling opportunities.

    This aughta be good. Weed? Bitcoin? Hey, they should be looking into beany babies too. Oh wait, there was a Turdmann PR recently, something about some Chinese dudes with a web app. That's it - the iChopstick. Prints out locations of the nearest moo-goo-gai-pan to the weed shop you be in currently.

    They gotta do sumpin with GEGI, cause the other POS Turdmann holdings turn out to be actual P's of S, and the stench has gotten so bad that 115 million barrels of proven wells containing Febreze ain't enough to cover it up.

    GO FOR IT! SPIN YOUR FANTASTIC TALES over here at GEGI, hypnotize your adoring public, make 'em assume the position!

    We'll be waiting.

  • Yup, they be trading almost 20 bucks a day here now.
    3rd world countries and retailers, right.
    With what? They have nothing. Less than nothing.
    Know what they got? These nimrods (QEDN is Makmann is QEDN, add a cell phone and a PO Box on Willow Street and that's the whole darn company right there, but don't forget Purdon over in the corner, doing what ever he does in the shadows DO NOT PICK ANYTHING UP OFF THE GROUND around there, they be drilling) for oil in Ukraine, they got 4 or 5 wells from AFON 2010! All they had to give was the other occupant of the PO box, that'd be NRGT. Also worthless, they picked up an estimated 11.3 billion in oil revenue for $0.00!

    GENIUS! And they found a few idiots to believe their #$%$, dumped their worthless shares of QEDN on 'em for 4 pennys, and those idiots (none of 'em listened to old wingnut here) are holding onto millions in QEDN shares, all worth somewhat less than a penny and dropping like a rock down a empty oil well. Don't matter, they can't sell 'em anyway, cause noone is buying.

    SO! Just like ol Wingnut told 'em, the oil wells are empty down to 10,000 feet or thereabouts, making the true value of the oil around 0, cause oil ain't worth nothin' unless it's up out of the ground. What is in the wells, however is liquid bull excerement, that being the onliest product that ol' Turdmann enterprises here can produce in copious qtys.

    GEOGRAPHY! turns out returned a grade of 'F' on M. Thomas's report card, cause he must not a known where Ukraine is, which turned out to be the general location o' them '11.3 billion dollar holes' in the ground that Turdmann got for 0 money.

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU GET for 0 money? 0.

    Still worked though, enough people bent over that Turdmann was able to complete some drilling of another sort, they still be whining about the painful itch of untreated hemmorroids over there at iHub. The sure coulda used some o' the oil from them wells, too bad there wasn't any.

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