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  • and you should be too, if you're long stocks or long Spy. Its been several years since a Major Correction but now we are in the "Perfect Storm" . Hell forget about Sell in May and Go Away. Its now Sell in April of lose your shirt among other things.

  • What the heck. This order was for 93,711,123 (or 93 million). Now explain to me if someone shorted at $187. Don't think so since the stock is trading at $183.36 in AH. And why would anyone buy in at the $187 price. Strange stuff buy maybe the board can figure out which way this trade went. Wonder is Soros is behind this huge trade?

  • and you can see it coming a mile away. Corporate earnings will miss or be seen a "weak". Russia about to invade Ukraine and China - Japan turmoil starting to boil. Market at all time high as we go into "Sell in May and Go Away". Lastly, the Fed is out of bullets and market knows Q.E. is going away as Yellen tightens.

  • 1. Keystone pipeline will reduce energy cost in U.S.
    2. Keystone pipeline will reduce energy costs in Europe - if U.S. targets futures sales to Europe
    3. Putin and Russia would take a major hit (in Rubles) if Keystone is approved
    4. Alberta - TransCanada will sell/transport oil to U.S. or China (take your pick).
    5. A zillion studies over a five year period all state - Keystone pipeline will not impact the environment
    6. A vast majority of U.S. citizens want the pipeline built
    7. A vast majority of Congressmen want the pipeline built
    8. Keystone will provide U.S. jobs - Anything wrong with that???
    9. Canada is our neighbor, ally and close cousin. Shouldn't we treat friends - as friends?

    Time for Obama to wake up and get a set. Putin laughs at Obama every day, but I don't think the 5'4" midget would be laughing at our President, if Obama gave the green light to finish the KEYSTONE PIPELINE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing strong signs that he intends to extend his control over Ukraine and perhaps elsewhere in Eastern Europe, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers said Sunday. Beyond assembling military armor and tens of thousands of troops along the Russia-Ukraine border, Putin is moving troops in northern Georgia and planting intelligence officers in Ukraine, the Michigan Republican told “Fox News Sunday.”

    He said Russian troops in the northern region of Georgia, known as South Ossetia, are on the move, perhaps to go into Armenia or toward the Baltic Sea. “There’s no way I’d take this as any other way than [Putin] is working for a land bridge,” Rogers said. He said the Russian president also is engaged in a more “covert operation” by sending intelligence officers and special forces into eastern Ukraine to try to convince citizens to allow Russia to annex their country, like Putin did with Ukraine’s Crimea region earlier this month.

    So much for Putin's fake call to Obama last Friday. Its all a screen while Putin plans to take back what his predecessors lost.

  • If Russia invades Eastern Ukraine over weekend. Now the big question is "what are the odds" Putin makes his move over next three days??? I say 60% chance Russia moves into Ukraine by Monday and 30% chance they do nothing and stay in place. 10% chance troops pull back. Crimea came easy, so easy Putin wants more. Spy looks ripe for a correction, but we've heard that song before. Now the question is does Putin act like Putin and move in for the big take over, wait a few more days or pull his horses back. Odds say Ukraine ignites next 24 to 48 hours. Be very careful Spy longs.

  • Nope. Putin makes his move this weekend, and then says to his cabinet "who else do we go after as the world powers look the other way".

  • Looks like King is not having the type of IPO offering they wanted. Maybe investors are saying they would rather buy Znga on the cheap then over pay for King.

  • Simply because all boats rise when the tide comes in. King will have a decent IPO opening, but Zynga will be the one that really benefits since its established, one billion in cash, new games coming out later this year and increasing gambling platform for all of Europe. Think we close over $5 a share today and don't look back.

    King will present its IPO price on Tuesday night and begin trading its shares on Wednesday at the New York Stock Exchange with its ticker symbol "KING." It plans to sell around 22 million shares with estimated price per share pegged between $21 and $24.

    If King does open in the $21 to $24 range I can guarantee Zynga will be over $6 a share come Wednesday close. Question is will you be hold Znga for the long ride up or watching from the sidelines?

  • Comcast seems to want to deals with everyone now, or should we say "everyone wants to do deals with Comcast". Always best to own a 'Big Blue Chip Stock" that is about to double.

  • wise4us wise4us Mar 19, 2014 7:58 PM Flag

    Sub $5 tomorrow and many think we could drop below $4 a share when correction starts this month or next. Znga is not the stock you want to hold in a declining market, or for that matter in a "crashing market". With no gambling future Zynga is pretty much just dangling by a thread, ready to fall back into the hopper and bleed more money well into 2015 and beyond.

  • be pushing towards $40 next week since the Fed just signaled "Taper to the Max". Russia, Ukraine, Obama all off the table now and Yellen tightens, says good bye to QE and tells gold bugs your days are numbered. Dust set to double over next few weeks while gold falls through the floor.

  • but today's sell off will be nothing like Monday. Come next week (Monday) we could see Spy free fall to levels unheard of. Thinking $150 is not that far away but why stop there when the "Bear" market kicks in for months on end.

  • Friday - Spy drop to $183 on Russian Army buildup next to Ukraine boarder
    Monday - Spy opens $177 due to Russian invasion into Ukraine (into mainland)
    Tuesday - Spy opens $173 on nasty U.S. Sanction against Russia
    Wednesday - Spy open $169 on nasty Russian Sanction against U.S.
    Thursday - Spy opens $164 on nasty Europe Sanctions against Russia
    Friday - Spy opens $159 on nasty Russian Sanction against Europe
    And this is just the beginning of a very long "cold war" with Mother Russia

    Any way you look at it "its going to get NASTY for Spy next week"

  • Texas, Arizona, New Jersey is just the start. You have Michigan, Illinois and New York that will also ban Tesla electric car sales this year and other states are also lining up to support auto dealerships. Its going to get ugly for Tesla unless they want to play ball like everyone else. Bottom line upside from here is pennies but downside is HUGE.

  • You could get your head handed to you. Especially after today's factory order numbers missed.

  • and hen major Red tomorrow as job's number come in below expectations with Yellen's foot still on the Taper pedal. Plus over the weekend the Ukraine situation will worsen, as Europe finally throws some weak sanctions at Putin. Thinking Spy will tank big time tomorrow and more so on Monday.

  • Spy now sitting at all time high is set for a major correction once world markets wake up and realize Russia is totally out of control, power hungry and set to invade East Ukraine. Putin will not be controlled by Obama or Europe and my guess is that once he (Russia) occupies/control half of Ukraine, you will see the Russia leader move else where to reclaim lost Russian territory. Stock market is currently a sleep at the wheel, but give it a few days - week and we could see the "mother" of all corrections at our door step.

  • Putin remained defiant, telling Obama that not only can Russia send its troops to Crimea, but to all of predominantly Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine due to "the existence of real threats" to Russian citizens in Ukrainian territory, according to a statement on the Kremlin's website.

  • Putin remained defiant, telling Obama that not only can Russia send its troops to Crimea, but to all of predominantly Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine due to "the existence of real threats" to Russian citizens in Ukrainian territory, according to a statement on the Kremlin's website.

    Things are getting worse by the minute and come Monday you might see U.S. naval ships in the Black Sea or hand to hand combat in several parts of Ukraine.

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