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wiselama 15 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 10, 2014 2:31 PM Member since: Oct 26, 2001
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  • should we be impressed?...

    and how do we know that part of that approx. $1 mil wasn't inc in prior announced contracts?

    Less that $2 mil in business worth PRing and the fools jump on it giving it a 10% pop.... again on less than $2 mil total business over more than 5 contracts

    I'm gonna have to get one of those wee wee pads to sit on cause this is funny

    Doesn't this reality scare your pants off... this is "news" that should be sold cause it aint good news

  • wiselama wiselama Sep 5, 2014 3:40 PM Flag

    Yeah those that stole those Libyan airliners will be scanning the DLs of all those that board them knowing full well they are on a mission to crash the plane

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    so whats wiselama thinking

    by wiselama Aug 19, 2014 10:56 AM
    wiselama wiselama Sep 4, 2014 4:12 PM Flag

    BUT..... have faith in the manipulative machine that IDN is.... its current insanely low float may give a ridiculous pop for no reason.... which intelligent minds should take advantage of when and IF it happens

    I know ya'll hate me..... but I can read this company in braille with a pinky toe
    Didn't need a crystal ball for that prediction.... were you smart enough to take advantage?

    will settle back down to where it was before the empty hype...

    BTW.... can anyone explain what products IDN has that protects a bank or merchant against some crazyazzed Russians from hacking into their computers?

    & like I have said countless times before.... any company that has scanned a DL and stored the info.... possibly along with CC info and or SS# has put its customers at a far greater risk of identity theft

    Who wants all their info including DL# in the hands of an identity theft hacker?

    and who uses a debit card VS a credit card..... with a credit card your liability is capped ay $50.... hackers get your debit card #s.... and I can guarantee you that IF they were smart enough to hack into a major US bank... they are smart enough to hack the PIN #s... and the liability is everything in your account...

    Ludlow is a complete fool for advocating the use of debt cards over CCs

  • wiselama wiselama Aug 21, 2014 3:14 PM Flag

    EPD.... and in a ironic twist its my biggest holding and splits 2:1 tonight and is listed on yahoos split page just below IDN

    and don't forget.... IDN pays something although not much for every PR along with having an expensive PR firm on contract.... did they really need 5 empty PRs ahead of earnings... they could have loaded all that nuthin into one release....unless of course we take a minute to consider what IDN has traditionally sold.... stock.... which means those PRs were just adds for people to by stock at inflated prices

    as to Qs 3&4... I have already pointed out that Q3 is going to be one tough comparison..... 2014 will be another yr of declining revs and continued cash burn... they diluted the company by about 50% this yr... and have already burnt thru 33% of the proceeds... you could easily see another third evaporate in the second half... and the dilutions starts all over again

  • wiselama wiselama Aug 21, 2014 12:41 PM Flag

    could we agree that warehoused dated PR dumped ahead of miserable results with no revenue of significance is worthless because it proves to the naysayers that there is nothing there?

    IF so.... PR of that sort is negative... some of those deals are for like $10K... IF thats all you got..... then you got nothing

    I think it was about 2Qs ago they had a PR that was supposed to be worth $1m.... have we seen that in the revenue #s?

    Revs have been dropping Q/Q for about 2 years.... during a major market boom mind you..... that's the only fact of significance an investor needs to know about IDN... where does IDN go when this market corrects and everything takes a hit?

  • wiselama wiselama Aug 21, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    well Shawnd..... Its the manipulative hype machine that makes that trade to make it appear that there is huge demand... thanks for to opportunity to elaborate... IDN at its best... pump the stock no matter what... like the detail?

    2 weeks ago.... we saw a flurry of what I would call empty news ahead of the announcement of pathetic results which the company had warehoused to release at that time.... in an effort to distract bagholders from the reality of continued declining revenue and a horrific reverse split

    Todays news really just highlights how empty those PRs ahead of earnings were.... IF the company is willing to tout $102K in rev... a deal that produces 2 cents a share in revs... maybe a penny in gross revs... how small were those other deals and how desperate was the company to say anything... had the company not reversed split the deal was 2/10s of a cent in revenue per share

    The reality is their PR is NOT positive.... its negative to announce that these deals are significant to the company.... its foolish to believe otherwise

    BTW still have faith in Ludlow and his "turnaround".... to think he fired Williams for producing $12mil in revenue per year.... revenue has only tanked in the 2 years since he retook control... whats his latest brainstorm... rehire someone who jumped ship a few years ago at a huge salary.... moron... why do you rehire someone who obviously didn't work in the past and then failed in subsequent ventures at a big #?

  • wiselama wiselama Aug 21, 2014 8:59 AM Flag

    You have to appreciate what empty news can do to a stock with no float and a huge hype machine

    $102K is 2 cent in revenue per share.... about 1 cent in gross margin.... and the rest cant pay a days expenses but the stock is up big in the premarket

  • I'm looking at Q3 2013 revenue and what was going on back then....

    That had been the most recent published revenue # as they did the dilutive offerings early this year...

    So they loaded up Q3 revs and they got an "impressive" $2.6 mil in Q3 13 rev.....

    But games (lies) always come back to haunt you..... its Karma..... anyway that means that Q3 14 revenue is gonna be a rough comparison with just $1.1 & $1.2 mil booked in Qs 1&2.... that means a 100% improvement in Q3 rev over Q2 14 would still be a decline when compared to Q3 last yr

    while I have always been accused of looking "in the rear view mirror" the exact opposite is true..... hold on tight when a really tough comparison revenue figure is announced in mid November

    BUT..... have faith in the manipulative machine that IDN is.... its current insanely low float may give a ridiculous pop for no reason.... which intelligent minds should take advantage of when and IF it happens

    I know ya'll hate me..... but I can read this company in braille with a pinky toe

  • beware of the man behind the curtain

  • Continued decline in revenue despite the newly hired sales team.... tell us shillsters... a positive or negative... they would have been better off without the added expense of a new sales team and booking higher revs with the old team

    Cash burn..... should I say it over and over or did you all notice it... another $1mil... not a huge figure but massive for a company with no assets.. They have burned over $2mil in 2Qs but that figure is more than a third of the money raised via 2 rounds of dilution... the company in on a ticking clock again

    Now the "dilution".... IDN says they want the 1 for 8 just to bring the share price up so that the company is more attractive to more investors and take it out of "penny" stock class.....

    Hmmmmmmmmm 40 million shares authorized....... 39.5 mil issued... that means the company can no longer be diluted... unless you reverse the stock.... you then can issue another 35 million shares

    Take a deep breath.... remove the blinders.... and think about recent PR.... 5 days of very empty PR leading into very disappointing EPS.... have we ever seen this before....

    Of course we have... just about every Q

    I want to remind you that Ludlow Fired Williams after 1 bad Q.... after he had expanded revs.... Revenue continues to decline under Ludlow yet no one calls for the ouster of Ludlow from both the board and as CEO.... it cant be done you say?..... because he owns too big of a position?.... ask Aubrey McClendon about that

    I apologize for not commenting yesterday... KMP had my total attention

  • Open your eyes.... take the blinders off...

    Ya think it was a coincidence that the very same day IDN made the proxy filing on the 1 for 10 reverse split they put out that very empty news piece

    You have to learn to stop swallowing meaningless PR.... Restaurant chain buys bar zap... 16 locations... worthless in supporting 40 mil shares and a $30 mil mkt cap...

    TWIC readers at port for oil company.... like how many secure gates do they have... 5-10???? if that.... again worthless

    Hospitality conference.... give me a break... empty

    Remember that any bar that uses IDNs device on any customer must use that device on every customer less they be accused of some form of profiling/discrimination.... let alone those that are scanned are stored in a data base... frightening... I don't want a drink in a place like that

    You can go on and on about this POS... its not even dead money... its circling the drain money and has been for years...

    The one positive of the reverse split is after they reduce the float to next to nothing and the price settles it will be subject to significant pops as the manipulators go to work all over again

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    1 for 10... as per proxy..... thanks berry

    by wiselama Jul 7, 2014 4:42 PM
    wiselama wiselama Jul 8, 2014 9:31 AM Flag

    Do yourself a favor and read the proxy statement on Edgar.... denial is not only a serious mental condition failing to confront it can cost you a lotta money...... or could it be all that weed that you seem so wrapped up in that is clouding your judgment... smoking dope and analyzing a stock really don't go together all that well

  • That's gonna reduce the shares to just 4 mil.... and I can guarantee another highly dilutive SPO IF they can maintain a share price in the $7s

    This will be the greatest destruction of shareholder value yet.... all to keep the quarter million dollar salaries flowing for years to come.... hey it pays the rent which the Ludlows receive too

    on the down side I will have to up my price target to fiddy cent after the split

    The saddest thing though is with so many long time IDN shills still on this board it took a full month for any discussion of this event to appear hear... It is a sign that IDN "investors" are probably the most ignorant I have ever come across... If it aint ignorance.... its gotta be denial.... of what a POS they are married to and continue to own

    I would have reversed it by 1 for 3 but obviously the "advisors" don't believe that $2.20 leaves enough downside to remain listed.... that means they expect a drop in share price greater than 50%

    Only a head of lettuce is not taking what they can right now

    The parties over.... turn out the lights... turn out the lights.... great appropriate lyric for the stoners from Washington State

  • wiselama wiselama Jul 7, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    Ratio?..... 1:5....1:10?

    That poor manipulatin "investment banker" will have to put some money on the line to create the volume necessary to get his manipulated pops...

    Not to mention it removes all the sub $1 lunes who play it in response to an e-mail alert they pay $10 a month for

    Its about time they were forced to do something or delist

    My guess will be in the 1:3 range.... would keep the float at about 13 mil.... But a share price of $2.20 leaves room for a significant % drop on pathetic LP$ (that's loss per share.... which is what IDN rpts in as opposed to EPS)

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