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wiselama 9 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 10, 2014 2:07 PM Member since: Oct 26, 2001
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  • Open your eyes.... take the blinders off...

    Ya think it was a coincidence that the very same day IDN made the proxy filing on the 1 for 10 reverse split they put out that very empty news piece

    You have to learn to stop swallowing meaningless PR.... Restaurant chain buys bar zap... 16 locations... worthless in supporting 40 mil shares and a $30 mil mkt cap...

    TWIC readers at port for oil company.... like how many secure gates do they have... 5-10???? if that.... again worthless

    Hospitality conference.... give me a break... empty

    Remember that any bar that uses IDNs device on any customer must use that device on every customer less they be accused of some form of profiling/discrimination.... let alone those that are scanned are stored in a data base... frightening... I don't want a drink in a place like that

    You can go on and on about this POS... its not even dead money... its circling the drain money and has been for years...

    The one positive of the reverse split is after they reduce the float to next to nothing and the price settles it will be subject to significant pops as the manipulators go to work all over again

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    1 for 10... as per proxy..... thanks berry

    by wiselama Jul 7, 2014 4:42 PM
    wiselama wiselama Jul 8, 2014 9:31 AM Flag

    Do yourself a favor and read the proxy statement on Edgar.... denial is not only a serious mental condition failing to confront it can cost you a lotta money...... or could it be all that weed that you seem so wrapped up in that is clouding your judgment... smoking dope and analyzing a stock really don't go together all that well

  • That's gonna reduce the shares to just 4 mil.... and I can guarantee another highly dilutive SPO IF they can maintain a share price in the $7s

    This will be the greatest destruction of shareholder value yet.... all to keep the quarter million dollar salaries flowing for years to come.... hey it pays the rent which the Ludlows receive too

    on the down side I will have to up my price target to fiddy cent after the split

    The saddest thing though is with so many long time IDN shills still on this board it took a full month for any discussion of this event to appear hear... It is a sign that IDN "investors" are probably the most ignorant I have ever come across... If it aint ignorance.... its gotta be denial.... of what a POS they are married to and continue to own

    I would have reversed it by 1 for 3 but obviously the "advisors" don't believe that $2.20 leaves enough downside to remain listed.... that means they expect a drop in share price greater than 50%

    Only a head of lettuce is not taking what they can right now

    The parties over.... turn out the lights... turn out the lights.... great appropriate lyric for the stoners from Washington State

  • wiselama wiselama Jul 7, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    Ratio?..... 1:5....1:10?

    That poor manipulatin "investment banker" will have to put some money on the line to create the volume necessary to get his manipulated pops...

    Not to mention it removes all the sub $1 lunes who play it in response to an e-mail alert they pay $10 a month for

    Its about time they were forced to do something or delist

    My guess will be in the 1:3 range.... would keep the float at about 13 mil.... But a share price of $2.20 leaves room for a significant % drop on pathetic LP$ (that's loss per share.... which is what IDN rpts in as opposed to EPS)

  • wiselama wiselama May 13, 2014 1:13 PM Flag

    have you factored in all the new hires that did not have a material effect on the 1st Q

    How much will all those people cost?

    Hey.... maybe one of those new hires got that 16 license deal worth about $160 a month

  • Now if that "chain" was so stupid to pay retail... and didn't negotiate a discount... that would bring in $160 a month.... Great PR....

  • wiselama wiselama May 13, 2014 11:14 AM Flag

    shut your mouth and wait for the third and fourth quarter, as Ludlow stated,

    Count Ludlow once stated that IDN was a finalist in a massive TSA contract.... after the contract was already awarded... to a company... a competitor as big as BEA systems

    That is a FACT... his statement in a CC was an outright LIE.,.. Its even worse if he wants to claim he wasn't aware the contract was awarded as that would prove just how incompetent he is

    and you say investors should shut up and wait for what he promises to come to fruition...

    When the Count steps to the plate and admits he lied to shareholders in a CC... that's the day he gains and further destroys his credibility

    cant believe you are so pathetic that you still own this you moron... remember.... I said to short that manufactured spike.... hows that workin out? ;)

    and I will thank that "investment banker" who was granted the right by IDN to hold a naked short position.... he made shares very easy to short during his game

    Ya think the underwriter still holds a naked short????? I do

  • wiselama wiselama May 13, 2014 11:06 AM Flag

    Can we agree that the cash flow statement filed with the SEC said they burned more than $1mil in cash

    Asset statement said they had $2.6 mil in cash.... 2nd round of dilution brought in approx. $2 mil.... which would give them a whopping $4.6 mil in cash... I will concede that equates to a whopping 12 months of cash... so the fact is your figures are as wrong as mine were...

    Will you concede that after 14 mil shares of dilution under a buck...quarterly results that were horrific.... and a business plan that significantly increased sales staff and costs.... that this company either hits record revenue in the current Q or will be bankrupt by end of year.... Q1 doesn't even reflect all the new hires

    and please explain why a police dept would spend tax dollars on a system when taxpayers are already required to fund the very systems that IDN access'.... do "local" politicians get re-elected when they engage in this kind of waste?

    Justify that Quarter we just saw.... what did IDN sell other than stock to a bunch of bagholders

  • look at that cash burn.... over $1 mil (1/3) of the 1st round of dilutions receipts.... at this rate they have less than 6 months cash when you include the 2nd round of dilution... Cash burn exceeded loss per share by about 12%.... great management.... put your faith in these fellows

    That's just the exclamation point on what was a horrific Q

    Ludlow is promising the moon while running the company into the ground.... look at what his most recent 6Qs of leadership has wrought

    and can one of you shills tell me how this new app has value when taxpayers of every jurisdiction already pay... have to pay... for the very databases that IDN accesses?

    Count Ludlow's plan is to assume that taxpayers are so dumb they will pay twice for the same information.... not to mention the liability IF IDNs app were to return some false info

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