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woodbarn 18 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 8, 2014 4:51 PM Member since: May 9, 1999
  • HepB or HBV drug has potential. I assume Assembly merger goes through. I think only 86 shareholders on record. We will see July 10, 2014. The company handling the Ventrus Proxy has been calling shareholders to vote before the meeting. Did you get a call to vote your Proxy?

  • PLX trades on NYSE Euronext which has Liquidity Providers, which hold inventory of stocks. Holding inventory provides the opportunity for stock manipulation. Protalix should move to NASDAQ where market makers do not hold inventory to facilitate trading. NASDAQ is also where most biotechs trade.

  • PLX should move to NASDAQ. PLX should move to NASDAQ. NYSE Euronext market makers hold inventory to provide liquidity for stock trading. So Euronext market makers can manipulate PLX stock if they want to. NASDAQ market makers do not hold inventory to facilitate trading. Most if not all the top biotechs trade on NASDAQ.

    I see Protalix on NYSE Markets new low list along with 4 other companies. On the "NYSE Markets" new highs list there are 7 companies, a couple of funds. So who checks out "NYSE Markets" new lows and new highs lists for investing ideas? My guess is probably few do. Moving over to NASDAQ would provide more visibility, since PLX can show up on NASDAQ new lows list, NASDAQ new highs list, NASDAQ most active, NASDAQ largest decliners and NASDAQ largest gainers.

  • Also, I think NYSE market makers hold inventory of stock. NYSE market makers can manipulate stocks to their advantage if they choose when there is little volume. NASDAQ market makers do not hold inventory. Over a hundred biotechs trade on combined NASDAQGS and NASDAQCM, including all the top, profitable ones. All shareholders tell Protalix to move stock to NASDAQ.

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    good news

    by nuselrami Jun 13, 2014 10:44 AM
    woodbarn woodbarn Jun 13, 2014 4:15 PM Flag

    Correction, Remicade biosimilars have been approved in Europe in 2013, not Enbrel biosimilars. Enbrel patent in Europe expires in 2015. I would like to see Protalix do an injection Enbrel biosimilar outsourced to a partner, while Protalix starts development of oral Anti-TNF.

    Anyway, potential blockbuster in oral Anti-TNF. You might see the company that owns Enbrel come knocking on Protalix's door. Or maybe Amgen or Pfizer might want it, since both companies currently license and market Enbrel.

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    good news

    by nuselrami Jun 13, 2014 10:44 AM
    woodbarn woodbarn Jun 13, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

    For shareholders, PLX stock has done little over the 12 years he has been CEO. Pipeline was poorly scheduled with many years between potential commercial drugs. Gaucher drug was approved in 2012. Two years later most other drugs are in phase 1. Fabry drug is still two to three years away from reaching commercial stage. I do not know timing on oral version of Elelyso. Maybe it can get accelerated approval since it is the same active protein as injection Elelyso.

    He could have found more partners. He has potential Enbrel injection biosimilar, but did not partner with any company to develop one for Europe, where the patent expired years ago. No news on TEVA partnership after they discontinued the two drugs they were developing together back in 2009. No partnerships resulted in the poorly scheduled pipeline with Protalix developing drugs by itself at a slow pace.

    So I would agree that it is good news for stock that Dr. Aviezer is retiring as CEO. Hopefully, Protalix finds a new CEO which can speed development up.

  • NYSE has low visibility for biotech stocks.

  • Most biotechs trade on NASDAQ. Very few biotechs trade on NYSE. Only 16 of the biotechs from Yahoo's Biotechnology company list trade on NYSE, and most are insignificant. But around 120 biotechs trade on NASDAQGS and NASDAQCM, which include most of biggest and profitable biotech companies. I wish Protalix's stock would move to NASDAQ.

  • NYSE has the following biotech stocks: XON,BONE,BTX,CRMD,CUR,CVM,FCSC,HEB,IG ,IMUC,INO,MSTX,PIP,PLX,RNN. Most are insignificant biotechs. XON which went public within the last year has a 2 billion market cap. Protalix made a mistake listing on NYSE. Tell whoever in charge of Protalix's stock exhange listing to move to NASDAQ. I used Yahoo's Biotech companies list.

    List of NYSE biotech stocks:
    XON nyse Intrexon Corporation
    BONE nyse Bacterin International Holdings, Inc.
    BTX nyse BioTime, Inc.
    CRMD nyse CorMedix, Inc.
    CUR nyse Neuralstem, Inc.
    CVM nyse CEL-SCI Corporation
    FCSC nyse Fibrocell Science, Inc.
    HEB nyse Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.
    IG nyse IGI Laboratories, Inc.
    IMUC nyse ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd.
    INO nyse Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    MSTX nyse Mast Therapeutics, Inc.
    PIP nyse PharmAthene, Inc.
    PLX nyse Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc.
    RNN nyse Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

  • Protalix should move to NASDAQ where most biotechs trade. Few biotechs trade on NYSE. Even the largest and profitable biotechs still trade on NASDAQ. Anyway, I sent a letter to Protalix's Investors Relation telling them to move listing to NASDAQ. Do you think they will listen?

  • Protalix has great platform. How come no takeover offers by big pharma companies?

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  • I think INSV intends to default on loan 5/15/2014, used Azasite as collateral. Is that good? So debt would be wiped clean and loaner would get ownership of the drug Azasite. Is all of companies debt, about $40 million, tied to Azasite?

  • Soltamox still dud, now 2014 Q1. GoogleTrends still shows "not enough volume to graph". But AlexaRank is up around 8 million. That is up from 16 million three months ago. So it is a mixed. I give Trends more weight as that indicates mind share from search engines.

  • Soltamox still dud, now 2014 Q1. Google Trends keyword still shows "not enough volume to graph." But I think Alexa rank is up to around 8 million. That is up from 16 million.

  • Ventrus probably working on strategy, in addition to VEN 307. Strategy is to acquire or license assets in development or pre-clinical. Company can not sit around while VEN 307 slowly goes through FDA process. And I think there are no clinical trials currently going on. With around $20 million cash, Ventrus should consider licensing commercial stage drugs to bring in some cash flow, instead of doing more development.

  • Cerezyme lost $11 million revenue in Emerging Markets in Q1 2014 quarter compared to previous quarter. Cerezyme revenue in Q1 2014, in Emerging Markets, was $56 million down from $67 million from Q4 2013 quarter, or a drop of -$11 million. Total Cerezyme revenue dropped $13 million from Q1 2014 quarter from Q4 2013 quarter. If you compare Q1 2014 to Q1 2013, revenue dropped $3 million, to $168 million.

    VPRIV total revenue dropped $3.9 million in Q1 2014 quarter compared to previous quarter. In Q1 2014, VPRIV revenue was $86.9 million down from $90.8 million in Q4 2013 quarter. If you compare Q1 2014 to Q1 2013, revenue rose $5 million, to $86.9 million. I think VPRIV does not have much market share in Brazil.

    Maybe Protalix's Elelyso gained some revenue in Emerging Markets. Brazil agreement started in 2014. Question is how much revenue. I think Protalix said Brazil ordered around $40 million until June 2015. So that would make it around $7 to $8 million a quarter.

    Anyway, Protalix has a plant cell platform for producing biosimilars and biobetters. It is a potential takeover target for larger companies seeking to extend into those areas. Plant cell manufacturing is cheaper than using hamster ovary cells. I would like to see platform used on blockbuster drugs. So far target has been mostly orphan drugs. Protalix working on oral Enbrel biobetter drug. Company should consider also doing an injection Enbrel biosimilar. A couple of Enbrel biosimilars have been approved in Europe.

  • Khedezla has unproven and unknown revenues. Par Pharma launched it late last year. Did Par Pharma give up rights to market the drug or will Par still sell Khedezla after Pernix launches it? If Par gave up rights, maybe revenue was not so good. It remains to be seen how much revenue Khedezla can generate. My first impression is it has a hard to remember name and probably will have a difficult time taking market share. It has to compete against Prestiq and I think there are two other bioequivalent drugs like Khedezla. Also, it has to compete against other ADHD drugs. So I just recommend not falling for the hype that the market size is around $700 million for branded Prestiq. Pernix plans to sell Khedezla as a cheaper alternative to Prestiq.

    Interesting PTX is holding up well. I sold off the other half of my shares, so I am out for now and not sure if I am coming back in unless stock drops.

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