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    Next Material Used in Communications and Computing

    by x993231 Nov 18, 2015 7:32 AM
    x993231 x993231 Dec 29, 2015 8:14 AM Flag

    Material is ready, Looks like the Poling is ready, Device is Ready. In the process of putting said material in Device. If this works heads will turn, light transistors replacing tubes. Going to be an explosive year.

    Plastic controlling Light Using Electric that is compatible with CMOS and Silicon,

    Fred Leonberger formerly of JDSU (credited with inventing todays legacy modulator technology) has been helping, Just as Joe Miller formerly Senior Vice President of Corning, currently Lebby is now running the operations committee what was he just doing just before joining Lightwave?
    " In 2015, Dr. Lebby completed a set of industry roadmaps for integrated photonics technologies over the next decade as part of the Federally funded IMI (Institute of Manufacturing Innovation) competition. These roadmaps layout industry needs for 400Gbps, 800Gbps and beyond.

    X Gotta Run

  • This lightwavian is happy for you guys. Congratulations, Avi is making a run stacking this legacy technology like multiple engines in the dragsters of the 70’s, honestly we are going in 2 different directions now since the Lumeras polymer technology was given away, so it is not really the same game.

    Keep an eye on Lightwave perhaps in the DuPont, Dow, Dow Corning, Hemlock oh and did I mention Corning may have some sort of effect.

    Good Luck Guys

    I made my decision on this when it was like 60 Bucks a share, remember guys when Avi took over it was 15 bucks, I still remember when that cat (Boca was his name) in florida sold at $8.00 what was his name I truly hope that you get back to atleast that level.

    Wish you well, always divide by 8
    I made the right call.
    Shoot nothing usually happens between the holidays, not this year.

  • Stability has always been the Achilles Heel preventing polymers from being used to replace inorganic materials (which cannot be modified) in the move from Electrons to Photons.

    Well the Folks at Lightwave Logic have just proven the stability of their material. As I understand it there are Dozens of companies knocking on their door. I will not say that the share price will move in a straight line up but…

    As the world begins to understand that Plastic (Compatible with Silicon) is The Future of Computing, Communications, Gaming, Medical We’ll see what happens (I’ve followed this for over 10 years now) grab some and sit on it or try to time it either way do a little home work on this.

    Light will Replace Electricity in computing it will play out in an epic battle just like
    fight between the original D.C. Electric and A.C.,

    or Vacuum Tubes vs. transistors then eventually Silicon Yes Lightwave Logic Polymer, the world can not longer ignore it.

    Mark My Words,
    Good Luck Folks

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