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  • So what Ponzi is trying to tell us is that LPC waited until the last 20minutes of the trading day Which Also Happens to be the day before a holiday (when most traders went home) and sold 25k shares (at a $5k loss) a week or two after Lightwave announces yet another variety of molecules, which totally makes no sense. Sorry Ponz but I don’t think so, I’d say that lil move was intentional to push the share price down tolower the bar so they can #$%$ it up at a better price in the short term.

    So once again we disagree, I’d say if Lincoln wants to sell they will run it up. I’m kind of hoping that we are near the end of our need for that kind of financing and we can move on, IMO when that happens it’ll run for a few different reasons, we won’t have the LPC dollar artificial necklace anymore and LPC will let this run wild so they can take some short term shares on probably half of their investment. Any way you look at it guys there truly cannot be enough shares inn play on any given day once it is understood what Lightwave has, once we start trading in the Million shares per day arena it will quickly wash out some and take the playing out of the others.

    Once again it comes back to Ponzis anger over Gig it was at $50 to $60 Bucks a share when I made that call and jumped in here and he still cannot admit that I’m right, sorry about your luck son. Well Swenson has just been convicted, another I told you so.

    I put my money on LWLG and I’m keeping it there, I’m not questioning the technology over moves of a few shares here and there, but I will admit that Lightwaves PR game leaves a lot to be desired. Easy cheesy 80 cent to $2.40 in the next 3 months, 6 at most. Yup I’ll be buying in 8 market days.


  • Whoever it was that asked I’m still here been working hard, but I’ve got a little hiatus planned this weekend. Bust I’m glad you were able to get out but honestly you probably shouldn’t look back. IMO this Corning thing is huge, I won’t elaborate but you notice that Gig is no longer playing in this space so once again I was correct, oh and that Swenson thing, Correct again, now Gig is touting the old outdated technology as the future, it may work for them for a while with the low information investors but once they look back and see what Avi had based his business plan on only to realize that they just gave ½ of it away and is playing switcharoo. Sorry to post about Gig but we appear to have more Gig posters on this board than Lightwavians (as Hal used to say). As for the Corning thing, Miller and Glasgow know exactly what Corning had, look at the products developed by Corning under their tenures Gorilla glass, etc.,,,, view the “a day made in glass” video for their visions. Guys he gave up a position on the BOD at Dow - Corning think about that for a minute.
    I’m still here and yes this taken a long time, but I guess creating a super computer that you can fit on a finger nail doesn’t happen in a day, IMO we will play in that space someday. This will be an exciting year here mark My Words. I’d bet on something in the single mode arena will happen first, let us see how I do.
    Good Luck to EveryOne
    Gotta Run

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    by reardon_steel_2000 Apr 8, 2014 11:39 AM
    x993231 x993231 Apr 8, 2014 6:38 PM Flag

    12Pack I think that you will find that there are a ton of Corning Patents (Mingqian He Sr. Research Associate at Corning) that need exactly what Lightwave Logic has. If you look you will notice Corning's former Exec V.P. Joe Miller and CTO Lou Glasgow are hanging their hats over there. For those techies you will see Fred Leonberger former JDSU modulator wiz bang credited with creating todays Telcom Mods is there as well. Followed this for 10 years now almost since it was created, all that I can say is that it about time. Win/Win. If anyone cares to look at it check out the Ihub board. I'm thinking single mode although multimode is also possible.

    Good Luck guys this will be win/win for both


  • Do you guys realize that the Lumera shareholders were given 3 Million shares for the rights to the super duper (Fragile) molecule, uh oh plus some assets taken from a company where the owners were not compensated and now they are awarding 1/2 that much to the employees on an annual basis. Guys on top of the 1 for 8 reverse split they already delivered I think another reverse split may be in the cards soon over there. I know that somehow you will think that it is my fault but honestly unless you follow this closely an outsider will not know who Gig is.

    Good Luck to my friends at Gig.

  • x993231 x993231 Mar 18, 2014 7:26 AM Flag

    Too Funny, Nice Try, I mean how many people do you think actually even read the Yahoo Message board anymore. it used to be a pretty decent format but they ruined it, so even if you knew what you were talking about you'd only get through to one guy sitting in his Moms basement in his underwear trading 100 shares a clip. Yes I agree LPC isn't the best vehicle but it did get them off their duff and they are rolling. Remember $500 per device it what is needed to turn the world upside cost, the cost will be about $200 to make not a bad business model.

    We are rolling, shoot if you think this is going to fail bet every penny that you have and short it.

    Good Luck

  • Fact a $1,000 investment in LWLG Oct 2006 is now worth $1475, Not great but get a load of this.

    A $1,000 investment in Oct 2006 in the wonderful Gig Optix is Optix is worth $22

    Just prior tho that the funding was pulled from LIghtwave and Given to Gigs predecessor in an effort to squash the (Goetzs) Lightwave technology. Well, Well Well, here we are in 2013 Lightave finally has what that funding would have given the Goetzs back in the day. Hold on to your shorts Ponz because soon enough unless Avi can somehow get some of Lightaves Perkinamine you about to get slammed in the shorts again, it will take a few months to play out.

    I am still in the process of being proven right, you however with you 22 Dollars will NEVER be right.

    Mark my words folks I called it in 2006, Death Spiral, you tell me where the death spiral occurred?

    We All good, the timing though, wow what a bummer, this is right were we would have been with that funding, Lightwave however would not have gone public. A Curse and a Blessing.

    Love X

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    LWLG Fails to mention any revenue on PR's Why?

    by lwlg_or_bust Feb 12, 2014 9:50 AM
    x993231 x993231 Feb 19, 2014 7:59 AM Flag

    Fair enough comment aggs, nope to date they haven’t sold anything, this is now proceeding as it should have 10 years ago, finally as of 1 ½ - 2 years ago it has set sail (thanks to the Miller and Z move). I think they need a large indisputable backer to lend cred to the Perk and between Fred Leonberrger, Joe Miller and this new BOD member I think you’ll see that in the first half of the year, (IMO the Lab move was part of that). In addition to the LADAR thing (Turpin has been brainstorming for years now) I see a telcom modulator on the horizon and in the $500 price range it will rock the industry, but actual mass production is a couple years off. IMO we will not see that day, LWLG will as I’ve always said get bought out. Oh and also as I’ve always said, Gig’s molecule is too expensive to protect therefore it does not fit into the Moores law parameters and for that reason is not and has not been accepted. Perhaps If Gig can produce a 400 gig modulator for what they want for their 40 Gig mods it may be accepted. Even Avi admits the 40 Gig was a flop (but he didn't tell you that at the time he just awarded himself shares).

    Now back to Gig seriously Aggs if that offer doesn’t have a lock out period Gig is going to stay in this price range for while as they dump, the low float thing will change the ability to manipulate the price remember that going forward. Oh and Lightwave is still around a Buck, over the years Lightwave has held up over 100 fold better than Gig remember my call at the time (I chuckle when you tells tell us how smart you are), remember it went from like 60 bucks a share and if you take the reverse split out of the picture it would be about 20 Cents. I think Avi is out for Avi, Lol I was going to post but I didn’t when someone was wondering where the equipment went last quarter I thought that I should say they gave it back to the actual owners, (you know what I’m talking about).

    Good Luck, You just suffered 1/3 dilution AGAIN


  • x993231 x993231 Feb 14, 2014 8:27 AM Flag

    oops I counted that first 20 cents twice. ii is only half or $700 K still not a bad hit for couple month's work.

    Gotta Run


  • So if there is no lock out and they paid $1.42 per share and are able to sell half of them ( 3.5 million) for $1.62 per share the remaining 3 ½ million shares will have a basis of $1.22 and if they turn around and sell those for $1.42 they will make 1.4 Million dollar & mil x 20 cents. I wondered how they sold that offering in a week. I’m not bashing I’m just not sure the good folks out there understand that. I’d recommend checking on the lockout period because that doesn’t sound correct. For the time being I’d say this will continue to close in this price range, I’m not bashing just working the math, I absolutely 100% do not agree that they sold that offering free to trade. Please , Please, Please correct me if I’m wrong and check my math, 7 million shares is one heck of head wind guys.

    Sorry for posting.

    Gotta Run


  • x993231 x993231 Feb 10, 2014 8:13 AM Flag

    Yes sir I am, some folks have trouble understanding what Chi3 and SLMs are. Just as J.P.Morgan (Dad) could not the future the uses for electricity, vacuum cleaners washing machines and George Foreman grills let me give you a little vision if you would of what BLN is working on.

    A drone circling a battlefield using ladar and you have an SLM a back at headquarters with a scaled down live 3-d Image in the center of the room. And the ability to identify the key players on the field, follow me now.

    How about this, 6 Seals parachute in while a drone circles over head, each has a live display inside their helmet that they can view, if they want they could flip it around and project it on the ground in front so everyone is exactly on the same page. Because it is also to scale, distance to target would be obvious. And the ability to identify the key players on the field, color coded in priority.

    How about a couple fighters on a mission each has LADAR and can feed the information back to headquarters and share with each other constantly updating conditions, locations etc.

    Think 3d, you have an assembly line with a system scanning the product and a 3-d image in front of you, it checks the tolerances and scans for defects rear time.

    You have a terrorist walking down the street in New York, the red light camera is also feeding a database checking facial features, and have a camera at the TSA checking real time for hits. Think a Billion times faster that today’s technology.

    This type of technology could enable scans and solving crimes at the speed that they show on CSI.

    It bring s whole new meaning to big brother and honestly it could get scary but the uses are pretty much endless.


    And no I'm not selling into this, honestly I'm not sure how the market will digest this news, but unless they can provide a compelling case I don't base my decisions on what others say.

  • Hard tell just how many how many will get the significance of an SLM with this kind of speed and low power (Think R2D2 and the princess). Perkinamine NR has Light Controlling Light, Chi3 properties and whatever they just figured out with mixing Indigo (or whatever) must have done it . This is why Turpin has been hanging around. It really won’t matter what anyone says if they can hammer it out, shoot if is it only a Million times faster that is awesome, but if you remember during an update call about a year ago Turpin said that they are shooting for 1 Billion times taster, I hit the question button and said I think you mean a Million, Terry said No I Mean 1 Billion Times faster. The Perkinamine molecule can go to excited and fully relax in a Fempto second, that same thing as what a second is to 37 Million years. It is Cheap to produce and does not require expensive protection from the elements probably just a plastic box. This makes it light weight.

    The stock is 1 Dollar, LOL, this is just a single Billion dollar market out of atleast 20. Do you homework, hit the Ihub site, read the web site, but most importantly when you look at the uses look at the backgrounds of the board members and employees, the Board rivals any fortune 500 board out there.

    It is becoming clearer why the moved the lab to Boulder, has anyone looked to see who else has offices in that area?


    2014 is going to be bangin folks, yes they will be bought out once 100% proven LIghtwave will not be afforded the luxury of controlling the Optical Computing and Communication Markets, let alone the military uses.


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    What does "IF SUCCESSFUL" tell you?

    by ponzistocks Feb 9, 2014 10:56 AM
    x993231 x993231 Feb 9, 2014 11:17 AM Flag

    You sound worried. Thanks for the warning, perhaps you should call Terry Turpin Former NSA guy that left and went on to Essex which was bought out by Northrop and set him straight. (that was His technology) Just google terry turpin shoe box nsa and read the first couple of links. He has been waiting and waiting and waiting for this.

    So Ponzi do you own Gig Optix is that why you post here? It is OK, honestly I'm not sure, But Gig Molecule will not work for this use so it is of no threat.


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    This is rehashed news from Wed, Aug 21, 2013

    by ponzistocks Feb 7, 2014 1:09 PM
    x993231 x993231 Feb 9, 2014 11:00 AM Flag

    Oh when it is time they will be able to scale this up, Joe Miller has done in numerous times as the CTO at Both DuPont and Corning. As information the day I stopped in the lab unannounced there 5 bottles with I’d guess about a table spoon in each at the sputtering station. That small amount goes a very long way. But I agree that back in the Day when it was just the Goetzs and Andrew it seemed like it took months to make a graham. (I have very, very small amount of that Perkinamine if all goes well it will end up in a museum some day, if not it will be the most expensive 1” glass vessel ever purchases, Lol)

    Oh and I agree an getting back to my life. I’ll be glad when this is over and they are bought out because I spend entirely too much time correcting nonsense, made up posts on the boards.


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    This is rehashed news from Wed, Aug 21, 2013

    by ponzistocks Feb 7, 2014 1:09 PM
    x993231 x993231 Feb 9, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    You've got it bad if you are posting on a Sunday, Actually Boulder Nonlinear had "back burnered" this project with Lightave at least a year ago, looking back I'd say they were propable waiting on the Lab to iron out an issue with perkinamine, Well guess what, it appears they have worked out the budgs BNL and the Department of Defense have apparently blessed it and given a thumbs up to move forward. I think that this something that Terry Turpin (former NSA optical computing gure) has been working on. The announcement is of the Purchase Order, not of the project.

    In my opinion they were working on this all along but it wasn't funded, you will notice that statement is past tense. Not sure how long it will take to proceed to Phase II on this particular project, but Lightwave has a lot of Billion dollar irons in the fire and Perkinamine has unique qualities to unlock them. Ponz I would highly recommend that you take a position here or if you are short back off on you liability because in my opinion they are turning up the heat. and the shorts could get burned. As always I could be wrong on the timing.

    Good Luck with whatever in the heck you are trying to do because honestly I still haven't figured out what you think you are doing or working on here. Shoot if you are short just say so, I don't care it won't affect the science.



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    Joe Miller Just attested to the Technology

    by x993231 Feb 7, 2014 1:50 PM
    x993231 x993231 Feb 7, 2014 2:11 PM Flag

    You have to admit, funny, you take that name Ponz then post over here from Gig optix. Do Not Believe me,,,,, Just google Swenson, DBSI Gig Optix. Too funny, you can not make this stuff up. The first 100 reports that show up, LOL. Dude, uh Ponz, I mean really?

    So yes I’ll bet on Joe Miller, Terry Turpin, Fred Leonberger etc. and you bet on Swenson and Avi.

    Then google Turpin Gilder and shoe box and read the first hyperfine article of what turpin did with the ol shoe box at the NSA.

    Yep history means a lot, you gohead with Swenson and Avi now, go ahead, move along son, move along, LOL


  • Joseph A. Miller, Jr., was the executive vice president and Chief Technology Offi cer of Corning Incorporated. He had been with Corning since July 2001. Before joining Corning, Miller was Chief Technology Officer and senior vice president for research & development at E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Inc. He came to DuPont in 1966 as a research chemist in polymer science; he also worked in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. Miller received a B.S. from Virginia Military Institute and a PhD in chemistry from Penn State University. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the Industrial Research Institute and is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was on the boards of Greatbatch, Inc., and Dow Corning. Joe Miller Quit, resigned both boards when he joined Lightwave, think about that, why not atleast stay on at Greatbatch? Use that Gray matter.

    I'm putting my money on Him, hang on Ponz oh, uh what are your credentials again?


  • "The material we delivered is the product and result of the new synthesis process we recently announced."

    I'll bet you that we did not wait on the money and were kinda sorta "working on the Come"

    if so I'm Not sure how far the next award will be.

    You heard Q, Because of what has come before us, (Ponzi's digs) "This has very much became a 'Show Me' technology" Something like that.


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    by poboy222 Feb 7, 2014 1:12 PM
    x993231 x993231 Feb 7, 2014 1:20 PM Flag

    Probably wishful thinking but I just looked and if you are just goofing off and have nothing better to do. - - The replay of the conference call is scheduled to begin at 2:00pm ET and will run through 5:00pm ET on Tuesday, February 11, 2014. To listen, dial 855-859-2056 or 800-585-8367 (U.S.) or 404-537-3406 (International), passcode 14794808. The webcast will be archived for 1 year following the call.

    I'm already all in so it isn't that important to me today, it is not like I'm going to try and make a play.

    Let us Hope So.

    Either Leonberger, the new Cat out west or Miller I have no doubt one of these days is going to put something together for us.


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    by poboy222 Feb 7, 2014 1:12 PM
    x993231 x993231 Feb 7, 2014 1:14 PM Flag

    Well now that you bring it up they are having some kind of investor meeting this afternoon aren't they?

  • x993231 x993231 Feb 7, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    Hey I say buy all you can below a buck, but that is just me, as always what do I no? (lol know)

    ; )

    Be careful, easy now, don't ben ver to pick up that dollar to pick up a dime.

    Just Saying.


    Ponz, gotta go in 92 minutes.

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