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  • yougoshortwhileigolong yougoshortwhileigolong Apr 28, 2015 2:39 PM Flag

    Well I have to say I like the numbers your throwing out there!

    Keeping fingers crossed.

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong yougoshortwhileigolong Apr 28, 2015 1:48 PM Flag

    Who exactly has seized control? This could be just day traders...doesn't take many to generate volume when stock is at .34 then again there is a ton of illegal #$%$ that takes place so who knows...maybe "someone" or some company is building one huge position for the buyout.
    I'm not expecting no $1.00+ buyout....I think the best we can hope for would be maybe .70?

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  • Why is this trading like there is pending BK or something? They just closed on secondary for .56 so what gives?

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong by yougoshortwhileigolong Apr 27, 2015 9:37 AM Flag

    http ://helpos tk/

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong yougoshortwhileigolong Apr 16, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    While ICBC said it will pay $316 million for 75 percent of Tekstil, NBG may get a better price, according to Haydar Acun, an asset manager at Sardis Turkish equity fund. In ICBC’s case, “the buyer’s motive was to buy a bank license ticket to enter Turkey,” he said. “In Finansbank’s case, the buyer will buy into the bank’s prospects and future profitability.”

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong yougoshortwhileigolong Apr 16, 2015 1:26 PM Flag

    1 Euro equals 1.07 dollar

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong by yougoshortwhileigolong Apr 13, 2015 3:19 PM Flag

    3) While they were actively seeking a partner and meeting with multiple tech companies. not too long passed until Joe Abrams (co founder of MySpace) became their advisor. From my Deduction/common sense and the following events.. He was the missing piece of their puzzle and sealed the deal for them.. he probably advised them exactly what to do, gave them money and allowed new relationships to finish out their device. It's better than VOIS giving away equity in the company.

    4) Not too long after, they selected a Design Firm in California to design/model the One Sensor Device (that we see today)

    5) In August, for the first time, we got to see the rendered image of the what's now known as the SYNAPSE. it was beautiful, sleek and portable.

    6) Then we got to see an interview where Fouch was wearing the device and talking about what it can do.. These were the prototypes. Note: he tells us they will be ready for launch EARLY 2015. He also tells us a lot of very important information that should be noted.

    7) We were provided a simple in house video showing their BCI device in action in a necessary, essential warm up application which indicates it's signal strength and that it works. Without working with this warm up stage app, the device simply would not work. In that video they state exactly what it can do publicly.. That is works and been tested on over 100 apps currently on the market. A lot of critical information is revealed in this video.

    8) We received a PR saying that all Beta Testing were successfully completed and surpassed expectations.

    9) For a few months we were provide updates/timelines which involved mainly final thorough testing of the components and securing commitments for these suppliers.. They also had slight adjustments to the ergonomic design. Bear in mind, this last stage before manufacturing is critical bc this is where they go out and negotiate terms/commitments from multiple suppliers of their components for the best deal/price per unit etc. This comprises of multiple electronic pieces.. They have to ensure they are getting the best quality, best price and that they work.. AS the company said.. they only have one chance to get it right.

    10) They announce the name of their BCI Device - SYNAPSE, very cool, catchy name. Better than I or many others could of ever imagined.

    11) February 24th we got a massive PR telling us ( a lot of in between the lines reading) that they are going to start Phase 1 of their Mass Worldwide Awareness Campaign on Bloomberg Asia/Europe, Newsmax, Investment Fact Sheets and more. .This is just phase 1 mind you. They wouldn't be doing this unless they are very very close to launch everyone. If you go back to the interview and even email correspondences, the company has been telling us that this stage wasn't going to happen until they were ready to launch the SYNAPSE. It really doesn't get any more clearer than that.

    March 26th- Company Announces Pre Orders which they said going to announce previously in PR’s. Company follows through with what said going to do..

    April 1st- company announces that tooling/manufacturing began and product launches in 12 weeks.



    In conclusion, VOIS has done everything so far that they said going to do. They have completed a significant amount of obstacles and milestones. They aren't just providing us fluff to excite us and never follow through. Since I have been here (over a year) they have done everything. This is why I'm heavily invested here and staying long. Above is all the DD I need and all that matters. It may of been an expensive trip to get to this stage, but that's what going public is partly about. And any focus on "how much" it cost them should be made out as a Red Flag. The most important thing here with $VOIS is:


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  • yougoshortwhileigolong by yougoshortwhileigolong Apr 13, 2015 3:05 PM Flag


    REAL DD: DD that matters and more in depth and follows through.

    Many ( I bet ) haven't looked at the PR's here in the last year to see how the story has been unfolding beautifully. Below are the key moments and events unfolding (timeline).. Bear in mind, that through each obstacle and step MSI / VOIS passed- beforehand, we heard from naysayers here that they would never get to each step or pass it. Every time a goal scored, the goal post got moved further back for them.. VOIS has done everything they say going to do.

    1) Early last year, VOIS sat down with Microsoft.. obviously MSI had the goods to get their attention and sit down.. bear in mind. this is before the design/prototype or any of the recent months developments existed.. The reason Microsoft didn't move forward was due to the social mass accepting the tech and still in infancy (at that time). Their Loss .. VOIS gain. And maybe Microsoft made lowball offer or maybe MSI was very protective of what they showing due to the Tech World being Pirates (as Jobs and Gates know)

    2) VOIS was PR ing that they were actively seeking some kind of partner to finish completion of the device.. Obviously it's very expensive to R&D, Design, Tooling, Manufacturing, Beta Testing, Marketing etc.. Especially when we are talking about a revolutionary device that can read your brain waves and convert them into commands/actions on electronic devices.

    BEAR IN MIND- the SEC does not take lightly to companies PR ing that they sat with Microsoft or that they been approached by big tech companies etc.. in fact, I've been told that often times, they will contact MSI and make them verify everything they say.. This can take 1-2 days sometimes.

    3) While they were actively seeking a partner and meeting with multiple tech companies. not too long passed until Joe Abrams (co founder of MySpace) became their advisor. From my Deduction/common sense and the following events.. He was th

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong by yougoshortwhileigolong Mar 29, 2015 9:55 PM Flag

    We wouldn't be trading at a buck and change if everything was rosy...I'm betting things get worked out.

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  • Athens has said it sent a reform list on Friday. The measures are meant to raise 3 billion euros and exclude "recessionary measures" such as wage and pension cuts.

    But creditors said the list was more a collection of ideas than something that could be presented to the Eurogroup.

    "Greece did not submit a reform list on Friday. They just showed some ideas over the weekend. The discussions from Friday to Sunday were meant to help the Greeks prepare a list for tomorrow," one senior euro zone official said.

    "We still look forward to receiving something on Monday," the official said. In their current form, the Greek ideas were not specific enough to win the approval of lenders.

    "As they stand, they lack detail and much more technical work will be needed for them to flesh them out into something sufficiently comprehensive and credible to be put to the Eurogroup," a second euro zone official said.

    Asked how long that work might take, the official said:

    "I would guess several more days. It would not be in Greece's interest to submit something which is not going to fly. Better to take time to prepare it properly," the official said.

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  • The prime minister underlined that the so-called fifth review does not exist anymore and that the Greek authorities will have the responsibility to draw up and implement the list of reforms.

    He also said that in the summit meeting it was reaffirmed, on the highest possible level, that Greece is faced with a humanitarian crisis that will have to be addressed jointly.

    The prime minister underlined that there is no problem of short-term liquidity for the Greek economy, adding that “our obligations to the citizens and the European institutions will be met, while bank deposits are secure.”

    He called on the Greek citizens to be calm and noted that “we will not be overcome by the atmosphere of insecurity,” warning that those who want to play with the stability of the Greek economy and the banking system try in vain.

    The recession measures are over, Tsipras repeated.

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong by yougoshortwhileigolong Mar 20, 2015 1:05 PM Flag

    What a difference 24 hours makes

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong by yougoshortwhileigolong Mar 20, 2015 11:33 AM Flag

    EU leaders say Greece has agreed to come up with a new reform plan within days to secure the additional bailout funds required to prevent bankruptcy.

    The development came after marathon talks between Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders in Brussels.

    Mr Tsipras said he was now "more optimistic" after the meeting.

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  • (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the euro zone's main paymaster, said on Friday Greece would only receive fresh funds to ease a cash crunch once its creditors approve a comprehensive list of reforms it has promised to present soon.

    However, she signaled some flexibility on what reforms Athens would have to make, and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker offered leftist Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a sweetener by saying 2 billion euros from the European Union budget were available to ease the humanitarian impact of five years of austerity measures.

    Both leaders were speaking after Tsipras promised euro zone leaders in overnight talks on the sidelines of an EU summit that his government would move swiftly to present a full economic reform package in a drive to avert bankruptcy.

    After two months of growing frustration on both sides since Tsipras was elected with a mandate to end austerity, he held three hours of talks with the leaders of Germany, France and the main EU institutions to try to break an impasse that risks sending Athens stumbling out of the euro zone.

    A joint statement by the EU institutions spoke of a "spirit of mutual trust" and Tsipras said he now felt more optimistic, but it remained uncertain whether he and Merkel were talking about the same reforms, and how far Greece would have to start implementing them before it receives any new cash.

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  • BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union has two billion euros (1.45 billion pounds) ready for Greece to use in projects that would boost the country's economic growth potential, cut youth unemployment and help the poorest citizens, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said.

    The Commission has already set up a team of officials to help Greece absorb the money as part of its efforts to help alleviate what Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calls a "humanitarian crisis" after years of recession, Juncker told a news conference.

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong by yougoshortwhileigolong Mar 20, 2015 9:22 AM Flag

    I think The Greek PM now is coming to his senses and being a bit more responsible...time will tell

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  • yougoshortwhileigolong by yougoshortwhileigolong Mar 20, 2015 8:56 AM Flag

    Germany’s Minister for European Affairs said Thursday Berlin may increase its contribution to a German-Greek fund, potentially paving the way for a compromise to Athens demanding World War II reparations.

    The so-called Future Fund was launched in 2014 with a yearly budget of one million euros ($1.06 million), earmarked for socio-economic projects promoting the reconciliation between the two nations.

    "If our offer is met with sufficient interest by Greece, I am open to a readjustment of the fund," Michael Roth of the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) told the Handelsblatt daily.

    His comments echo those of conservative politician Rudolf Kiesetter -- a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) -- who has also suggested increasing the Future Fund.

    Although Germany has repeatedly rejected reparation demands, several members of the Green Party have sided with Greece and called for the creation of a fund for Greek victims of #$%$ crimes.

    In early February, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said his country had a "moral obligation" to claim payment from Germany for atrocities committed by the #$%$s during their four years of occupation, and for a forced wartime loan of 11 million euros.

    A working group set up by the Greek government estimated that the total amount due in reparations was 162 billion euros -- almost half of Athens’ debt.

    Responding to Tsipras, Germany’s economy minister insisted that a line had been drawn under "all these issues" in legal terms when the two former Germanys signed a treaty with the Allies in 1990, which is considered the formal end of World War II.

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