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    6 million shares ah?

    by doubledeallllllll Feb 27, 2015 5:09 PM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 1, 2015 1:20 PM Flag

    Hey thanks for're very considerate...for a GUY that likes lattes....HMMM good thing you're not giving advice on women...

  • The Biologic License Application for Bristol-Myers’ PD-1 in squamous cancer was accepted LAST WEEK. The PDUFA was set in June. It was approved today. This is the fastest approval I’ve seen in my 15 year career.

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    Possible scenarios

    by terry_insmed Mar 12, 2015 5:59 AM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 12, 2015 7:54 AM Flag

    Some folks here don't seem to understand this isn't an act of democracy. If the board is
    approached by an suitor regardless of price, they are required to consider it. If they deem the
    offer as providing a correct return on investment for the shareholders, they will issue a proxy
    statement of such. The shareholders will get a vote, but unfortunately for some the majority of
    the shareholders are institutional, and they will control the basis of the decision. We smaller shareholders will not get much say.

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    Will open under $17/shr Monday

    by rsevone Mar 14, 2015 12:15 PM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 14, 2015 3:00 PM Flag

    Oh hell no...put this news on Snapchat...I for one want to see a picture of
    the idiot that made this post..If you had news this big,,why would it only fall to
    17?,,why not 12..?? Old quote..better to be thought a fool, than to post on
    a message board, and prove it a fact...

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    Fidelity - FMR LLC.....

    by insmhistorian Mar 15, 2015 2:19 PM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 15, 2015 9:41 PM Flag

    First of all,,the institutional owners here don't react to some of the emotional thoughts the small
    investor does. Those folks have people employed to looks in depth at the value of the products
    that INSM might bring to market, and for what length of time those products will generate revenue.
    They then consider at what expense the drug can be produced and marketed, and then they
    ascertain what the true margins will be. Out of that they extrapolate the rate of return of the drugs
    INSM represents. After they do a profit workup, they then come to the conclusion of what the true
    value of INSM is projected to be, and then consider the time value of money. That's the number they
    will be willing to take for their stock, and not before...As much as I think they could get an offer for
    about 60 or so,,I don't really think the board will take it..The longer INSM stays independent, the more
    valuable it becomes..As far as some of us that have been invested here..We've suffered so many
    heartbreaks, and setbacks, I assure all that read this board, we are not easy to discourage, or to
    manipulate into selling..We are the equivalent in the stock ownership world of the fans of the
    Cleveland Browns, or Cleveland Cav, or the Cleveland Indians. or just about anything else Cleveland.

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    Come on, close at $21.55.....

    by insmhistorian Mar 18, 2015 9:54 AM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 18, 2015 11:04 AM Flag

    To me,,the simplest way to say it is,,,there are currently more buyers, then sellers..
    Matter of fact, there may be a lot more buyers,,but they can't exercise their intentions
    without blowing the share price up too far...which makes it even more expensive for
    them to increase their positions...

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    SEC Filing Form 8-K Investor Presentation

    by ries123 Mar 24, 2015 8:25 AM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 24, 2015 8:28 AM Flag

    This is a pretty in depth presentation,,and it is impressive...If you had any questions
    as to where Lewis is going..this is gonna answer them..

  • Just like the selloff...this is on small voume..Not complaining, but it is rather telling..
    I still like today's presentation update..very impressive..INSM will struggle to keep from
    getting bought out...

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    Up big today..

    by zake1 Mar 24, 2015 11:13 AM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 24, 2015 6:13 PM Flag

    Historian., the reason I say this is to me pretty simple..and no disrespect intended towards you.
    This presentation is very complete,,matter of fact, incredibly complete..but not only as a
    presentation, but as a business pathway for a complete, and intense product suite rollout. I have
    seen business plans,, and this is one of the most complete. They aren't talking to investors,,or
    investment funds...they are telling large suitors,,here is what you need,,buy it, and follow the
    dots..everything is plug and play..As far as I'm concerned, and I have over 80,000 shares on the
    line to back it up..This just cleared any questions a suitor might have had because they hadn't
    factored in some small issues..All issues are covered, including other assets (IPLEX) I do expect
    this to continue to run up to a number that makes it easier to buy it..No one wants to jump from
    22.00 to 60.00,,but it's palatable to run from 40.00 to a much higher number..

  • Almost like clockwork, the biotech tape began a meltdown yesterday, a little over 1 year since we went through this last time. Once again, we see misguided concerns regarding the biotech valuations, which unfortunately represent a blend of the true earnings growth companies as well as those which are just ramping into earnings growth and thus have disproportionately high but not representative P/E multiples…Obviously 2014 turned out to be a stellar year for biotech, and we believe industry fundamentals remain strong. 2015 should still be a good year for the industry, once we pass through this latest round of selling…

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    by thinkabout086 Mar 26, 2015 11:09 AM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 27, 2015 8:13 AM Flag

    I'm not only down the price of an SUV, but the gas station that was gonna supply it..
    But,,I'll make it back up eventually..

  • zake1 zake1 Mar 27, 2015 6:49 PM Flag

    Simply was just approved yesterday, and end of day, and was required
    to be announced within 24 hours, as it is a material event..They wouldn't have
    been permitted to wait until Monday..Let's all rejoice in the fact that it is a

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    New Public Offering of 10 - 11.5 million shares

    by blasedp31 Mar 30, 2015 4:26 PM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 30, 2015 4:56 PM Flag

    I will give you credit,,you where right..I really don't see the down side of this capital raise..If it was
    done for anywhere near 20.00 bucks a share,,,as it will raise, (with the over subscription) approx.
    215 million dollars...I think one has to understand this is what it takes to advance a drug world
    wide..This will probably be interpreted by the market as a positive, as, whoever is putting up the
    cash, has done their due diligence, and feels they will see a good return on investment..It also takes
    the amount of shares owned by institutions higher..Lewis is obviously gearing up for commercial

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    New Public Offering of 10 - 11.5 million shares

    by blasedp31 Mar 30, 2015 4:26 PM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 30, 2015 4:58 PM Flag

    This is what will push the share price above 30.00...

  • zake1 zake1 Mar 30, 2015 5:20 PM Flag

    Read the last part of this paragraph from form 424B5
    We intend to use the net proceeds from this offering to fund further clinical development of ARIKAYCE for patients with NTM lung disease and for CF patients with Pseudomonas lung infections, to fund our efforts to obtain regulatory approvals and commercialize ARIKAYCE for NTM and Pseudomonas in CF, to invest in increased third-party manufacturing capacity in anticipation of possible commercial launch of ARIKAYCE in Europe and the United States, to fund further clinical development of INS1009 for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension, and the balance to fund working capital, potential debt repayment, capital expenditures, general research and development, and other general corporate purposes, which may include the acquisition or in-license of additional compounds, product candidates, technology or businesses.

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    Unreal-----Thanks a bunch Lewis----------

    by blueyedcatch Mar 30, 2015 4:29 PM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 30, 2015 7:54 PM Flag

    What all here have to consider is this move isn't because INSM wanted to, it's because the suitor that is wanting to take this out basically asked INSM to finance a portion of their own takeover.
    With this move INSM now has the vast majority of the funds necessary to bring this drug, and it's delivery system to market world wide. This is even more a ready made business model complete with all necessary financing already done. INSM is now plug and play..Also in doing this INSM is now in position to be able to be bought out for the kind of number than may satisfy many large holders..This will cause the stock price to move up, and will put the company in play..INSM did this because it's friggen brilliant...wait and see...

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    At what price?

    by mike75x5 Mar 30, 2015 9:10 PM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 30, 2015 9:22 PM Flag

    They are already sold..this deal was done before it was announced..This is why the shares where shorted
    down to 20.00...the other deal

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    Unreal-----Thanks a bunch Lewis----------

    by blueyedcatch Mar 30, 2015 4:29 PM
    zake1 zake1 Mar 31, 2015 8:07 AM Flag

    Spot on.

  • zake1 zake1 Apr 2, 2015 11:38 AM Flag

    You're all missing the most important part..A buyout will not be based on what you want, or the house you want to own..It will be based on what revenue the indication can produce, over what period of time prior to patents running out, minus the expense to bring the product to market it. It's that simple. All the institutional investors look at it that way, and we should too.
    If the compounding of revenue, margins, and expenses compute to a value of 60 based on the time value of money (investment), that's what we will see. If the indication shows the capacity to produce for 15 years at or near a billion a year then do your own math..based on the number of shares outstanding,
    (which keeps changing) I hold more than most outside the tutes. I'm not here for a vacation home,,,already got one..
    I'm here for the kids, and grandkids,,and the vacation home they don't have
    Regards all.

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