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zaqqa_hater 8 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 20, 2015 4:16 PM Member since: Jun 21, 2002
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    norton 360

    by zaqqa_hater Jul 19, 2015 3:33 PM
    zaqqa_hater zaqqa_hater Jul 20, 2015 4:16 PM Flag

    know your role.

  • zaqqa_hater by zaqqa_hater Jul 19, 2015 3:33 PM Flag

    what is up with this latest release? half the stuff doesn't work. it tells me I need a full scan and when full scan is clicked it just bumps me back to the previous screen. go thru the help function and it they tell me they are working to fix it. what am I paying for? why did they release a product that is not ready for customers? it's loaded with bugs! a lot of people had thought that they cleaned up their act when Norton 360 was first released.

  • zaqqa_hater by zaqqa_hater Jul 9, 2015 5:10 PM Flag

    I met a friend for lunch today at Panera Bread. At about 12:45 PM there were about eight people ahead of us in line but our orders were taken in less than two minutes. Why? Five open registers. I had to wait about five minutes for a salad. But you know what? I didn't mind waiting a few minutes because I knew by previous experience that the food would be fresh, attractive and good tasting. Ever have to wait five minutes at MCD? Bet it pizzed you off good.

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    Elimination is key here

    by bradpoleon Jun 24, 2015 9:15 PM
    zaqqa_hater zaqqa_hater Jun 26, 2015 8:52 AM Flag

    One thing that I REALLY dislike is seeing an employee mopping the floor behind the counter, putting the mop down and coming forward to take your order. If you've been handling any cleaning materials I would appreciate having you wash their hands before touching my change or my food.

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    Is COP's Dividend Safe???????????????

    by profitsfrominvesting Mar 27, 2015 8:36 AM
    zaqqa_hater zaqqa_hater Mar 31, 2015 9:31 AM Flag

    I don't claim to have ALL the information. Anyway, replace "bought out" with "merger" and I still think I have a valid point. The dividend is not safe at current oil prices.

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    Is COP's Dividend Safe???????????????

    by profitsfrominvesting Mar 27, 2015 8:36 AM
    zaqqa_hater zaqqa_hater Mar 30, 2015 3:17 PM Flag

    Robbing Peter to pay Paul for sure. It's also called "shoring up the share price in the hopes that when you get bought out you can reach for a better deal." Of course you could also accomplish the same thing by cutting the dividend now and using your extra cash to buy back shares on the open market. But then you would not be able to pocket that over-generous dividend each quarter. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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  • zaqqa_hater by zaqqa_hater Mar 25, 2015 9:43 AM Flag

    I don't know how long this high wire act can go on. There world is awash in petroleum, there is no reason to jump into any of the big oil companies. The only reason I can come up with? The flash boys are accumulating huge amounts of cash and they must put it somewhere. When you're raking in millions at the back door your portfolio has room for a little volatility over the next 24 months or so. Hey, who can't use a capital loss now and then at tax time?

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    2015 earnings

    by zaqqa_hater Jan 28, 2015 5:05 PM
    zaqqa_hater zaqqa_hater Feb 1, 2015 2:32 PM Flag

    It's even worse than I thought! Thanks!

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