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  • If substations are networks. Than computer controllers are extensions of networks. If substations are networks than computer controllers are invisible networks. A outer layer with overseeing abilities. Insurance companies are libel for equipment damage in after natural disasters and terrorism. Insurance companies would want the REG system besides it's abilities to shorten downtime. Reg systems will be able to protect against damage. Since this will be a utility reg system could have a referral fee obligation. Utility fee to insurance companies to amsc.

  • How do you calculate plans for deployment. First of all the advantage of amsc business model. One advantage besides other disadvantages. First of all having patent control enabling vender use. This advantage would give amsc ability to start numerous projects. They aren't making cable they can issue cable orders. To a number of manufactures. This way they aren't tied down to yield drawbacks. Manufacturing needs can be spread out.
    Talking about Chicago and the 60 mil. This and three other locations besides New York. The value part of Long Island cable build is length of time. That it's showing without noticeable drawbacks. Needed in a new deployment of infrastructure .
    The DHS is looking at needed skeleton across country. Now if there looking at using REG as a reboot system. certain little time tested phases might come to mind ' Like a chain is as strong as it's weakest link"

    The American electric grid incorporates 3,300 utilities and 1,700 non-utility power producers, the U.S. electric grid consists of 18,000 power plants ranging from nuclear, coal, and hydroelectric to solar panels and wind turbines plus their associated switches, transformers, and high-voltage transmission lines as well as distribution lines to industrial, commercial, and residential customers

    Now this would be a impossible job for one company. The advantage of amsc business model comes to light in this beginning of change. The amount of substations are numerous different kinds transmission , distribution , collector , convertor ,switching even substations for electrical trains.

    How could one company do this work. Starting small one company will start immediate work. What happens after that . Well we all now what happens when patent expires.

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    Quite optimistic conference call

    by tommyf115forstocks Feb 5, 2015 10:58 AM
    zero1sum zero1sum Feb 5, 2015 4:05 PM Flag

    Maybe it is a great value to security of country. I see them as a company out of focus. They aren't able to make the necessary pitch. I'm sure this is happening in phone conversations. As they talk to prospective customers. The know how isn't enough. They for example are hiding their namesake. Lets start there. This impendence has stretched after lawsuit, robbery. They lost their mojo. I lost money and I wasn't short. I'll come back if they ever get a PE .

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    Quite optimistic conference call

    by tommyf115forstocks Feb 5, 2015 10:58 AM
    zero1sum zero1sum Feb 5, 2015 11:40 AM Flag

    navy response at end of March. I particularly wasn't that taken by this cc. First of all the announcement of a new rural extension of reg system was to me misleading. This is miles of extension from urban to rural substations. No mention how this would breakdown. Overhead transmission lines with liquid nitrogen. You wouldn't want a drop of that stuff to fall on you. So they would have to go underground. To be this was a belief rather than a sighted project with working utility companies. See this company seems to be unable to get from draft table to working projects. They might have a intellectual prowess but it's has a diminished effect because there unable to connect in some cases. This inability comes from the fact that past payments came from huge multi mil income. They are losing right now from this inability. Theft will and could come in the future. Now what difference can a business model make. They have a detachment that's clearly showing. The business model is to far reaching with designs rather than a few products. Amsc might be able to do so. So will 10 other companies. The far reaching effect has to be looked at solved. Reducing stock amount by a 1-10 split will leave this company with 8.3 million shares. With design capability to change world economy. It just doesn't add up.

  • and decision by 2016 for GTL facility. That will cost over 22 billion. That's allot of bread. Maybe to much to handle for this company. What say you.

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