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zoltyfan 14 posts  |  Last Activity: 16 hours ago Member since: Jun 19, 2007
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  • zoltyfan zoltyfan 16 hours ago Flag

    Why would you want someone else to take the all the future profits from you and all the other common stockholders and hand them off to someone else?

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  • Remember when PLUG, with all its juicy patents and tech employees, was at around $.12 last year?

    I'll bet GE hasn't forgotten....

    I guess it is better to be late to the party, than never come at all...

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  • and fasten your seat belts-- its finally time for you start riding FCEL's coat tails for a change...

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  • Now with GE in the game, we have to assess whether it is too late to get into fuel cells. After all, PLUG has gone from about $.12 to over $6 and holding which is an incredible run and one that the vast majority of stocks will never replicate.

    So we could look at PLUG, Ballard and FCEL.

    We can probably conclude that GE getting into fuel cells will only ever represent a tiny fraction of their business. We can probably predict that GE will never be a fifty bagger like PLUG is now or a hundred bagger which PLUG nearly was recently.

    So where should be put our Roth IRA chips? On GE or TESLA, now that it has run up enormously.

    Or should we split our speculative chips across the board, perhaps evenly on PLUG, Ballard and FCEL, as it is not easy to predict which one, if any, will hit the big time from here.

    I cannot predict which one might be a big winner-- but I can cover the fuel cell map across those with lots of patents and seemingly credible managements.

    For all the thoughtful wizards on this board-- or is there a better (or bettor) way?

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  • Someone must contact GE immediately and tell them how stupid they are and that they have made a terrible mistake by building a "Fool Cell" facility. They are obviously going to throw tremendous amounts of money down the drain.

    It appears that GE's scientists and engineers have not been reading this message board and educated themselves from all the expertise on this board and about this silly technology that will never work.

    Also, someone must warn all the GE shareholders too who are so ignorant as to invest their assets in such a stupid company that would be duped by the idea that fuel cell technology can work.

    Or I guess they can all learn the hard way if they want to throw their money down the drain on this unproven technology.

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  • zoltyfan zoltyfan Jul 9, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    I can give you a tip too-- Tesla's bite is far worse than any Minnesota muskie and PLUG-- even if it got it in there-- couldn't begin to handle Tesla flopping around in its dinghy...

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  • looks like is what it is going to take to move this stock up.

    Until PLUG snagged the Walmart deal with real profit potential, its stock did not seem to come to life and without something tangible in the way of profits soon for FCEL-- it just does not seem that FCEL is going to move decisively upwards.

    I had hoped otherwise but watching its slide over the past several weeks seems to indicate that fuel cell investors-- including those many badly burned by PLUG-- are going to be demanding more than ever given the ugly PLUG volatility. A new comers perspective...

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  • zoltyfan zoltyfan May 7, 2014 3:09 PM Flag

    Sounds like its time to get the hell out of India if that is how its government does business-- by changing the rules retroactively...

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  • zoltyfan zoltyfan May 4, 2014 4:28 PM Flag

    --or do you mean stolen?

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  • zoltyfan zoltyfan May 4, 2014 4:18 PM Flag

    Given my recent entry into Ballard this year, I lack background for a well informed reply.

    However, given the highly developmental state of the technology and given the VW history, I would speculate that Ballard and its patents do have something that quite possibly or even probably is of value, in the automotive market.

    Also, while i don't know the exact numbers, I do believe that Ballard had placed its bets on multiple opportunities other than the automotive market, particularly in the bus and telecommunications areas. So those are a few speculative thoughts that I suspect make Ballard a reasonably good speculation on the future of fuel cells, along with Plug and FCEL recognizing that at this particular moment is not clear which of these prospects is likely to be most successful though as far a near term goes, with the Walmart deal, Plug is looking like a credible bet to get to economic viability sooner than the others.

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  • With plug mania and the apparent halo effect, seems like continued weakness in BLDP can be expected as the transients and those with weak knees get shaken out.

    Perhaps with some luck, it won't mean a collapse in the price and the longs and some new comers will get better entry points...

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  • Reply to

    I'll Pass The Baton

    by eyt_trub Apr 25, 2014 9:29 AM
    zoltyfan zoltyfan Apr 29, 2014 12:22 PM Flag

    So why would it not make sense to hold both?

    With the mix depending upon your individual assessment of: protecting against downside risk with some VZ and also holding some VOD potentially capitalizing on what most everyone believes to be an acquisition prospect by any number of potential parties?

    Given the low PE ratio of VZ and year over year reduction in price-- coupled with the acquisition possibilities, or probabilities, of VOD by someone, seems to me that a highly credible case for holding both can be made....

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  • While I plan to hold on to my significant stake in VOD, for new money I am wondering if Verizon is not looking like a compelling buy after the further drop this week.

    It looks like it has a PE of 10. Its yield approximates 4.6%. Most PE ratios seem pretty pricey now to me. It dropped another 3.5% this week and it looks like it is pushing its 52 week low.

    In this market, it is looking pretty tempting for some new money.

    Any small or big negatives on the horizon? I sold my dividend stake in VZ earlier in the year and plowed it back into VOD but am now wondering if some extra cash I have lying around might be well invested here in Verizon.

    Any comments would be welcome from any of the many critical thinkers on this board...

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  • zoltyfan zoltyfan Apr 24, 2014 4:03 PM Flag

    Anyone can define what they mean by the "Fuel Cell Leader" and argue forever who is right.

    Fighting over who is the "Fuel Cell Leader" seems a little premature until someone is actually consistently profitable on an annual basis. Is that EBITA positive?

    It probably would be hard to argue that an unprofitable fuel cell company is the Leader when and if other fuel cell companies are consistently profitable. PLUG might well be slated for profitability before Ballard, correct?

    Could it not be that Ballard, PLUG and FCEL are all potential candidates to be "fuel cell leaders" in their own rights, recognizing that they each have quite different markets?

    Could it not also be that any one of the three, or all three, could turn out to be ten baggers-- or potentially hundred baggers and that owning all three could make very good investor sense?

    Seems like it is more important what choices should investors make in betting on a potentially wildly successful company, than arguing about semantics which may well depend upon subjective definitions....

    I say buy all three and hope for the best, or at least that is what I am doing and hoping they all succeed in their own individual market niches...

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