20 Productive Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes

Monica Ricci
March 6, 2014




When you see a dime lying on the ground, do you pick it up or keep walking? Most people would leave it, thinking, “It’s just a dime.” Dollars are made of dimes and we all want more dollars, but nobody wants to stop to pick up the dimes.

Similarly, we all complain that we never have enough hours in the day. Like dollars, hours are made of smaller components that also have value. To make the most of your hours requires you to steward your minutes well.

To add fuel to the fire, for a busy person, hours may actually be more valuable than dollars because while money is a renewable resource, time isn’t. After all, you can always make more money. You can never make more time.

You can, however, stay organized, reduce your stress and get important things done in surprisingly little time. Here are twenty things you can do in about five minutes that will help keep you caught up and your life on track.

At home:

  1.  Write a thank you note or birthday card to a friend.
  2.  Wipe down the stove and countertops (after each meal ideally).
  3.  Toss out expired coupons.
  4.  De-clutter your cooking utensil drawer.
  5.  Unload the dishwasher or wash a sink full of dishes by hand.
  6.  Wash or fold a load of laundry.
  7.  Process your mail, discarding junk and setting aside action and ‘to file’ items.
  8.  Pay a few bills online using Manilla.
  9.  Clean out old bottles and jars of condiments in your refrigerator.
  10.  Put dinner in the slow cooker.

At work:

  1.  Sort (and scan!) a stack of business cards.
  2.  Write a thank you note to a client.
  3.  Delete old items from your computer’s Downloads folder.
  4.  Write a list of topics for upcoming blog articles.
  5.  Clean off your desk.
  6.  Send follow-up emails to a few new prospects.
  7.  Remove the excess paper from a bulky file folder.
  8.  Leave a few after-hours voicemails for colleagues or clients.
  9.  Schedule time on your calendar to enter expenses into your accounting software.
  10.  Clean out your laptop case.

These simple organizing tips will make you feel accomplished in a very short amount of time!

Monica Ricci founded Catalyst Organizing Solutions in 1998 and has been helping people change their lives ever since.

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