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Being pregnant with my third child, I am learning the hard way that every pregnancy is different. Overall, I love being pregnant but my body changes with each child and I have to be able to adapt to those changes. However, I have found that there are certain products I return to again and again to help smooth the bumps of pregnancy.

A Good Body Pillow 

I LOVE my body pillow. It might be the one pregnancy product I look forward to pulling down from the attic. If it didn’t take up the whole bed, I would use it forever. I prefer the Leachco Back ‘N Belly – Contoured Body Pillow but if back and hip pain are a part of pregnancy for you just find one that works!

Baby Bargains

Oh, the dreaded baby registry. It seems like something that should be fun (picking out free stuff!), but it’s not. It’s high pressure and overwhelming. Baby Bargains to the rescue! Most baby books offer generic (and less than helpful) advice like, “Pick a stroller that fits your lifestyle.” Baby Bargains provides actual reviews and ratings of the actual products. I haven’t recommended this book to a single pregnant woman who didn’t end up with a tabbed, dog-eared copy she described as her “bible.”

Prenatal Yoga

We all know how good prenatal yoga is for you. However, not everyone has access to good prenatal yoga classes or the motivation to add one more thing to her schedule. I also never liked how most prenatal yoga classes mixed women from all trimesters in the same class. That’s why I love Sara Holliday: Prenatal Yoga Series DVD.  Each trimester has its own workout and they range in length from 35 to 45 minutes and are more than doable a couple times a week.

A Good Bra

There comes a point in most pregnancies where an underwire bra is simply no longer an option (because there is little room for your ribs, much less an underwire!). I love Majamas Organic Easy Bra because it is comfortable and super-soft. The best part is you can use it as a nursing bra after the baby arrives.

Sarah Stewart Holland is a wife, mother, writer, and eighth generation Kentuckian. She blogs about parenting, politics, and her small town life at bluegrass redhead and is the co-founder of Salt & Nectar, a cross-country lifestyle blog.

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