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4 New Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

In addition to helping you with your laundry, dryer sheets have several practical uses around the house. The chemicals formulated in each sheet pack a lot of potential to put this relatively inexpensive product to work.

Check out these alternative uses for used and new dryer sheets:

Dust Rags

Dusting can feel like a never-ending chore. Used dryer sheets, however, can offer a cheap cleaning solution. Because the sheets are engineered to minimize static cling, they can pick up dust on almost any household surface including wooden furniture, electronics and blinds.  

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Soap Scum Remover

Outside the laundry room, lightly wetted dryer sheets can come to the rescue in your bathroom, as well. They’re proven to be handy for scrubbing a few layers of soap scum from shower doors, tubs and tiles. No need for harsh chemicals. They can also shine up your sinks and faucets.

Odor Eaters

Scented dryer sheets not only help freshen up your clothes, they can also help to remove strong odors from smelly sneakers or gym bags. Try tucking a new sheet in each shoe overnight to neutralize any odors. For stinky gym bags, place a couple sheets at the bottom until the scent is gone.

Clothing Fresheners

Pack new or used dryer sheets in the storage bins or luggage where you tuck away clothes at the end of the season. The scent will keep your garments from smelling musty when you pull them out next year.

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What are some other doubly-duty tricks of dryer sheets? Connect with me on Twitter @Farnoosh and use the hashtag #FinFit.


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