4 Stats That Show How Terrible Dwyane Wade Has Been In The Playoffs

Tony Manfred
dwyane wade miami heat
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dwyane wade miami heat

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Dwyane Wade is clearly not himself.

He has a knee injury that he refuses to talk about. But earlier in the playoffs he admitted that he has been taping his kneecap to the side to alleviate the pain, which sounds bad.

Wade is having the worst playoffs of his life and Miami is on the brink of elimination after a historically good regular season as a result.

The stats are even worse than you think:

1. Five of Wade's 12 lowest-scoring games since 2010 (since LeBron went to Miami) have come in these playoffs.

2. Wade has taken 51 total free throws in the playoffs. He took that same number in just Games 5 and 6 of the 2006 Finals.

3. Compared to his career playoff averages, he's scoring 10.3 fewer points per game, while taking 5.7 fewer shots and 4.4 fewer free throws per game.

4. He can't make shots at the rim or in the paint. And he's basically not shooting any threes. His shot chart from the playoffs in on the right:

dwyane wade shot charts
dwyane wade shot charts


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