4 Tips for Saving Money When Starting a Business

Chloe Sorvino
August 5, 2013



If you’ve been laid off or feel stuck in your job, starting your own business could give you that extra boost, lifting your professional life and saving your finances.

But there are challenges you will run into, like securing financing and making ends meet. While creating a business plan is most important and can keep you from being in the red, you need to make sure that it’s not the only thing you do.

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Starting costs can be brutal. Take note of these four tips for saving when you’re ready to take the plunge.

1. Focus on your target customer. Don’t spend time on courting customers outside of your target. At the end of the day, those people will not be as interested on your services because you did not tailor your services to that specific clientele. Focusing your advertising and marketing on one specific group, be it teenage girls or middle-aged men, will keep you from wasting precious money on a group that won’t, in the end, appreciate your product.

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2. Think creatively. To save money when you’re starting out, enlist friends and to help you with your business, be it starting a bakery or clothing boutique. You should also make sure you take advantage of what you already have. Work out of your house. Use your own kitchen. Cut corners where you can without negatively impacting your produce or service. If you think outside of the box, solutions will come easily.

3. Manage all your bills in one place. Utilities. Rent. Office supplies. The bills will keep coming and they will be hard to organize. It’s best to use a safe, online bill organizer like Manilla.com to make sure all your bills come to one place. The service will keep all your due dates in order and will also help you plan for the next month because you will see all of your expenses.

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4. Remember, your business can still grow later. Don’t think that the way you start is the way it will be forever. Growth is natural, and imperative, for you to plan for. Just as you wouldn’t plan for a multi-billion-dollar corporation right away, you shouldn’t expect to have multiple storefronts right away. Growth takes patience and strategic decisions. If you take on more than you can handle at the beginning, your business will never take off.

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