4 Unexpected Ways to Save for Vacation

Sarah W. Caron
July 31, 2013



You can feel it over all — in your bones, back and brain. It’s time for a vacation. But how will you ever save enough money to have a really stress-free getaway? From credit card rewards points to selling your precious metals, you might already be sitting on all the funds you need. Here’s some unexpected ways to save for vacation.

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1. Sell Off Excess

Excess baby stuff collecting dust in your attic? Finished with some books on your shelves? Old baseball card collection tucked in the back of a closet? Broken gold earrings and necklaces? Sell it all! Some baby consignment stores will pay cash to buy your old baby stuff that’s in good condition — gear like strollers and playpens can bring in a good amount. Books can be sold online via trade in services for cash as well. Turn to card shops to sell your collection — if it’s in great condition and has some gems. And that gold? Some jewelers will pay by the ounces to take it off your hands. That’s all found money for your vacation.

2. Save Your Pennies (Literally!)

You know all that change that collects in your cupholders, on the nightstand and in the bottom of purses? Put it to good use by saving it for your vacations. Nicole Taft of Blue Springs, Mo., says that her family saves all the pennies, nickels and dimes they get — in a giant crayon bank.

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“Every single bit of spare change goes into that crayon,” Taft said. “It adds up surprisingly fast. The bottom 5 to 6 inches alone can have about $50, so it can come out to a pretty hefty sum after a year. Especially when everyone participates and every cent goes into the crayon. Doesn’t matter if we have a garage sale or just paid with cash somewhere and got back change, the coins go in.”

And the funds in the crayon? They go to pay for gas, food and more on vacation.

3. Save Your Points

Do you have credit cards that accumulate points or miles? Cash them in toward your vacation, money-saving expert and Manilla contributor Lisa Klug says.

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“One great way to save for vacation is to use mileage linked credit cards all year round for EVERY purchase and then to use those points for flights,” Klug said. Some, like American Express, will even let you use points towards the flight totals — even if you don’t have enough to pay for the whole flight. “When you put EVERYTHING on your card, it’s not hard to spend $1,000 over three months and rake in 10,000 points, for example, on Southwest.”

4. Got Plasma?

We aren’t talking the TV kind – blood plasma is in demand, and you can sell yours for money. Just be careful to adhere to safety rules. Brian Corey of Bellingham, Wash., did this to finance a five-week European vacation. “Donors receive $50 a week for two donations, although sometimes they had promotions in which they received more,” Corey said. “Once in Europe I definitely lived a very cheap lifestyle, but it was amazing.”

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