4 Ways to Get the Best Deals on the Clothes You Love

Brandhyze Stanley
March 11, 2014



Right now is the perfect time to shake up the monochromatic winter palette, and stock up on some vibrant and colorful new wardrobe must haves. But, with the influx of duds comes the obligation to shell out some dough, and, well…like many, I’m sure you want to fork over as little as possible whenever you can. To help alleviate the wallet pressure, here are four tips to help you get the best deals online for the clothing you love. (You can thank me later.)

1. Use a store card.

Now, while I am extra selective as to which stores I choose to sign up for, I’ve found that there can be some cool benefits to using these cards to create savings on your purchases. For example, if retailers like J.Crew are up your alley, they offer perks like 10 percent off your first purchase, $25 reward card for every $500 you spend, exclusive invites to private store events, first dibs on access to select merchandise, a personal stylist, and complimentary standard alterations if needed.

2. Follow them.

Who are you most likely to tell first when you have some great news to share….you’re friends, right? Well, retailers are the exact same way — they take to social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to reward their “friends” with advanced notice of sales and other ways to save. By getting there first, you not only save, but you also get the best selection of what’s available.

3. Check out cash-back and promo code sites.

Ever get to the checkout while shopping online, and wish you had a promo code to put in that blaring empty box? Well, sites like Retailmenot.com can be your best friend. I like to quickly peruse this website to check for any available codes…within seconds, I’ve saved as much as $20 instantly off of my purchase, and all in exchange for just a few minutes of my time. I’d say it was time well spent.

4. Just ask.

I was recently in a store completing a purchase when I had the idea to search the Internet from my phone to check if another store had the item cheaper. I then asked the sales rep if the store I was in could match my price, and I was glad I did! Within seconds, I was speaking to a manager (sometimes sales associates won’t budge, or simply don’t have the authority to give you added discounts, so it’s best to speak to someone at the top) and just like that — after doing their own Internet search to confirm my findings — they instantly refunded me $22 on the spot. Talk about instant gratification!

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