4 wealthy people who make or break the bank with their pets

A look at the rich and fur-mous

4 wealthy people who make or break the bank with their pets

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4 wealthy people who make or break the bank with their pets

They say dog is man’s best friend. But times are changing. Nowadays, your best friend could very well be your most valuable business partner.And this doesn’t only go for dogs – in an era that prides itself on revolutionizing the modern world, exotic pets are becoming more and more popular. Turns out,if you want to play with the big dogs, you may want to bring along your pet...

4big names withbig-price-tag pets

1) Mr. Yang & Big Splash the Red Tibetan Mastiff

Would you ever pay $1.5 million for a dog? If you’re a wealthy Chinese businessperson, the answer is probably ‘yes’. The Red Tibetan Mastiff is known as Hong Dong in Mandarin. Big Splash, they call him. And boy, did he ever make a big splash in someone’s bank account. He’s 180 pounds. He’s apparently a descendant of a very smart wolf pack. He’s fluffy, red, and ridiculously adorable. And he has quite the lucrative future - $15K is what he’ll get just for making pups with a female. Dogs like him go for about a half million dollars, but he’s been donned a “perfect specimen”, as reflected in his price tag.

2) Karl Lagerfeld & Choupette the White Siamese

It turns out one of the hottest designers is a huge cat lover. No, he really loves cats. So much, in fact, that he told CNN reporters earlier this summer that he would marry his White Siamese cat Choupette if he could.

The kitten has been donned the most spoiled pet in show business. She has her own Twitter account and her own iPad with which to keep her 27,000+ followers updated on her daily musings. Lagerfeld has said the inspiration for his cornflower-blue couture collection for Chanel came from Choupette’s eyes.Darling, just the way you look tonight...

3) Victoria Beckham & Barnaby the Shar-pei

Barnaby joined Posh Spice’s furry family in May as the “new member of the Victoria Beckham e-commerce team”.Most Shar-peis go for anywhere from $650 on the low end to $2000 on the high end. The Instagram photo she posted of the pup got almost 56,000 views, not to mention tons of media coverage. Even the snap of her Manolo Blahniks couldn’t compare in reach at just over 42,000 views.

4) Justin Bieber & Mally the Capuchin Monkey

Is it any surprise to us that Justin Bieber is the only guy on our list who has yet to figure out how not to screw up his furry relationship? Officials said the singer had failed to produce proper vaccination and import paperwork when he took his pet Capuchin monkey, Mally, on tour with him to Europe. They gave him until late May to send in the right documents but, after he failed to do so, ultimately decided it was in everyone’s best interest to just keep the monkey.

They put poor Mally in a 25-day quarantine before transferring her to a German zoo. To top it all off, they sent Bieber an $8000 bill for their efforts. Plus, Capuchins can be priced at up to $10,000 to begin with. So far, not his best move.

The trendiest things on the Internet right meow

Perhaps surprisingly (for the average folk), pets have a huge collective personal presence on the Internet. A year ago, Facebook accounts that were created for people’s pets comprised 8.7 percent of the total user database - 20 percent of which had more than 50 friends.

According to a report by the Daily Telegraph, six percent of the UK’s dog owners maintain their dogs' Twitter accounts (presumably to hook up with the likes of Karl Lagerfield’s fine feline – sorry, cats, she’s taken) with 1 in 10 reportedly having some kind of social media account maintained for them.And let’s not even get started on the incredible popularity of Angry Cat...

If your website has any mention, picture, .GIF, video, or whatever else of a cat looking hilariously angry, chances are your SEO is going to shoot through the roof.

Best of all, you don’t even have to up and remortgage your house to get one of these fancy pets. You could head down to your local animal shelter, adopt a new friend, and bag some good karma while you’re at it!

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