5 Apps Every Parent Needs

Sarah Stewart Holland
March 12, 2014




For most parents, our phones are our constant companions. We use the camera to capture every precious moment and milestone. We use the phone to call up friends for parenting advice. We use Facebook to make midnight breastfeeding sessions more bearable.

However, our phones can do so much more. The world of smartphone apps offer up a world of possibility that many of us are too busy (or too tired) to explore. So, here are my five must-have apps for parents that can make life a little bit easier.

 1. Evernote

This app is my digital brain. Every school directory, every fundraiser requirement, every vaccination schedule. It ALL goes here. I even use it to archive all of my son’s preschool artwork.

Evernote is much more than an app. There is an online version, a desktop version, an iPad app and smartphone app. They all sync up, which means all the information we gather on a daily basis is available where ever we are.

2. Moment Garden

Childhood passes quickly and every parent wants to capture the funny little sayings and anecdotes that make our kids so much fun. Moment Garden makes that possible.

Moment Garden puts all those moments in one secure place. I can email a moment. Upload a Facebook status or a photo. Each child has their own “garden” and members of my family get email alerts when I post.

You can even turn your gardens into keepsake photo books.

3. Manilla

Parents have enough to remember without adding bill payments to the list. Manilla lets you put all your bills, financial accounts, even loyalty programs in one place — with ONE password — for easy checking and updating. Manilla recently added a Bill Share feature, which allows spouses, roommates and family members to manage their bills together so they can be on the same page.

Never get caught with a late fee again and use that money on much needed coffee (or cupcake) breaks instead!

4. Grocery iQ

If your household is anything like mine, every member has grocery requests, but not all of these requests make it on to the list.

Grocery iQ is a grocery list app where you can save your favorite items and sync up lists among family members. No more multiple trips to the store because no one knew you needed eggs!

5. Twist

Twist is a fantastic app that let’s people know you are on your way. Meeting a play group? Send a twist to the group — don’t worry they don’t need the app — and Twist will track your GPS and give them updates about when you will arrive.

I love it for when we travel. Grandma ALWAYS wants us to text her when we arrive and I ALWAYS forget. Now, I just send twists to all our parents and move on.

Sarah Stewart Holland is a wife, mother, writer, and eighth generation Kentuckian. She blogs about parenting, politics, and her small town life at bluegrass redhead and is the co-founder of Salt & Nectar, a cross-country lifestyle blog.

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