5 Irresistible September Getaways

As summer draws slowly to a close, these five places that are primed for a September escape.

5 Irresistible September Getaways

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5 Irresistible September Getaways

As summer draws slowly to a close, many places are entering intotheir most glorious season. Here are five places that are primedfor a September escape.

Yellowstone National Park

As summer crowds dwindle, there’s more availability forlower-priced rooms at Yellowstone’s wonderful OldFaithful Inn, as well as other lodges, cabins, and campsites.The weather becomes milder, with temperatures averaging in the 50sduring the day and often dipping to the freezing pointovernight.


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It may be back-to-school time where you live, but in Orlando,September is deal season—and a particular boon time for familieswith preschoolers. Every year around now, America’s mostfamily-centric destination holds a giant sale-a-thon, rolling outthe best prices of the year on attractions, restaurants, hotels,and more. How can a family of four save over $150 on one-daytickets at SeaWorld? Find out here: 4Ways to Save Huge at Orlando Theme Parks.


We love Vermontin the summer. We adore Vermont in the winter. Yet our all-timefavorite time to visit is late-September, when the state’s famousmaple trees begin their annual explosion into a fiery panoply ofrich reds, eye-popping oranges, and dazzling yellows. Leaf peeperswould be wise to book a hotel now.


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California Wine Country

September is California Wine Month in the Napa and Sonomavalleys, where many wineries offer enough kid-friendly activities(and grape juice tastings) to make for a surprisinglyfamily-friendly getaway. Between samplings, take the kids for anopen-air Jeep tour of the 400-acre SafariWest wildlife reserve, home to giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, andother exotic creatures.


Some say “Hotlanta” refers to the city’s lively music scene andnightlife, but the nickname takes on added significance during thesweltering summertime. Come September, when temperatures fall tothe bearable low 80s, Atlantaenters its most pleasing season, with smaller crowds and far lessof the pollen allergy sufferers encounter in the springtime. Forthe perfect weekend getaway, find a hotel near Piedmont Park forthe Atlanta Arts Festival (Sept. 14-15, 2013) or Music Midtown(Sept. 20-21).

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