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With the holidays quickly approaching, it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. There are gifts to buy, parades to attend, family to entertain and children to delight with tales of magic and wonder.

So, how do you stay organized among the craziness that is sure to ensue? How do you stay sane in that moment of panic when you realize that you forgot to slip a gift into the mailbox for the delivery person? Well, Manilla is here to help with our top five tips for holiday organization.

1. Start planning your time NOW! Make a list of who will want to celebrate with you, and contact them well in advance to schedule that time together. Once you have it all scheduled, map it out on a calendar so you have a visual of where you need to be, and when!

2. Take inventory of your supplies. Remember that time that you ran out of tape and ribbon, and had to use twist ties to close your otherwise beautifully wrapped gift? When it comes to holiday organization, knowing what you already have is key. Take an inventory of your gift wrapping supplies, and hit up the dollar store for tape, scissors, and ribbon before the mad rush happens in December.

3. Rally the troops! They’ve been asking for this and that for the past few months, now is there chance to get all of their Christmas wishes within your view so you don’t need to worry about forgetting! Put a piece of paper on your fridge with their name at the top, and have them write down their wishes on the paper. Kids have a habit of forgetting as well, so it will be good when it comes time to write letters to Santa to have it partially done.

4. Plan it out. Make a list of all of the areas in your home that you want to decorate, and what you would like your theme to be. Do you need new stockings, hangers and a mantelpiece? What about a wreath for your front door? If you are entertaining, what flower arrangements will you need to spruce up the bathroom? Write it all down and make a list for yourself. Does the thought of decorating make you run for a glass of wine, but you’re itching to get baking? Swap out the responsibilities with friends who might loathe time in the kitchen but would love to add some sparkle to your home with their decorating!

5. My gift to you is tip #5…get started on your stocking stuffers now. This is one area that is super easy to shop for at the local grocery, dollar and drug stores, but it is something that often gets left until the last minute and causes a great deal of stress.

At the grocery store, hit up the discount movie bin and pick up a film for each of your kids’ stockings, then head over to the cosmetics section and grab bubble bath for the little ones, hair products for your teens, and grab some travel-sized toiletries for your husband. Then, a toothbrush for everyone, and fill the toe of the stocking with their favorite chocolate.

To get started planning your stocking stuffers, here’s an easy printable list that I’ve designed with some of the basics…and a few goodies thrown in that you might forget!

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Happy holidays!

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