Amazon spends $450K on lobbying government in 2Q

Amazon spends $450,000 to lobby government on online sales tax rules, other issues in 2nd qtr

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Online retailer Inc. spent $450,000 lobbying the federal government during the second quarter on issues including online sales tax rules, transportation safety and data protection and privacy, according to a quarterly disclosure report.That's less than the $630,000 Seattle-based Amazon spent on lobbying in the first quarter and the $500,000 it spent during the second quarter of 2010.Amazon also lobbied on patent reform rules, as well as new "network neutrality" rules adopted by a divided Federal Communications Commission late last year. Those rules prohibit phone and cable companies from interfering with Internet traffic flowing over their broadband networksAmazon Corporate LLC centered its lobbying efforts on Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Reserve during the quarter, according to the disclosure report filed with the House and Senate clerk's offices on July 20.

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