Children's/YA Market Growth "Stunted" in 2012 by Borders Group Closure


STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwire -10/13/11)- A recent report by media and publishing forecast firm Simba Information expects the growth of the multibillion-dollar children's and young adult publishing market in the U.S. will be stunted in 2012 as the industry adjusts to a smaller book retailing footprint.

"Since the last edition of this report we've seen a larger number of adults buying children's books as gifts and more categories of children's books represented on bestseller lists, which is good news," said Michael Norris, senior analyst of Simba Information's Trade Books Group, commenting on the report. "The bad news is this industry is heading into its first holiday shopping season in 40 years without Borders Group as a retail partner. At this time last year, Borders had over 670 locations and about three-quarters of those were superstores. The absence of so many places to discover and buy books is going to be felt for quite a while."

According to the report, children's electronic books are still but a fraction of the market -- though publishers continue to experiment with the format on platforms such as the PC, the iPad, Barnes & Noble's Nook Color and Amazon's Kindle devices. A comparatively small handful of young adult titles such as Stephenie Meyers' Twilight saga and Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series -- which are often bought and read by adults -- do very well as e-books. On a whole, the children's/YA market still depends on print books -- and a complicated connection between the publisher and the increasingly hard-to-reach reader.

"Adults buy the vast majority of juvenile books and give them to their children as gifts," Norris said. "Where it gets tricky is a lot of kids, particularly as they become teenagers, are more likely to read if they can choose the books themselves. Since a lot of children only spend a few minutes a week, on average, reading for leisure, parents need to sell them on the activity of reading without choosing a book that their child won't like. Anyone can make a child read, but getting a child to value reading is what's crucial for the future of this industry."

The report, Children's Publishing Market Forecast 2012, shows an exclusive, multi-year category analysis of more than a dozen key segments of the industry, a detailed demographic overview of children's book buyers, estimates on the market size of the industry through 2012, and much more.

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