Microsoft lays out plans for Windows Store

December 7, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) -- Microsoft Corp. plans to share up to 80 percent of the revenue generated from app sales at its upcoming Windows Store with the developers who make them, provided they make enough money.

Apple Inc. gives developers 70 percent of revenue. The bigger cut to successful developers is the latest sign that Microsoft is trying to compete with Apple on the app front as it tries to lure developers and users to its store.

Ted Dworkin, partner program manager for the store, said in a blog post Tuesday evening that the company will give 80 percent of the revenue to the developer if the app has made at least $25,000 in revenue. If it's less than that, it will share 70 percent. That's what Apple gives back to developers, regardless of sales.

Microsoft plans to include apps in search engine results to make them easier to find.

Microsoft plans to open the store to customers when it releases a "beta" test version of Windows 8 in late February. The Windows Store will be available on PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows 8.

Before that, it is holding an apps contest, selecting eight winning apps to include in the Windows Store when it opens.

Shares of Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft slipped 5 cents to $25.61 in morning trading Wednesday.