NADA spent $605,000 on lobbying in 1Q

Auto dealer group spent $605,000 lobbying Washington during first quarter

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- An organization representing auto dealers spent $605,000 in the first quarter to lobby the federal government on national fuel economy standards and other issues, according to a disclosure report.That's up from the $540,000 that the National Automobile Dealers Association spent in the year-ago period, and less than the $690,000 it spent in the fourth quarter of 2010.The NADA also lobbied the federal government on bills involving the transferability of tax credits for hybrids and other energy-efficient vehicles, the use of ethanol in fuel and so called "right to repair" legislation, which would require auto dealerships to sell codes, tools and information needed to repair cars to independent auto dealerships and vehicle owners, according to the report filed in April.In the January-to-March period, the NADA lobbied both the U.S. House and Senate, according to the report filed with the House clerk's office.

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