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WAYNESBORO, Va., May 27, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Recent educational reports and research are pointing to accounting as a hot trend in education right now. Increased accounting degree seekers, CPA testers, and accounting job opportunities all mean an increased interest in this field. Online education is keeping up with this interest and demand by offering many degree programs that help students pursue a future career in accounting. Perhaps now is the time to consider accounting as a degree and career choice and reap the benefits of this hot trend in education.

Top Online Degree

Accounting and business-related degrees are consistently ranked as top online degrees. The Best Schools ranks bachelor's degrees in accounting as the #1 online degrees. Yahoo Education ranks Business as the #1 online degree, which includes specializations like Accounting. Students are flocking to accounting degree programs online because of the convenience and popularity of earning an accounting degree.

EducationDynamics, an educational marketing analysis and research group, produces the eLearning index which ranks educational programs and degrees at all levels. In the most recent index from 2012, the general category of Business ranked #1 for bachelor's degrees. Business consistently remains at the top. For master's level degrees, Business ranked #4 and it ranked #2 at the associate degree level.

It seems obvious that degrees that allow students to specialize in a facet of the business world like accounting have and will perform strong as compared to other popular degree areas like Education, Health, and Criminal Justice. Forbes estimates that about 543,000 new businesses are created each month. Every successful business has an accountant who manages its money and provides financial advice. The need for this field is clear, which is why accounting is trending in education right now.

CPA Success

It may just be easier than ever right now to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). CPA status usually brings increased salary and career opportunities, though it's not necessary to become a CPA in order to practice accounting. Whether accounting graduates choose this route or not, students who sit for the CPA exam are performing better than in years past, and thousands more students are sitting for the exam.

According to a 2013 NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) report, pass rates in all but one exam area were up measurably over the 2012 testing year. There were over 245,000 test sections administered in 2013. This is an increase over the past 5 years. In 2008, there were about 228,000 test sections administered, according to NASBA's 2008 report. The overall pass rate in 2008 was 48.6 percent, compared to a more impressive 49.4 percent in 2013.

Whether programs are better preparing students to sit for the exam or students are dedicating more time and energy on their own to studying for the various exam sections, a student sitting for the CPA exam is more likely to pass the exam than he/she was just 5 years ago. This is promising news for students desiring to become CPA's and helps explain the current popularity of accounting degrees.

Career Stability and Satisfaction

Since money is and will likely always be a major concern of individuals, companies, and organizations, accountants are always in demand. Even though more and more students are seeking accounting degrees, the job prospect for these future graduates is positive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that between 2012 and 2022 nearly 167,000 more accounting jobs will be created. This is a 13 percent growth rate and on par with the national average. While some fields have seen a decline in job creation, accounting remains to grow at a steady rate.

On average, accountants make close to $64,000 annually, which is significantly higher than the national average of near $50,000 per year. For a career that doesn't require years of training beyond the bachelor's level, it is relatively high paying. Accountants are also satisfied in their careers. US News rates accounting as the #3 business job and in the top 40 of the best jobs no matter the field. It's easy to see why more and more students are seeking accounting degrees these days. It seems like a win-win decision.

Join the Trend

There are many online programs that offer accounting degrees and preparation for the CPA exam for those who wish to continue on past the bachelor's degree. Online resources like offer tools to students seeking online accounting programs. Accelerated degrees in accounting are available and popular among online accounting students. provides the information potential accounting students need in order to successfully and efficiently pursue their accounting degrees. Prospective students can find online programs that match their degree interests through various search tools. The site also provides detailed degree, curriculum, and career information for a variety of degrees, including accounting.

Since specializes in informing online students about accelerated programs, the site includes a wealth of information about how and why to pursue an accelerated degree over a more traditional online degree. These accelerated degree programs are of particular interest to students wanting to join the accounting trend now rather than wait 4-5 years in a traditional program.

Accounting consistently performs well in terms of popularity, salary, and job satisfaction, a winning combination for an educational and career choice. With the diverse options within the field, there's an avenue for every interest. Accounting may be a specialization within certain business schools or business degrees, but it's a wide, varied, and vibrant field. The educational opportunities online in accounting now reflect this same breadth and vibrancy.

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