Advice For The Grind Offers Practical Gift Ideas for Job Hunting College Grads and College Bound High Schoolers

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MONTCLAIR, N.J., May 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Instead of picture frames or jewelry, this year's high school and college graduates might appreciate more practical gifts that will help them prepare for a career. "Half of college graduates don't have jobs when they graduate and the ones that have jobs want to make sure they keep them," says Shelly Lombard of which offers mobile content apps for college students and recent grads. "So gift givers may want to think creatively and give gifts that can help with that," Lombard says. She offers several suggestions.

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  • For those with a limited budget, offers apps that cost about the same as a greeting card and that can be given as graduation gifts. Lombard says, "Getting Paid is an app that gives college grads career advice that will help them succeed at their first jobs, for example how to network and to make yourself indispensable to your boss. The Career PreGame app helps college-bound high school graduates formulate a four-year game plan for making sure they are employed or employable when they graduate." has links to the iTunes store where you can purchase the app. Gift givers will need the student's email address to give an app as a gift.
  • "Students and graduates should look like professionals when they attend campus career fairs or go on job interviews," Lombard says. "That means ditching their worn out backpack." Business card holders, leather folders, or soft briefcases make good gifts. Other gifts that will help students and graduates look good while networking on campus or job hunting after college include gift cards for hair cuts and nice ties for guys.
  • Commuting can be expensive.  "So recent graduates who are job hunting or college students commuting to their first internships will both appreciate a gas card, a monthly train, bus, or subway pass, or a gift certificate for Starbucks," Lombard says.
  • A gift that will help students or grads network or learn a new skill is also useful. "LinkedIn is free but you can give them an upgrade as a gift," Lombard explains. "In addition, they can use gift certificates for online courses on sites like Udemy or SkillShare to take classes on resume writing, using social media, or personal branding."

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