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MONTCLAIR, N.J., May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In a few weeks, thousands of college students will begin their summer internships. "I tell parents that good internships can help turn that $200,000 education into a job after graduation. So students should go into their summer internships with a game plan," says Shelly Lombard of Advice for the Grind. offers several different mobile content apps that give college students and recent grads advice on how to successfully transition into a career after college.

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Advice for the Grind's Intern Playbook app helps students develop that game plan. "Some companies make job offers at the end of the summer. Your goal should be to impress them enough to get an offer. Even if this company doesn't do that, you want to be someone who they will remember when a position does open up or who they would recommend to other companies," Lombard says.

"At a minimum, your boss will expect you to be able take what you learned in college, whether its critical thinking or building a spreadsheet, and apply it in the real world," she continues. "But what will really impress them is if an intern understands the subtle rules of the workplace. For example, the Intern Playbook app advises students that your most important job is to make your boss look good. And even though you may hate grunt work, your boss won't trust you with juicy, high-profile projects until you prove you can do the simple stuff well."

Lombard adds, "Students should also use their internships to start building a professional network and to find potential mentors. The app gives them advice on how to do that, in a format that's easy to access and to read." Parents can buy the Intern Playbook app as a gift for students who have iPhones.

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