AEMD Raises Another $500k


AEMD Raises Another $500k

Brian Marckx, CFA

$500k in New Equity

Aethlon Medical (AEMD) continues to be successful in raising capital to fund operations and the development of their flagship device, the Hemopurifier.  In an 8-K filed on April 6th, Aethlon announced that they raised another $500k through the sale of common shares which included attached warrants.  The sale was made through a private placement to one investor and includes 6.25 million common shares (at $0.08) and 3.125 million warrants.  The warrants are exercisable at $0.125 over the next seven years.  

While Aethlon will need to continue to raise additional capital to fund development, the company's continued ability to attract financing is an obvious positive and demonstrates ongoing investor interest in the company and faith in the potential for the Hemopurifier.

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