Ahead of the Bell: Day 3 of Oracle-Google Trial

Google CEO Page among witnesses on third day of Oracle-Google trial

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Summary Box: Google CEO grilled in Oracle trial

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison arrives for a court appearance at a federal …

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google CEO Larry Page is expected to return to the witness stand Wednesday as Oracle's case against Google continues in a San Francisco courtroom.

The dispute in federal court is over whether Google built its widely used Android software by improperly taking some of the technology from Java, a programming platform that Oracle Corp. now owns.

Oracle called Page to the stand Tuesday, and he's to return Wednesday on the third day of the trial.

On Tuesday, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison acknowledged he wanted to compete against Android in the smartphone market before deciding instead to sue his potential rival for copyright and patent infringement.

Google sought in opening statements to frame the case as Oracle's response to its own failure to build mobile software.

The trial is expected to last up to 10 weeks.